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Osteopathy Personal Statement

I am interested in Osteopathy because it's about applying a practical skill; my work experience and visits to open days confirm this impression. It’s a science degree involving close work with patients, and the way it works with the body’s natural healing abilities seems harmonious. Osteopathy also helps people gain a better quality of life and can yield direct results, while providing an interesting career and varied working day for me, requiring case history assessment as well as practical work with the patient; the opportunities for public, private and self employed practice also attract me to the profession. I think that I am suitable for the course because I've always been scientifically inclined and, as I’ve discovered from my part time job, work well with customers when one to one. In addition I have various interests that demonstrate my manual dexterity; sewing, flute and guitar playing, and drawing being among them.

I have already undertaken some work experience with _____ at _____ Clinic in _____; I was intrigued to find out how different vertebrae influence certain areas of the body, and how Osteopathy dips into other methods of healing by demonstrating dry needling. I am hoping to undertake further placements with a clinic in Bletchley and another group of Osteopaths in _____, and planning to get a treatment or biomechanical assessment myself to get the patient’s view of the practice.

I understand Osteopathy to be a holistic science, drawing from nutrition and psychology to make a precise conclusion. Biology is my easiest subject to link to Osteopathy; giving me understanding of anatomy, nutrition, and how organs work, among other things, enhanced by my subscription to Biological Sciences Review and reading up on basic psychology. English could also be beneficial for discussing and understanding the patients’ problems and keeping them relaxed during their treatment. The ultimate opportunity to eventually set up my own clinic really inspires me to work for this.

Other than my academic achievements I have also sought to give something back to the school. I've always had an interest in sciences - the science fairs I've done are a good example of this. I worked with Year 2s in January and November 2011; and two schools for students with learning disabilities in July. Not only have they given me the chance to teach myself how to explain sciences to others; particularly those with limited knowledge of science, but they've given me a better understanding of young people and adapt my behaviour to maximise the benefit of those with psychological and/or physical disabilities. In 2009 I started my Duke of Edinburgh bronze award. The most beneficial part of the award apart from the expedition itself was the six months (which became eleven) that I worked in a local and recently established charity shop. I instantly got on well with the manager, and we worked very well as a team, working to improve the shop as well as sell the goods. I developed a distanced and professional acquaintance with the more regular customers and my customer service skills quickly escalated. In year 12 I was a prefect, a position that involves anything from supervising the canteen to talking to WWII veterans on Remembrance Day.

Outside of school, my biggest hobby is photography; I’ve been interested in it since I joined the Year 2 photography club, but I’ve been pursuing it more adamantly since my mother bought a DSLR about three years ago. I used my own photography in my Art GCSE and have since used it to make up to myself the lack of art that I now do at school. In the bigger picture, Osteopathy wouldn't just be a skill for work, it would be a career to keep me on my toes, help me heal my loved ones and become more in tune with the human body.

Universities Applied to:

  • British School of Osteopathy (Osteopathy (B110)) - Offer (BBC) Firm
  • British College of Osteopathic Medicine (Masters in Osteopathy (B312)) - Offer (BBC) Insurance
  • Oxford Brookes (Osteopathy (B310)) - Offer (BBB) Declined
  • European School of Osteopathy (Osteopathy (B310)) - Offer (BCC) Withdrawn
  • Leeds Met (Osteopathy (B311)) - Offer (240 UCAS points) Declined

Grades Achieved:

  • Chemistry (AS) - D
  • Biology (A2) - B
  • Geography (A2) - B
  • English Lit (A2) - B


The interview process was really what made me decide which uni I wanted to go to: BSO's interview was thorough, involving practical elements such as taking a (mock) case study and helping an elderly patient (played by the admissions officer who's about 30) move across a room, as well as a written task. In comparison, BCOM began the interview with "So what happened to chemistry?" (I got an A* at GCSE then obviously it all went wrong) and Brookes tried to hurry me along while I answered their questions, before that they were my favourite. When choosing your courses (not that there are many to pick from) you should make sure that your course is registered on the GOsC website- if not you might graduate and find that you're not actually eligible to practise.

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