Personal Statement:Physics 6

Physics Personal Statement

I have always been fascinated by the physical universe and how it can be expressed in terms of simple equations, indeed one of the main reasons I wish to study physics is due to its underlying elegance. I enjoy using first principles to derive more complicated formulae and models, which I have applied in my mechanics lessons. While I find the mathematical side of physics particularly interesting, I also enjoy the practical element of developing and planning experiments to solve set problems; for instance producing standing waves on a rubber cord.

During year 12, I visited the CERN facility with my college physics department. Seeing the Large Hadron Collider, and in particular the ATLAS detector, under construction was an awe inspiring experience, especially given the facility’s current relevance in modern physics. As well as learning about particle physics in a much more engaging way than in my normal lessons, the trip increased my desire to work in a research environment at a post degree level.

Taking my AS and A level maths in a single year encouraged me to organise my time more efficiently due to the faster pace, consequently I have chosen to continue this pace by taking a further maths A level this year . I also participated in my college’s ‘Able Mathematicians’ course, which discussed some more abstract topics in mathematics, such as fractals and chaos. Taking chemistry alongside mathematics and physics has given me the opportunity to look at some of the topics raised in physics from a different viewpoint as well as providing an opportunity to apply some of the techniques I have learnt in other subjects.

I often read science related books, both fact and fiction. In particular I enjoy reading books by Richard Feynman, Isaac Asimov and I have read “General Relativity from A to B” by Robert Geroch. I find these genres of books interesting because they allow me to broaden my perspective on the world around me, often in a different way than is portrayed in a college environment. I also have a subscription to the magazine New Scientist which enables me to keep up to date with current science and technology news.

Outside college, I have a keen interest in computers and have built and upgraded machines for myself and family. Through learning HTML/CSS and PHP, I have created a number of websites for myself and others, developing my logic and problem solving skills. I play the piano at grade 6 standard and I have also obtained a grade 5 in music theory, I find that music increases my concentration and I hope to continue my passion for it during university. I have participated in the Nijmegen Vierdaagse for the last three years, a 100 mile walk spread over 4 days. Long distance walking allows me to keep physically fit, whilst showing my commitment and endurance to a goal.

Universities Applied to:

  • Oxford
  • Imperial
  • Warwick - Accepted Offer
  • Edinburgh
  • Bath


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