Using the personal statement library

Here on TSR we have a large number of sample Personal Statements. In the library, the PSs are sorted into subject areas and universities which offered a place based on that statement (where this information is available).

Personal Statements

Using our PS Library

Remember that these are sample personal statements and are there for everyone to look at to get a feel for what personal statements should be like and what sort of things can be included in them. None of our sample PSs claim to be 'perfect examples' and in some cases the PS Helpers have commented on the good and bad points of the review. This is to help guide people more on good and bad personal statement practice.

There is no point in copying a PS from the library. For a start your statement needs to be personal to you. It needs to be all about your experiences and yourself. Copying someone else's PS will mean you come unstuck and get caught out when you get an interview. UCAS also takes PS plagiarism very seriously. From 2007 onwards UCAS will be using plagiarism detection technology to check every personal statement against copies available on the internet [1]. Being caught cheating could cost you your offers for a place at uni.

Adding Your Personal Statements

The library can only improve if more examples are added. So why not upload your own personal statement once you have started university to aid others in their applications?

If you would like to contribute, please post your personal statement in this thread including universities and courses applied for and the offers received. The statement will then be uploaded onto the TSR wiki in due course. Please include subjects applied for, offers received, and which offers you accepted. Unfortunately, due to the risk of plagiarism, statements which are being used in the current application cycle will not be uploaded. Thank you for your contributions!

Alternatively, use the box below: