Bath nightlife

This guide to Bath's nightlife will hopefully (hint hint) grow.

Updated as of March 2014 - I've just added some comments after each one in italics and added a few as this seems a little out of date. As someone who grew up in Bath I love the nightlife but if you're coming from somewhere like London or any of the big cities it will probably seen a bit limited - clubs are relatively small but are usually packed full of people from about 10.30-11.30pm onwards, depending on the night. I haven't commented if I've never been there or heard anything about it.

"April 2016 - current first year student update on clubs in Bath, only updated ones that I have been to (marked BH)"

The Nest - Now under management from the (old) Porter, so very good - the mantra 'Nest is best' isn't for nothing. The saying - 'You can keep my vest, just take me to the Nest' shows the quality of the Nest given the sentimental value of the vest.

The Second Bridge - Quite new, more expensive than say Tee's or Poo's and attracts a more preppy crowd. Nice interior, below the Earl Of Manvers bar. all still fairly accurate, quite a posh club, also worth noting you can start off in the pub next door, the Earl and move to the club later on in the night BH- I don't agree that it is a posh club, I like that it is one of the few venues that actually offer two alcoves for r'n'b music because that genre is really really sparse in Bath. It is a little pricey in comparison to other clubs for drinks, so be warned.

The Blue Rooms - Top of the high street, next to Revs. Fairly expensive, more adult atmosphere. Music isn't great. No longer exists, heard it got shut down after some drugs bust - has been replaced by Zero Zero, which I think is a lot better. Only been there once but seemed to have a good atmosphere

The Bell-Legendary alternative pub with a very wide mix of ages and friendly atmosphere.

Boater, The - Located just off Pulteney Bridge, this pub has steps down to a cellar and a massive beer garden near the river. Great in the summer and for going on to Playground Club. A favourite haunt of sportsmen and women.

Delfter Krug/Raw -

Lamb and Lion - A typical pub with beer garden, pool table, and TV screens. Cheapest pint in town (allegedly).

Moles - Located at the top of baths main street (milsom street) this underground club is small and dingy. absolutely perfect then for experiencing many up and coming bands on the UK circuit. A hotspot for international talent looking for a UK break, Moles club has a huge list (which it is proud to show off) of artists who have gone on to greater things. The club also offers an eclectic mix of DJ nights. An experience in itself, moles is worth at least a visit (as is the website: [1]in my experience a night out at moles is variable, depending on the night it can be really good or godawful. Attracts a slightly older crowd I think. BH- I feel like things have changed considerably since the last update! Cheesy Tuesday is a big hit with some students and Wednesdays there is a great old school hip hop night.

Parade Bar - The classier of the two (now three) campus bars, there's always something going on in The Parade. More expensive than The Plug - but also serving reasonable food. Grolsh for £2.20 a pint. BH- recent changes on campus means that all eateries on the site have the same price for drinks!

Khoosoosi (Playground) (formerly T's/Weir Lounge) - this club is located under Pulteney Bridge, in what seems like an old air-raid shelter. Music varies from rock to "cheese" - good fun for a night out, but slightly unhealthy atmosphere with several hundred people in a small metal room. love Weir, great atmosphere in my experience BH- was renamed by the time I got there, it definitely is one of the nicer decorated clubs, there is a shisha bar and the upstairs area which can be booked for private events is amazing.

Plug Bar - The students union bar. Various weekly events (including Karaoke), this bar also has a large pool area, and various other games (itbox, video games, slot machines, etc). Giant TV screen for football matches etc. Grolsch for £2.10 a pint, Snakebite £2.10, Strongbow £1.85, etc.

Lime Tree - Often forgotten about when it comes to grabbing a few drinks with friends because people don't really realise that there is a bar in there and it is the same price for beer as the SU. As such there's usually not a huge queue if you're looking for a quiet drinks with friends (BH)

Po-Na-Nas (aka Poos) - nice atmosphere, drinks are a bit expensive. agree

Porter Cellar Bar, The - This alt/trendy bar offers a vegatarian menu during the day and decently priced booze in the evening. Located above Moles, it has a large downstairs Cellar which is quite accomodating. Has a rustic charm to its dingyness.

Prince of Wessex - A Wetherspoons pub, serving good food cheap, and good beer at a reasonable price. Only place in Bath doing Leffe on tap!! Right next door to The Odeon (so ideal for before/after a film). More of a restaurant than a pub. Not particularly student oriented. Full of town folk on the weekend.

Qube - Avoid this nightclub like the plague, it's not very good, and if you book it for an event, they lose/forget about your booking.

Rat and Parrot - Located in the centre of town, near Subway. A "student pub" offering great discounts on just about everything. Gets really busy at times (esp. thursday nights).

Revolutions (AKA Vodka Revs / Revs) - Located on George Street at the top of town. Close to RSVP and The Litten Tree. A rather expensive but very trendy bar / club specialising in vodka. Cocktails are a speciality as are 'racks' of flavoured vodka shots. Serves food during the day. Dance floor upstairs. been once, seems good

The Litten Tree - Located at the top of town. Near Revs / RSVP. A very nice, recently refurbished pub with a wide range of beers, and comfortable seating areas. Great place to meet friends for a drink before going on somewhere. Also serves food.

Wetherspoons (AKA Spoon's) - See "Prince of Wessex"

XL: biggest night club in bath, closest to a big city club you'll get in bath

ZERO ZERO - Personally one of my favourite clubs in Bath, it's a bit small but I just love the atmosphere. They have great club nights (Thursday - Sat) and do a few themed nights as well, there was a coco Caribbean night which was great! (BH)