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Student Statistics

  • Total Undergraduates in 2011-2012 = 279 

Source: (source)

Corpus Christi Application Statistics See College applications and admissions statistics

  • Entry in October 2014: 339 applications, 113 offers
  • Entry in October 2013: 325 applications, 101 offers, 84 acceptances
  • Entry in October 2012: 326 applications, 94 offers, 81 acceptances

Proportion of Home acceptances to Corpus Christi from the maintained sector:
2013: 61.4% 2012: 61.8%
Sources: (2013 2012).


Corpus Christi is situated right in the centre of Cambridge, just along from St Catharine's, King's and Gonville & Caius colleges. This is an ideal location, not far from any of the faculties and near the shops too. Accommodation outside college remains within reasonable distance of college (TStreet (generally 2nd years): 7 min walk, Newnham House (generally 2nd years): 6 min walk, graduate campus - Leckhampton - and sports fields: 17 min walk).

  • 0.2 miles to the New Museums site (lecture halls, Zoology, African Studies, Chemical Engineering, Social Anthropology and Biological Anthropology)
  • 0.23 miles to the Downing Site (Earth Sciences, Experimental Psychology, Genetics, Geography, Pathology, Physiology, Plant Sciences, Veterinary Anatomy, Archaeology and Anthropology)
  • 0.4 miles to Dept of Engineering
  • 0.43 miles to the Sidgwick site (Classics, AMES, MML, Economics, Philosophy, Linguistics, Divinity, English, History, Law)
  • 0.5 miles to Dept of Chemistry (Chemistry and lecture halls)
  • 1.5 miles to West Cambridge site (Mathematics, Physics and Materials Science)
  • 0.19 miles to the market and M&S
  • 0.34 miles to Sainsbury's.


In college:

Old Court Built in the 1300s, Old Court has lovely rooms with lots of character, and is very popular despite the high rents (they're usually large and there are a number of sets) and lack of bathroom facilities (no bathrooms in the same staircase, although new (2008) bathroom facilities were recently built together with the Library Court development).

New Court Built in the 1800s. Has generally nice rooms which tend to have pretty high ceilings, but some can be quite small and some don't have sinks.

Stable Yard/Library Court - Rooms in S staircase can be quite nice. Has a couple of small rooms, two shared sets (living room with 2 bedrooms), and 3 single sets. - R staircase is unique as it's actually part of Old Court, but is accessed via Library Court and actually has its own bathroom. - Y staircase was off the ballot for a couple of years (during the Library Court development). Has one of the few functioning kitchens in college, and thus its kitchen is used by many non-Y residents. Most of the Y rooms are en-suite and these are the only en-suite rooms within college.

Out of college

Bene't Street Just to the north of college (across Benet Street, above the Eagle pub). Rooms vary very greatly from very small to absolutely massive, from low ceiling-ed attic rooms to rooms with very very high ceilings. Bathroom/kitchen facilities aren't fantastic but they're okay. Bene't Street can also be a little bit of a maze to get around so it can be tricky finding a room for the first time (not a problem subsequently though).

Beldam Just behind Benet. Very modern (1990s), all en-suite, and has a bit of a hotel feeling to it. Amazing kitchens shared between just 3-4 people. Also just above cycle parking, making it very convenient if you cycle a lot.

Botolph Just to the south of college (only St Botolph's church and Botolph lane separate this from college). A couple of en-suites. And there are 3 showers (and a few baths) in the whole of Botolph Court (I never had to queue though...)

Newnham About a 7 minute walk from college, next to Newnham college. Where a lot of second years (and some third/fourth years who like it too much) live. Has amazing kitchens, and good shower facilities. Also has a nice lawn with grass you can walk on (yay!). Is also close to the Sidgwick site, which is good if your faculty (e.g. Law) is there.

T-street About a 7 minute walk from college, near the intersection of Trumpington Street and Lensfield Road. Like Newnham, it's also where a lot of second years live, with amazing kitchens and good shower facilities. Is good for Engineers and Chemists (right opposite the Engineering department and pretty close to the Chemistry department). TStreet was recently refurbished and is now the most modern accommodation in college with the best kitchens and bathrooms!


'Other Accommodation -related info:'

Rent increase for 2014-2015 is 4.5% (compared to an average of ~8% in recent years).

The rooms are all fine, with basically many freshers in Benet and Botolph, which are on opposite sides of the college with less than half finding their way into college rooms.

About self-catering facilities (gyp rooms)

Varies very greatly apart from the omnipresent fridges, kettles and toasters.

College removed the hobs in a lot of kitchens in college and Benet Street (health and safety) a couple of years ago... They did replace the hobs with fancy oven/microwave combos though, which is amazing if you like baking or if you're okay with very precise microwaving.

So within college most of the kitchens have no hobs but do have the oven/microwave combos. As far as I know, X and Y staircases are the only staircases in college with hobs.

Outside of college, Benet has no hobs but has the oven/microwave combos, Beldam has lots and lots of hobs (4 hobs/kitchen and each kitchen shared by only 3-4 people) and microwave but no oven (so not so good if you like baking), Botolph has hobs, microwaves and slightly dodgy ovens and Newnham and T street gyp rooms are likely to have everything you ever wanted (hobs, microwave, oven, freezer...)

Social Spaces

The college bar doubles as the main recreational area, with an upper lounge area and a lower area with a pool table, table football, and a large LCD TV with Sky. The JCR is connected to this via a set of stairs on the east side of the bar and has a large LCD TV with Sky (seemingly with everything except Dave), PS3, N64, games and sofas etc. for about 25-35 people.

Library and Computing

A new library - the Taylor library - was opened in 2008 following the Library Court project. The library is situated over three floors and has many spacious study spaces (with power points and internet connection points). It's also rather well stocked (and it's not usually a problem asking for more books if you need them).

Room internet connections:
At least since 2011 (and confirmed in 2014!) from what can be gathered from various computing info local resources, internal IRCs and various trial and error approaches Corpus appears to be one of the only colleges with unlimited data, as I have downloaded maybe 10-20GB of external data in one day this can be seen, however there are certainly fair usage clauses hidden away so I would advise not to push the external data limits too much, if it encroaches on the bandwidth of others and especially on the bandwidth of the COs then they will probably flag you up on it. Internal data (use of Cambridge servers and resources, departmental servers, SRCF, PWF) is not monitored by any college. We however do pay for this privilege as we have a higher internet charge of £25 a term which is far higher than other colleges however most other colleges have fairly tight bandwidth restrictions, 1GB a day to 3GB a week in some cases. Considering the colleges get charged 8p for every GB of data downloaded from the internet through JANET you can probably calculate how many GBs of data we're entitled to before college can actually complain about fair usage.

From the computing info pages on the SRCF it lists that all of Corpus has 1GiB connection except T-Street which has a 100MiB connection.

There appear to be eduroam hotspots, Corpus has very thick walls so attempts to deploy wireless have been difficult but there is now pretty widespread wireless coverage.

Academic Performance

Corpus Christi's ranking in the Tompkins Table (which ranks 31 colleges by their Tripos exam results): 16th (2013), 3rd (2012), 12th (2011), 13th (2010), 10th (2009), 9th (2008), 8th (2007), 8th (2006), 16th (2005), 10th (2004), 7th (2003), 18th (2002), 20th (2001), 10th (2000).


Sport plays a massive role in college life at Corpus and we really punch above our weight, often beating bigger colleges at both individual and team sports (Eg hockey team coming second in the Men's Div 2 with a mixed team!). At Leckhampton (less than a 10 min cycle from the main college site) there are football, cricket and rugby pitches, tennis courts, squash courts, netball courts, ergs and a gym. There is also a weirdly shaped outdoor pool which can be used in summer.
There are all sorts of teams from mixed lacrosse to Ultimate Frisbee. The college boathouse on the river is a 15 min cycle away.
Every year Corpus competes in the "Corpus Challenge", a unique sports day against Corpus Christi college Oxford and in 2013 Cambridge won emphatically. After the epic sporting battle, both sides celebrate with a formal meal in the college and a night out.


Corpus is Cambridge's second smallest college in terms of undergraduate numbers. As a result, it has a very close-knit community. This can be a huge benefit in that you can make lots of close friends across different years and disciplines, but can also be annoying as gossip about you can get round the entire college in not a long time at all!


  • Chapel (image 1)
  • Canteen and Hall (imageimage 2image 3image 4)
  • College bar and cafe (football table and pool table)
  • Taylor Library (for undergraduates, 24/7 in term time)
  • Parker Library (rare books and manusripts) (image 1image 2image 3image 4)
  • JCR Common Room (TV, Sky, PS3, N64, games)
  • McCrum Lecture Theatre (seats 150)
  • Corpus Playroom (Theatre)
  • Music practice room with upright piano
  • Laundry (coin-operated, £1.40 washing, 20p to £1 drying)

At Leckhampton Playing fields:

  • Several football pitches
  • 2 Squash Courts
  • 8 Tennis Courts (6 grass, 2 hard)
  • Cricket net
  • Croquet Lawn
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool

On the river:

College food has a high average but a huge standard deviation. Basically, it's generally not bad, with the occasional truly amazing meal and the occasional not-as-amazing meal. There are 3 main options, one of which is vegetarian. The vegetarian option can be slightly lacking but there is also a salad bar and soup available. Compared to other colleges and depending on what you get, Corpus can be quite expensive eg meat main option, 2 sides (vegetables and potatoes)and pudding is £5.05. For formal halls and other formal dinners though you'd need to tell them beforehand if you want the vegetarian option or other dietary requirements. Formal Hall costs £10 for Corpuscles and £11.55 for guests, this is quite expensive but the food is generally good and the atmosphere even better.

There's a music practice room in Beldam with an upright piano and lots of scores. All you have to do to get access to it is to sign up on the music list (don't need to have any grades etc), and book it or get the keys from the porters if no one is using it.

Student-eye view

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Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
Modern and Medieval Languages
Natural Sciences
Politics, Psychology and Sociology


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