Personal Statement:Politics and Philosophy 3

Politics and Philosophy Personal Statement

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it has certainly helped my intuitiveness into life. This is why I wish to pursue a joint honours degree in Politics & Philosophy. My curiosity into the deeper questions in life has led me to the conclusion that philosophy may be one of the only subjects to satisfy my thirst for knowledge and discussion. Another curiosity of mine, the way in which countries operate, has been the stimulus for my keen interest in politics.

Studying History and English literature has given me the ability to articulate arguments in written form. I believe without studying History we cannot possibly progress, as would not know where we have come from. Historical events such as the Treaty of Versailles were highly political and show that retribution is not an effective tool of punishment. Both subjects have taught me how to construct arguments and then come to a reasoned conclusion. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading various literatures including political satire such as Animal Farm. In today’s financial climate, politics and economics have become increasingly interdependent. Studying Economics has shown me how governments must juggle economic security, public opinion and the ever important issue of the environment; evaluative skills are paramount but we have delved into some philosophical arguments over whether firms are responsible for the environment. Moreover, my study of Religious Studies has developed my interest in Philosophy. As an agnostic, Philosophy of Religion has been rather enchanting; Plato and Aristotle’s ideas of a transcendent being as well as the conflict between Science and Religion interest me the most. “The Existence of God” by Richard Swinburne is one of the most engaging books I have read as my understandings have been challenged. My own beliefs have developed and matured as I have delved deeper into the subject, and I would like them to evolve further at university.

My political and philosophical beliefs have been shaped by seeing the suffering in my ancestral country, Nigeria. Corruption is rife, and I believe this is due to poor political policies as well as a misguided moral compass. This is one of the reasons why I believe politics and philosophy are inseparable. With the right approach, it is more than possible to progress whilst still protecting those most vulnerable in society. This is why I take part in a project run by the Eaves Women Housing Association. My role is to provide a positive male role model to children disaffected by domestic violence. Although I do not gain financially, it is spiritually rewarding seeing how I have such a profound effect on the attitudes, and hopefully the lives of the children. Debating is something else I find rewarding as I can argue about my political and philosophical viewpoints in an appropriate environment, for example, the recent expenses scandal was a topic of discussion that I feel particularly passionate about. My research into the subject highlighted the extent to which MPs have lost touch with their electorate. It has given me the ability to orally demonstrate my point, as well as developing the critical thinking skills, essential for my degree.

Besides my studies, I am boxing captain of the school. This has helped solidify my self-discipline and has given me transferable leadership skills. Boxing is a fundamentally an individual sport and so I am adept at working alone. Although my weekly participation in my 5 a-side has aided the development of my teamwork skills. An enthusiasm for writing is a necessity for this degree and this is demonstrated by my regular music and video game reviews for a popular lifestyle forum, as well as having some of my poetry published.

I believe the attributes I have gained both in and outside school, coupled with my naturally inquisitive nature place me in good stead not only for success on my chosen degree course but also for making the most of the opportunities and challenges university will bring.

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