Personal Statement:Pharmacy 3

Pharmacy Personal Statement

I wish to pursue a career in pharmacy and thus have selected this particular degree to ultimately prepare for the responsibility of being a pharmacist and so fulfil my lifelong ambition. I have a great interest in working with people and applying science. I feel the profession will allow me to do this and help to care for others by doing Community Pharmacy. I also enjoy practical work and by having studied A-level Biology and Chemistry, this gave me the opportunity to improve my practical skills.

In chemistry studying the synthesis of pharmaceutical drugs and the effects it has on the body has furthered my interest in this field.

I have had the privilege of working at a pharmaceutical practice for a fortnight. I interacted with pharmacists, dispensing assistants and other members of staff on a regular basis. I thoroughly enjoyed it because not only did it give me an insight into the pharmacy business but also improved my ability to work together and communicate effectively.

An active social life is a vital ingredient to counter the stress of college studies. I have a passion of watching and playing cricket during the summer. I also enjoy playing football with friends and family. In other spare time I enjoy reading, listening to music, and going out on scenic outings. I consider myself to be organised, a good listener and well motivated. I enjoy working in small groups. Being multilingual I am able to speak fluent English, Urdu and Gujarati, and some Hindi. I look forward to university life, as I have a strong desire to learn and get along with people of all ages, religion and cultural backgrounds. I am eager to "taste" university life, and take hold of all opportunities that become available to me.

Finally I look forward to studying pharmacy. I would be happy to answer further questions you may ask of me, if and when I am invited for an interview.


General Comments:

Much more detail is needed - very little is provided. Talk more about Pharmacy, subjects covered so far and career aspirations. --Kirsty-17988 11:59, 23 August 2007 (BST)