Personal Statement:Pharmacy 10

Pharmacy Personal Statement

I would like to study pharmacy as I would like play an integral part helping to cure illnesses, but also to understand how this takes place. I want to understand the biology and chemistry behind how drugs work, as I am passionate about these subjects. Pharmacists play a vital role as an intermediate between patients and doctors, verifying correct medication has been prescribed and that the patient fully understands the instructions of the doctor. I believe I am very suitable for this role.

Earlier this year, I arranged one week of work experience at Manson's Chemist which included serving customers and assisting with retail tasks. I delivered prescriptions to patients unable to collect them. Through this experience, I gained more awareness of the role pharmacists have in the NHS and learnt that patient involvement is not restricted to doctors and nurses, pharmacists also play an important role in hospitals as clinical pharmacists .

During the summer, I received a prestigious Nuffield Bursary at the University of East London where I conducted 4 weeks of research on the anti-cancer properties of Scutellaria Barbata, a plant used in herbal medicine. I was required to plan, devise and implement protocols followed by the team I was working with, which enhanced my personal organisational skills. I considered the ethical implications of the plant as the variation of its quality could render it unsafe. I learnt about the rigorous procedures required in drug manufacturing, as well as the scientific equipment such as HPLC and NMR used within this process. Upon completion I received an Exscitec Platinum award from Imperial College London.

I also arranged work experience at Victoria NHS Walk-In Centre where I worked alongside doctors, nurses and administrative staff. I learnt to appreciate the importance of every member of staff and how they interact together. However, this opportunity also highlighted difficulties health professionals face, such as patients that were unwilling to cooperate or would resort to dishonesty to receive medical treatment. I enjoy helping out in the community. I have volunteered for 4 months at Dakken House nursing home where I have made some observations about the suffering patients face. I have seen how human contact and interaction improve the quality of their lives. In my secondary school I taught mathematics over a period of five months to pupils of a range of ages and abilities. This developed my teaching and leadership skills. In college, I volunteered at open days and at the chemistry club where I helped students extend their knowledge of chemistry. In all of these experiences, clarity of information was imperative.

I have undertaken a series of biology masterclasses at Queen Mary University where I learn about chemical aspects of biology and its role in healthcare. In addition, I like to keep abreast of innovations and advancements in health, science and technology by reading magazines such as the Student BMJ and New Scientist.

My hobbies include running and weightlifting, which allow me to set goals I want to achieve and aid the development of my motivation and determination. I enjoy karate as it helps me cope under high pressure and is an excellent physical discipline. I also learn tajweed, the art of reciting the Quran fluently, which requires a great deal of concentration.

My experiences have allowed me to gain an invaluable insight into the pharmaceutical industry. I have seen that pharmacy is an essential component in the NHS and a career that I look forward to.

Universities Applied to:

  • St Georges University of London (Medicine) - Rejection
  • University of Bristol (Medicine) - Rejection
  • University of Leeds (Medicine) - Rejection
  • University of East Anglia (Medicine) - Rejection
  • University of Nottingham (Pharmacy) - Offer (AAB) - Firm

Grades Achieved:

  • Maths (A2) - A
  • Chemistry (A2) - A
  • Biology (A2) - B
  • Physics (A2) - B


General Comments:

why on earth would you apply using this personal statement which specifically mentions a PHARMACY degree course when applying for MEDICINE?!

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