Why become a ps helper

Personal Statement Help on The Student Room is a free service that aims to give advice and tips for improving applicants' personal statements for university applications. The PS helpers are all current university students or graduates who donate their time to help others.

Why become a PS Helper?

You get a shiny user title and of course bragging rights, but also you can help people through the difficult process of writing a personal statement.

Testimonies from PS Helpers

Here is what a couple of the PS Helpers have to say about why they are part of the team:

Many people use TSR to offer advice to students, both at school and at universities, and there are few ways to be more useful to students than to help them draft their personal statements for UCAS forms. While a minority of schools and sixth forms offer quality advice to their students on this part of the application process, members of TSR have found themselves in a good position to help applicants and "level the playing field." We have a team of helpful university students and graduates who form a lively community that strives to help in creating personal statements that reflect their personalities whilst appealing to universities effectively, and we are always on the look out for new people to help.

Taking a poorly written first draft through a review process and finally helping the applicant create a finely polished finished statement is academically demanding but also massively gratifying, not least when you hear back from the applicant and they inform you that they've received their desired offers. The task is also academically fulfilling giving you a chance to discuss your subject with young people who are often enthusiastic and keen to hear what you have to say about their ideas. Working with these relatively short pieces of text also engages one's problem-solving skills, and finding ways to restructure arguments is at times frustrating, but when it works, is great fun.



Before I became a PS Helper, I had used TSR to help me with a range of advice which also included the aiding of my studies and guiding me with my university choices. I had also used the PS Help service which as a result got me some good offers! So becoming a PS Helper allowed me to give back to the community.

There are a number of different benefits that being a PS Helper has done for me. It taught and enhanced my personal skill set that I was then able to transfer to my studies and work. I was also able to highlight these skills when it came to applying for jobs, where employers were impressed about my work as a PS Helper.

You have the added feeling of joy too when you get an email from an applicant that you helped telling you that the work you’ve done has gotten them into a university that they have dreamed of getting accepted into. This is the main reasons that has kept me on the team.



I have hugely enjoyed being a PS Helper: the greatest reward comes when you get a PM from someone you helped months before, telling you that they've got an offer from their dream uni and that you played a part in helping them achieving that. Many applicants do not get the advice they should from their schools/colleges about writing their PSs, and this forum helps to cover that gap.


How to become a PS Helper

So you want to become a PS Helper? Then read about how to become part of the team.