Subject guides to writing a personal statement

Get tips and advice to help you create your UCAS personal statement with The Student Room's personal statement builder.






It can be hard to know how to tailor a personal statement for a specific course. What should you include, what is important and what do you need to think about? The PS Helpers have written guides for several subjects which are useful in giving a very subject specific idea of what you need to consider. The requirements and best practice can vary from subject to subject, for example work experience may be very important in Medicine but is not expected for Mathematics and Physics.

These guides focus on subject specific issues and if you're still not sure about the general requirements and content of a personal statement then check out the more general Guide to writing a PS and Personal Statement FAQs. There are also many Personal statement examples organised by subject in the sample statement library. Once you have written a draft you can receive confidential and subject specific advice on your statement from the PS Helpers, by posting in the Personal Statement Help forums.



If you are at university and would like to write a PS Subject Guide for your subject, then PM xXxBaby-BooxXx and an article can be set up for you.