All Souls College, Oxford

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The main entrance to the College is on the High Street near Catte Street.


The College is primarily an academic research institution with particular strengths in the Humanities and Social and Theoretical Sciences and an outstanding library. It also has strong ties to public life. Although its fellows are involved in teaching and supervision of research, there are no undergraduate members.

As of January 2013 there are seventy-five Fellows of All Souls, eighteen Visiting Fellows, six Honorary Fellows, and twenty-seven Emeritus (i.e. retired academic) Fellows.


The Codrington Library is, like all College Libraries, an independent institution. Its modern collections are particularly strong in law and history, especially the history of Britain and early modern Europe, and military history. Philosophy, sociology, and the history of science are also well represented.

The Library welcomes applications for library cards (supported by a letter of recommendation from tutor or supervisor) by law and history undergraduates, and graduate students of the University of Oxford. Junior members in other faculties may also apply for admission. The Library issues its own library cards; the Bodleian card is in itself not sufficient to secure entry to the Library.