Bsms accommodation

Accommodation at BSMS

As of 2013, BSMS students have the choice of staying in halls, either at Stanmer Court at the University of Sussex or Paddock Fields at the University of Brighton Falmer Campus, or going private. This change is due to changes in term dates at the University of Sussex. The two university campuses are next to each other, separated by the railway line. Teaching takes place on both campuses, with clinical teaching at the Brighton site 1 day a week and lectures on the Sussex site 4 days a week.

All new medics who choose BSMS as their firm choice, and meet the conditions of their offer are guaranteed accommodation at Falmer, providing they meet the housing application deadline.

University of Sussex Accommodation

General Information

The University of Sussex offers a wide range of accommodation for its students, on campus and in Brighton. All accommodation at the University of Sussex is self catered. Due to changes to term dates at the University of Sussex, in 2013 the only accommodation on offer at Sussex for medics is Stanmer Court.

All the residences are furnished and have a bed, desk, bookshelf, wardrobe, and chair in each room. The rooms are ensuite, self-catered. The kitchen will have a fridge- freezer, an oven and hob and a kettle, most kitchens will also have a microwave although this is not always guaranteed. The communal areas will be cleaned regularly though it is the responsibility of the occupier to clean their own room and en suite if they have an en suite. Each room on campus has its own internet connection but students are expected to provide their own computer to access it. There is limited parking space on campus so those students who live on campus and don’t have a special reason are not allowed to park on campus.

The facilities at the Sussex campus include banks, the coop, students union, two bars and a sports centre.

Stanmer Court

This opened in September 2007. It is found just opposite Sussex campus, between the railway and the subway under the a27 and consists of ensuite self-catered flats for between four and six students and a number of studio flats.

Key information

  • 39 or 50 week tenancy
  • Rent £131.30 per week for ensuite room, self-catered
  • £136.80-£141.80 per week for studio apartment, self-catered
  • 464 en suite rooms and 15 studio flats

University of Brighton Accommodation

The University of Brighton has space of 1,900 people to live in halls each year and has halls of residence and spread over Brighton and Eastbourne, however as of 2013 medics are restricted to Paddock fields and can go catered or self catered. Priority accommodation at Brighton University will be allocated to first time undergraduates who have firmly accepted an offer.


The Falmer campus is one of the main campuses of the University of Brighton and is based just outside the outskirts of Brighton 8 minutes away from the city centre by train. There are two halls of residences located here, Paddock Fields for medics and undergrads,and Great Wilkins for postgrads and mature students. Facilities include the student's union bar, the Falmer Library and the new University of Brighton Sports Centre.Next to the campus there is also a Virgin Active, with swimming pools, which offers a discounted student membership.

Paddock Fields

Paddock fields is split into flats and houses with up to eight students sharing kitchen facilities. Each bedroom is en suite with all of usual expected furniture the rooms are slightly bigger that most student accommodation. There are laundry facilities on site and each room has attached parking. There is internet access provided in each room. This halls of residence is both catered and self catered.

This year first year BSMS students who applied for this accommodation were placed in neighbouring flats that were almost entirely filled with medics. This was to make it easier to study during exam periods and to minimize distractions. It provides a good social life in some ways (as you know when the vast majority of medics are going out and go in a big group) but makes it difficult to have non medic friends. If you don't want to be place with mainly medics then you would be better off applying for the Sussex halls where the policy is not to place medics together.

  • EDIT* this was true for 2012 entry, however, with the changes to Sussex term dates it is possible that medics will be placed together at Sussex too.

Key Information

  • Tenancy- 39 weeks
  • Number of rooms available- 469
  • Number of students per flat – 6-8
  • Price per Single room (catered) - £5,850 annual (£150 per week)
  • Price per Single room (self-catered) - £4,875 per year (£125 per week)
  • Room size - 11.8m^2

What to do

You will be sent a form to allocate which halls you would like to stay in . Be sure to return this in good time.