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Midwifery Personal Statement

On the 24th of July this year, I received some bad news, I had to have a major operation. It would mean I would have to put my life on hold for a year while I recovered, take a Gap year and miss a lot of the things I had planned for the summer. It was also one of the best things that could have happened to me. It gave me a second chance, to reapply to university for a career I was really passionate about, Midwifery.

Ever since my mum was pregnant with my sister, pregnancy and childbirth has fascinated me and since October 8th I have been attending a course of antenatal classes, to learn about pregnancies and the variations each can take. Sitting in these classes has really opened my eyes to the work of a midwife and the role they play in each woman's pregnancy. I have found this to be an amazing experience, as during these sessions the women and their partners often share their hopes and worries. I feel that watching them as they learn about what to expect in the next few weeks will benefit me greatly in my career, as I get to hear about problems they are having, or things they wish their midwife had explained more clearly. It makes me want to be there for other women in their position, at this magical time in their lives. It is hard to put into words how it feels to know I might one day get to do that.

While in sixth form I chose to study Biology, as I have always been fascinated by the human body and its potential. I also studied French, as I think learning another language is very important and it gives me the chance to work abroad in the future.

During this winter I am hoping to undertake some voluntary shifts with the charities Crisis and Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. Both of these have my details and I am currently awaiting a formal reply. The majority of work I have done has always involved people as I am a communicative person, and work well with people of all ages and backgrounds. This was proved by a part year full time position I held for the DWP. I got the job at age 17 and within three weeks of starting I was put on "Front Line" to work directly with customers, and received high marks in a recent appraisal.

I have also held part time jobs, including bar work, which shows I can work in a team, as most shifts I worked were very busy, so good communication was essential. I also worked in a kiosk at BCFC, which shows I am trustworthy as I was sometimes asked to help count the takings. I used to work in the kitchen at my local cricket club, and on occasion was the only person working. I prepared the food and served the customers without my usual supervision, while keeping the place clean and tidy and I was also solely responsible for the cash box during that day.

It is my reliability and dedication to projects that I believe makes me suitable for this course and career. I have been playing the Flute for ten years which is an example of my commitment. I can play to Grade 5 standard and I play the Bass as well and enjoy listening to music. I have been to many live shows, both music concerts and theatre, and have performed on stage myself.

I attended drama lessons for two years, and I undertook dance lessons in jazz. While at drama I gained my Grade 1 in Verse and Prose, and although I no longer attend the lessons themselves, I have continued to perform in dance shows and school productions, which shows my confidence, which will be useful when working in a busy environment.

I also read a lot and I am currently waiting Myles' Textbook For Midwives to be delivered to improve my knowledge beforehand and better prepare myself for the next few years of my life, which I am greatly looking forward to.


Universities Applied to:

  • Unknown

Grades Achieved:

  • General Studies (A2) - B
  • Biology (A2) - C (retaking)
  • Chemistry (A2) - C (retaking)
  • French (A2) - D (retaking)


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