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Politics and Philosophy Personal Statement

The political, philosophical and economic consequences of globalisation are staggering, such as global banking, the expansion of free trade and the Worldwide Security Council and I yearn to increase my knowledge in all aspects of politics, both locally and internationally. Studying political and philosophical topics will enable me to create logical, well researched and balanced arguments. Philosophy is of great interest to me and currently I am undertaking a Higher Grade in Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies. I find the issues and logic involved make it such an enjoyable subject to debate. Theories which may seem to be correct when considered superficially are completely flawed when analysed a little deeper. This is what I find exciting about philosophy.

Watching the news and reading papers is something I enjoy doing every day in order to be fully aware of world events. I particularly enjoy reading the ‘New Statesman’ to get a more in-depth view of the world’s current affairs. Reading about local and international politics is fascinating, as many different people’s viewpoints are presented and analysed, allowing comparisons and evaluation of their political opinion. For example, the most recent magazine offers different articles which are written about Barrack Obama. The opinions of him range from the liberals who admire him, to the conservatives who find him inexperienced and weak. However, it is not enough to simply read about political issues, it is also important to take an active part, and that is why I am a youth member of the Scottish National Party. SNP policies such as saying ‘No’ to Trident, appeal to me as I believe nuclear weapons are expensive and cause extensive damage to the environment. It also means the money being spent on such weapons could go towards healthcare or education instead.

I enjoy writing about serious political topics and ultimately my ambition is to be a political journalist. My interest in journalism motivated me to seek out a work experience placement during November 2007 with a national newspaper, where I undertook the tasks one might face in publishing and editing, such as constructing spreadsheets on Quark Xpress. Recently I volunteered to take part in a psychology experiment regarding the effects of watching reality television programmes on the mood of the observer. I wrote up this experience in an article which was subsequently published in the British Psychological Society’s Scottish Bulletin.

I also enjoy playing the violin and have performed in the school orchestra, string group and ceilidh band for five years. The ceilidh band recently came second in a national music competition where I relished the thrilling experience of playing at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Furthering my study in philosophy and politics will be dynamic and exciting, and a degree in these subjects will open many doors which ultimately will allow me to fulfil my educational aspirations and career ambitions.

Universities Applied to:

  • St Andrews - Int. Relations and Philosophy
  • Glasgow - Politics and Philosophy
  • Edinburgh - Politics and Philosophy
  • Stirling - PPE - Offer


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