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Medicine Personal Statement

What first attracted me to medicine was not an emotional experience but rather the constant evolution of knowledge and understanding which doctors continue to be at the forefront of. It is an exciting and diverse field within an ever broadening care system. I have considered other fields but concluded that only medicine will allow me to explore my intrinsic scientific curiosity whilst making a real impact on peoples' lives. I organised an insightful period of work experience where I visited a range of departments including radiology and diabetes. The hectic nature of ward rounds required the team to make rapid decisions about patient care. I witnessed great team work with each member performing an individual role whilst bouncing treatment ideas off others. Communication was the most vital skill demonstrated. Firstly, between clinicians and support staff, so that recovery and discharge could be hastened. Secondly, with patients, so that medical terminology, procedures and diagnoses were fully understood allowing them to be put at ease where possible. I was impressed when an ultrasound was termed 'heart jelly scan' to a younger patient. A diabetes patient was spoken to firmly about her unhealthy lifestyle whilst a suicidal patient was addressed with extreme sensitivity. The Doctors' adaptability of approach was significant. Speaking to patients and families made a massive impression on me as it highlighted the wider impact of diagnosis including long term psychological repercussions. During an orthopaedic placement I witnessed the team face a difficult decision in whether to treat an osteosarcoma surgically or, despite being palliative, with radiotherapy. Deciding not to operate was a tough choice which involved the doctors remaining emotionally detached so they could make an unbiased decision. This encounter inspired me to carry out some further research into sarcomas. Despite seeing some drawbacks, not least the long hours, the experience confirmed my desire to study medicine. I also spent four months assisting at a respite centre which deals with a range of disabilities. I was trusted to engage, feed and ensure the safety of residents during day trips. Most residents had low comprehension so repetition and actions were often needed. A violent incident between a resident and carer required me to calm the situation to avoid distressing other residents further. Since April, I have been volunteering weekly at my local hospital, helping elderly and dementia patients. Simply taking time to make a coffee and start a conversation with a patient can have a profound effect on their mood. I believe this kind of care will only become more important, with an exponentially ageing population who are spending longer periods in hospitals. Studying Biology and Chemistry has made me recognise that a firm grounding in anatomy and physiology is essential to understanding why the body fails. My consistent academic performance has won me the Governor's award for outstanding achievement twice. At school, I introduced a new sport: wheelchair basketball, which involved developing a training strategy before implementing it in a manner that held the students' interest. My role as a peer mentor gives me an appreciation of confidentiality and as a science ambassador I recognise the different approaches needed to suit individual learning styles. I have also attended several highly-charged medical ethics debates, giving me an understanding of the wide divisions which exist in the medical community. I appreciate that the ability to unwind is essential: to relax, I play badminton at club level and exercise regularly. I also played a lead role in a local drama production, taking the opportunity to help younger cast members. With the NHS undergoing a period of radical reform and severe challenges, I recognise that the path to becoming a doctor is a long and difficult one but I am serious about meeting the demands set by a lifelong commitment to learning.


Universities Applied to:

  • Nottingham (medicine) - Offer (AAA) Firm
  • Cardiff (medicine) - Offer (AAA)
  • Leicester (medicine) - Offer (AAA)
  • Newcastle( medicine) - Rejection before interview
  • Leicester (biochemistry) - Unconditional Offer Insurance


Grades Achieved:

  • Chemistry (A2) - A
  • Biology (A2) - A*
  • Maths (A2) - A
  • Physics (AS) - A



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