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Personal Statement:Politics and History 2

Politics and History Personal Statement

'Man is by nature a political animal'. Aristotle was right, for it is my dream to study History and Politics at university. Whilst at present people's faith in politics may be less than what it used to be, I have faith in what history can teach us about politics. It has taught me lessons of wars that have changed the world, about totalitarian regimes that democracy has fought and, most of all, has taught me that politics is organic; it has evolved and developed through history, and this is why I am so inspired by these subjects.

Comparing politics from one period of history with another and seeing how it develops and contrasts is something that fascinates me. I have especially been interested in the development of Socialism, from Marxist beliefs to the current Socialist parties in Britain. After reading Marx's 'The Communist Manifesto' I felt I understood more as to how the roots of the ideology began. Furthermore, my current study of Modern History has pushed me to consider the impact of Marx's ideas during the build up to German unification, such as the 1848 Revolutions and the effects of industrialisation on the working class. I have also begun to look at international relations throughout the 20th Century, especially whilst studying the Cold War. Not only did it show me the importance of diplomacy in such tense times between political 'Super Powers', but it also encouraged masses of people to protest for civil rights, nuclear disarmament and for social justice, for which people are still protesting. Moreover, I find the theory of history intriguing. I have begun to consider what makes historical events 'important' and why, whilst looking at a range of historical view points to formulate my own opinions.

This year I was incredibly fortunate to undertake work experience at the Wycombe Conservative Association. I felt it would allow me to see politics out of the text book and to understand how local politics really worked. I was also lucky enough to be involved in a local by-election. This was by far the best part of my work experience: talking to a range of people about who they would vote for and why. I recorded the results onto the party database, which meant I was able to look at the spread of voters' party preferences in past elections. It was interesting to see how opinions in politics change over time, which is exactly what I love to study. The experience was deeply enriching and has fuelled my ambition even more to work in politics in the future. I also recently attended a Buckinghamshire Labour Conference, where I was able to find out about local issues in my area and discuss them with councillors. Most of all, as I have studied dictators, such as Hitler and Stalin, I realise how fortunate I am to live in a democracy where I can discuss grievances with those in politics.

In addition to my academic studies, I enjoy being active in school and community projects. My experience in leadership and working with teams was developed when I was involved in my school's 'Student Voice' project, which researched students' preferred teaching methods. Elected as Project Manager, I was overseeing a range of different groups and, most importantly, was in charge of time management. I am also privileged to be able to work as a teacher assistant at a primary school and have been committed to doing so for a year now. Music is also extremely important to me. I have been playing the guitar for four years and inted to further this skill at university.

Politics and History are intrinsically linked; without either it is impossible to view what the world has become and to what it will evolve. It is my wish to be a part of this transformation.

Universities Applied to:

  • Edinburgh - Rejected
  • Sheffield - Offer AAB
  • Birmingham - Offer AAB
  • Manchester - Offer AAB Insurance
  • Leeds - Offer AAB Firm

Grades Achieved:

A Level Grades:

  • History - A*
  • English Literature - A*
  • Politics - A*


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