Sociology and criminology personal statement

Hi everyone, my name is Conor, and i have just applied for 2015 entry for sociology and criminology. This is my draft of my personal statement. I would like some opinions to find out if Ive done okay. I know there are not many examples out there for people so this may also be able to help some new applicants. Please do not plagiarism my application as it will only affect your application.


Society plays a huge role in the world. It provides the norms and values for institutions to work together to keep society harmonious. Topics such as family, health, education, crime, government and development are very stimulating. It saddened me when I researched the large quantity of poverty stricken areas, with education and health problems. It shows the true value of my life, my family, my health and my education. This is why I was immediately fascinated by sociology, as I could explore so many important subjects that are being overlooked by many in our world. Following sociology, criminology has took my focus. It generates riveting debates in class that I crave for. It has captivating links to sociology through the social distribution of crime and deviance in age, gender, class, ethnicity and locality. There is evidence in sociology that in our criminal justice system women are less likely to be charged for there offences than men. Debates like this have given me the opportunity to broadcast and explore my true passion for sociology and criminology. Therefore I have chosen to seek the opportunity to explore sociology and criminology in depth at university. Whilst studying sociology and geography a level. I studied global development and sustainable development. The most compelling theory I studied has to be Franks underdevelopment and dependency theory. This has greatly shaped my interest for sociology. The conclusion of the theory is that everything serves the interest of the richest. This links in with the Marxist ideology of two distinct classes, the bourgeoisie and proletariat. Studying development in geography has enabled a more critical approach to the world as it looks at the affect all this has on the human. This theory has also taught me a lot about the government and how it works to support the theory, allowing me to be more objective and analytical. It is intriguing how each theory can either support or contradict the other, challenging my own opinions and driving my passion to criticize and analyze new information for debates. An immense part of sociology and society today is our ever growing media. Today's media is bigger than ever and is always affecting the way we act and think. I am very enthusiastic about media. I enjoy questioning the validity and reliability of sources distributed across social networks. As an aspiring sociologist, I also like to question whether social media in today's society is actually very social at all. Many people are apparently being social through there smartphone or tablet, yet if you put all those people together in a room, they would not look very social at all. The media can also help with my research methods by obtaining information through the media which I consider a modern way of research in today's era. I have thoroughly enjoyed my research in the past few years in geography, sociology and the welsh baccalaureate. From the age of 15 I have experienced different work environment's and have adapted to new societies. I am currently at the local Cineworld. I spend a lot of time here communicating with customers and colleagues. I have a good time with my colleagues and keep up with my hobbies. As a Cineworld employee I enjoy watching the latest blockbusters, playing video games and socializing with my friends. Over my previous years of work I have generated some very valuable skills. Time management, organization, communication, hygiene, health and safety and many more attributes like interpersonal skills that show my kind and committed personality. I believe that my passion for sociology and criminology alongside my work ethic Is a great reason to choose me to study at your university. I am eager to learn new areas and expand my knowledge and understanding of this topic further. I hope to one day achieve my goal to obtain a degree in sociology and criminology and apply this to the world we live in.