10 things you need to do, now you've got your university place!

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Congratulations! You've got your place at university! 

All the exams and stress has been worth it and you can now get ready for the biggest adventure of your life. 

It's a big step that can seem daunting; but worry not! To help you prepare, here are 10 things you can start doing right now

1. Secure your accommodation

If you came through Clearing or just haven't applied yet for accommodation yet, then now's the time to get it sorted. Many universities now offer an accommodation guarantee if you have accepted an offer close to results day. If you've not already had information - call the accommodation department and ask what you need to do - they're sure to be helpful!

Got a student accommodation question? Add it to our Student Accommodation forum, where you're sure to get a quick answer.

2. Enrol at your university

Usually this is done online and you should get information about this as soon as you've accepted your place. It allows you to register for the university and it will also provide you your IT (email) account as well as access to intranets and course content. 

You'll probably have access to a letter that you may need for opening a student bank account too.

3. Open a student bank account

You're officially a student now, time to get your money sorted! 

Spend some time shopping around to make sure you're getting the best deal. Banks will also be offering tons of overdraft deals and exciting freebies; just be careful you don't get stuck with a tiny overdraft limit for the sake of a railcard! 

Need help on what to look for? Check out our handy Student Bank Accounts guide.

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4. Check your student finance information

If you went through Clearing, Adjustment or have been placed with your insurance choice then you need to update your student finance information. This is really easy to do - just log in to your online account to edit your details. If you need any help, just give your finance provider a call. If you need to change your bank details, just follow the same steps.

5. Check who else is going to your uni

Did you know that A-level results day is the busiest day of the year for TSR? Thousands of students come here to talk about the universities they're going to; you could be sat next to one in September! Find your university forum and say hello. 

You can even find who you may be living with. If there's not already a thread in your university forum, check out Find your Flatmates. This forum is especially handy if you're in private halls. If you can't see your halls, you can start up your own chat thread. 

Just remember that TSR is a public forum - so no mobile numbers or sensitive info!

6. Find out about Freshers

You'll soon learn all about your Students' Union (SU) and many of you will come to love the events that they put on. They all have their own websites - run a search for yours and check out what's happening.

When buying tickets for events be cautious of events advertised online and perhaps stick only to official events (these will be posted on the SU Facebook page or the website) as there are tons of fake or alternative nights out. You don't want to spend £20 on a wristband that doesn't get you into the same places your mates are going to.

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7. Celebrate!

You've spent all summer worrying about it all going wrong and now it's time to celebrate that you've got into uni. 

Do whatever you want on results day. Fancy a night out? Go for it, there will be tons of stuff happening in town tonight. Just want to chill out? Why not!

You can worry about #8 after you've recovered from celebrating. 

8. Start to pack for uni

Your big adventure awaits, but not before you go through the most embarrassing of photos that you'd forgotten about (and tried to hide!). Moving out of your room is a golden opportunity for a declutter - do you really need your Disney VCR collection that you've saved just in case? We think not!

Find out what's included in your accommodation then check our what to take to uni list
And don't forget to check our guide to moving into halls.

9. Don't worry

Most people get a few butterflies about going to university for the first time. Remember that everyone is in the same boat - going to a university and not knowing the area or each other.

If you want to talk through any concerns - there's our 'Share your worries about going to uni!' thread where there are tons of students you can talk to.

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10. Enjoy your last month of summer

Your little brother or sister may be just about to go back to school next week, but you probably won't start term until mid-September. Welcome to the life of three month summers - you might only get a few, but they are amazing to have now you've got them!

Don't forget that throughout your studies, TSR has got your back. We can help out with anything from university life questions, student accommodation queries to student finance help and relationship advice! 

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