Personal Statement:Natural Sciences 4

Natural Sciences Personal Statement

Whenever something works perfectly, people say it is running 'like the intricate cogs and gears of a finely-made watch' (as coined by Paley in his teleological argument), but I prefer to think it resembles the very basis of life itself: amino acids, carefully assembled and held in shape by a multitude of bonds to make structurally flawless proteins - a true triumph of form and function.

I suppose my inexorable fascination with the 'how' and - more importantly - the 'why' of the world around us at a fundamental level inevitably led me to enjoy the sciences. Pickover's 'Archimedes to Hawking: Laws of Science' led me to realise that groundbreaking discoveries arise through quotidian research, with epic implications; for instance, gene therapy is only possible because of advances in genetic mapping software and methods.

In 'DNA: The Secret of Life', Watson stipulates that the three billion base pairs in the human genome are key to explaining our existence. Of course, this is true; yet the deeper I look, the more unanswered questions I stumble upon, and it is those very questions that I want to dedicate my life to answering. Such ambiguities lie in abiogenesis, senescence, and cognition, to name but a few of the mysteries we have yet to unravel.

Investigating bacterial iron homeostasis at the University of Reading this summer (under the Nuffield Science Bursary scheme) confirmed experimental research as my career goal, as the need for both logical and lateral thinking to apply scientific principles greatly appealed to me. Weeks of meticulous DNA extraction and protein analysis confirmed my hypothesis on divalent metal transport, so I submitted a report on this for a Gold CREST Award.

Notwithstanding the advanced practical and teamwork skills I acquired during the placement, I developed an appreciation for just how integral technology is to the life sciences. Given that computing is a passion of mine (often reading related articles in 'New Scientist'), it was a pleasure to combine the two, and this is something I hope to be ultimately working on: developing the cutting-edge electronics that drive genetic research, from 3D modelling and data analysis software to equipment.

In fact, my unyielding interest in these two fields led me to undertake an Extended Project I titled 'The Use of Computing for the Advancement of Genomics', where I explored the technology behind biobanks and the Human Genome Project, honing my research skills.

Science is undoubtedly my forte, yet I continually strive to improve myself as an individual. I have completed a Level 1 Award in Sports Leadership, enhancing my self-confidence and interpersonal skills. These were then applied when I became the Managing Director of a Young Enterprise company, giving me an insight into business operations. I was also elected as both a Prefect and an Anti-Bullying Peer Mentor at my school, where I have single-handedly built an ambitious website to promote anti-bullying during my tenure.

Always seeking to immerse myself in the world of science, I recently collaborated with The Faraday Institute at St Edmund's College, Cambridge to write an essay arguing the case for determinism. I developed a well-reasoned ontological contention, which the College published. I was also accepted into the prestigious Eton College Universities Summer School to read Chemistry with Biology. The course's reading list reminded me of the simplicity of life, in that even the most complex organism is governed by the same elementary chemical compounds as a microscopic life form. This is precisely why cytology captivated my imagination so many years ago and why I want to study it for years to come.

So, has this statement shown you that I am suited for your course? I would hope so. Has this statement really shown you who I am as a person? Not entirely, because I am greater than the sum of my parts, just like a finely-made watch is worth more than the individual cogs and gears that keep it ticking.

Universities Applied to:

  • Cambridge (Biological Natural Sciences) - A*AA Offer Firm
  • Imperial (Biotechnology with Management) - AA Offer
  • Imperial (Computation in Biology and Medicine) - A*AAA Offer
  • UCL (Biochemical with Chemical Engineering) - AB Offer Insurance
  • KCL (Molecular Genetics) - BB Offer


General Comments:

woooow congrats seriously! this statement is amazing! you deserved cambridge ;)

Comments on the statement:

Fantastic statement, and well done on those offers!

Wowee, great statement and very totally deserve your offers!

Love your opening and ending with the echoing theme of a fine watch. This wit deserves nothing less than Cambridge .

What a statement. Hats off. This absolutely dwarfs any and all personal statements I've ever read. You deserve Cambridge.

I tried a cog in a clock metaphor in my PS but mine is absolute rubbish compared to yours! This is amazing and I would be astounded if you didn't get into Cambridge.