Social life of a postgraduate student

Many TSR members have experience of being a postgraduate student and have had to make the adjustment to their social life from when a undergraduate. What are the differences? How easy is it to make friends? How much time to socialise do you actually get?

So here is a place for you to share your study tips for developing a great social life when a postgraduate student. Make sure you're logged in to the site, then click on 'edit' and add yourown experiences, tips and suggestions.

Postgraduate Social Life

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I found that most of the events aimed specifically at postgraduate students were relatively tame affairs, especially when compared with undergraduate events. Things like pub quizzes and days out to visit different cities, cinema trips and lots of things aimed at people with children. While I have certainly been living a quieter life as a postgraduate, my social life has revolved around societies I've been involved with rather than anything for postgrads alone, so my friends have ranged from first years to final year PhD students.

Further, self-funding a Masters is very difficult, and most postgraduates just don't have the disposable income that many undergraduates have. Therefore, a quiet life is sometimes the only option!

I totally disagree with the above statement; I have found postgraduate life to be just as fun-filled and exciting as undergrad life. I think it really depends on the university you choose for study, and the postgraduate community already there. The university I attended had a big postgraduate presence, with new halls and facilities set aside just for postgrads. Because of this, my postgrad life has been pretty busy; parties, clubs nights out identical to that of an undegrad. Of course, there is room for full on studying if you wish, and obviously there is more work than you may be used to, but if you want a packed up social life then dont worry too much.

For me, the main change between undergrad and postgrad hasn't really been in the number/kind of things there are for postgrads to get involved with - but my lack of energy to get involved with them! I now commute by car to my lab every morning (30 mins of rush hour, need to be in for nine...), rather than being 2 mins walk/cycle from most academic commitments. Lab life also means tied to a particular schedule - I can't go out and sleep late in the week to make up for it, I can't carry my work into the evenings and weekends to spread it out, and I generate a stack of things that need doing at the weekends (hoovering, laundry, buying food and anything I might need in terms of clothes/books etc). So while I join in with my sport's training sessions as often as I can, going out clubbing/pubbing with them after a session is often unappealing. It just means a change of social life - time spent watching DVDs with friends, shopping together, going for dinner as a group etc. But I do miss dancing til my feet hurt, falling into bed and sleeping til midday!

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