Cinemas in exeter

Picturehouse Cinema

The Picturehouse is located just off the high street, right down the hill.

Good points

It has a bar with really nice sofas and art and stuff!

Free papers!

I think it's slightly cheaper than the Odeon.

Damn nice staff!

Clean and tidy - no popcorn on the floor!

Bad Points

Location isn't so great.

Only 2 screens.

Odeon Cinema

The odeon is right next to alot of the student houses, just off the roundabout at the bottom of Tiverton Road.

Good Points


Wider range of films on 4 screens - one of them is huge!

Orange wednesdays are great, but get there early.

Bad Points

Always massive queues for everything.



In Devonshire House, in the M+D room at the end of the Guild coffee lounge.

Good Points

Cheaper than both the others.

Location, on campus

Run by the students so good atmosphere and always good to support them!

Near the Ram Bar.

Good quality films.

Bad Points

Only 4 showings a week, so not so good for the spontaneous types!

Quite often busy - get there early.


If you want to keep to campus and CinSoc is showing something you want to see, at a convienient time then I would go for CinSoc everytime. Followed by the Ram and you can't go wrong!

If you would rather stray into town then The Picturehouse would be my next choice, mostly due to the bar

However for sheer up to date films and wide selection the Odeon won't let you down. You do feel like they really couldn't give a damn about you but hey, its just a film.

I'd like to add that a VUE cinema with seven screens is currently under construction as part of the re-generation of the city centre. It is set to open in Spring 2007 and will finally give Exeter a good quality multi screen cinema.