Personal Statement:Pharmacy 4

Pharmacy Personal Statement

Pharmacy, why this choice? Pharmacy is a unique subject in that the course contains aspects of many different areas such as Physiology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Botany and Zoology; hence this is the ultimate science of medicines. Overall Pharmacy gives an understanding of the types of drugs used in treatment of illness and diseases, as well as how these would affect the body. I have always had an interest in science, partially in biology and chemistry. Pharmacy involves a large aspect of both biology and chemistry thus Pharmacy stood out to me.

I have had positions of responsibility throughout my academic years. I have been a representative of the schools' student councils, through which I have taken part in some major decisions of my schools. Another of these positions is representing my tutor group in the CAFOD committee at my college. Regularly I have been given the responsibility in my tutor group, to collect money for the CAFOD organisation. These positions account for my voluntary service, as these were my own choice and furthermore I have also been successful with these positions.

For the period of one week, I chose to do voluntary work experience at Tesco-in-store Pharmacy of Hoover Building, Perivale. While there I have learned the basics of how a retail pharmacy runs. The tasks I undertook were amongst the following, expiry date checks, as this is essential in a pharmacy while dealing with medicines, organising and shelving, which helps the customers to easily access the precise medicines for their needs. Aside from the practical, I have also achieved some academic knowledge. While on work experience I have completed the first seven modules of the pharmacy assistant, allowing me to sell medicines across the counter.

In my free time I enjoy taking part in leisure activities such as; participating in Judo regularly at my local community centre, which I have participated in for about to ten years; I enjoy socialising with my friends by which we go to the cinema. Apart from socialising I enjoy taking an active part in sports, my favourites including cricket and badminton I regularly took part in school performances and also in many other external performances. In addition to these activities I also make use of the facilities at my local gym on a regular basis.


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I would mention experience before extra cirricular/student council activities personally. --Kirsty-17988 12:01, 23 August 2007 (BST)

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