Brasenose college, oxford


Right on Radcliffe square, in the centre of Oxford. Situated adjacent to St. Mary's - The University Church, The Bodleian Library, and opposite to All Souls College. Borders (friendly) "rival" Lincoln college to the west.

Probably the best location of any Oxford College, one of Brasenose's many strengths.


Offered to all Undergraduates.

1st Years live in the main College site (Catered). 2nd Years live in Frewin Annexe adjacent to the Oxford Union (Self Catered but only 5 minutes away from main site where food is served to all years). 3rd/4th Years get to choose.

Quality of accomodation is generally good with no shared rooms at all. Prices vary from about £1,200 pounds per term up to about £1,700 for large sets. You can also get a tenancy (holiday accommodation too) for between £1,600 and £2,400. Current bands and costs can be found here: Here's how Brasenose compares to other Oxford colleges

If you like old unspoilt colleges with no tacky 60s bits we are quite good. There is a tacky 60s bit however it is brilliantly hidden from view and the view we are spoiling is Lincoln's, not our own. (What a Pity :) )

1st years it is very rare to get an ensuite, In other years, if you are very high on the room ballot you might get one but it's not particularly likely, and there are plenty of bathrooms around in almost all staircases so it's never a massive issue.

In years 3 and 4 you can get some absolutely ridiculously massive sets in Old Quad (3 or even 4 rooms to yourself!)

Postgraduates are accommodated at:

  • St. Cross Annexe, shared with St Cross college. Some rooms are single (£6,121 per year), others are ensuite (£7,616).
  • Holly Bush Row, a building convenient for the Said Business School and the railway station. All rooms are ensuite and cost between £6,121-6,956 per year.

(2014 prices)

Social Spaces

Hall is old and pretty, although the scale is less grandiose compared to some other college's halls. JCR is very good. Two TV's. Pool Table. 2 Games machines. Coke Machine, chocolate machine etc. Very sociable when events are on. Bar is literally cavernous and cheap (1.40 a pint)

Library and Computing

Library is open 24 hours! Separate law library, small but sufficient computer room. Computers also in the library and jcr. Wifi in student rooms, libraries, JCR, most other social areas.

Lovely people in the IT office deal with any issues on site.


The Chaplain is very nice and knows everyone's name and says hello etc (as do many others!). If you have a problem he would be good to speak to. Nurse also very friendly and approachable.

Brasenose has its own professional student adviser providing short-term counselling and referral/signposting to other sources of support should you need it.

Student welfare reps and peer supporters are available to help.

Students with special access requirements form part of our community.

There's even a special facility for assistance dogs!


Obviously everybody says their college is the most friendly, but Brasenose is really pretty good. Since everyone lives pretty close together (either in college or Frewin which is really close), you get to know basically everyone and there is plenty of socialising between years and just general friendliness. Plus since we have such good social facilities such as the JCR and the bar, there are usually people around in them and just an overall good college spirit going on.

Here is a collection of web stories largely by Brasenose students that give an idea of what goes on around college. Despite what you might think, Oxford undergraduates don't spend all their time working!

Arts, Music, Dance & Drama

Charities & Community Support

Drama Promos!


College Ball, Bops & Traditions


A little bit of Politics!


JCR, Bar see above. Laundry in Frewin and College.

No gym on site. However this is actually a blessing in disguise as we get free entry to University gym instead, which is much better if a little busy.

Food is generally reckoned to be awesome

Student-eye view

Admissions & Outreach

Student profiles!

Trailer for 2015 Open Days

Inside Brasenose

Alternative prospectus

UNIQ summer schools

Brasenose the movie!

Access video

Web stories

The College's website has a lively selection of news stories featuring different aspects of student life. Many links are on this page but if you want even more Brasenose stuff you can find it here:

Celebration of 40th anniversary of the admission of women UGs (BNC one of the first colleges to do so!)

Videos highlighting the informal/frankly bizarre side of College

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Financial Endowment: £125,000,000


  • 365 undergraduate students (107 admitted per year nearly all 3 or 4 year programmes but a few 5 years, including a year abroad)
  • 210 postgraduate students (90 admitted per year on programmes between 1 and 4 years in length)

Subjects - full range of subjects are offered & so you meet students taking different degrees and can learn about areas other than your own. Students and academics love blogging about their stuff - check out these links for the area that interests you most. Some of the blogs also illustrate the many different career pathways grads follow.




Classicists, Ancient Historians & Archaeologists

Economists/Economics & Management ("E&Mers")


English Literature

Fine Artists





Modern Linguists




PPE-ists (see also Politics, Philosophy, and Economics!)