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Corpus is found on Merton Street, next to Merton College and Christ Church, and is thus just 3 minutes from the High Street and 5 minutes from the Radcliffe Camera. As a result of its close proximity to Merton, Christ Church and Oriel, Corpus is not a typical destination for tourists, who tend to get a bit distracted. Corpus overlooks Christ Church Meadow, and some of the views from inside college are spectacular - but that's hardly unique to Corpus.

Corpus is particularly convenient for students with lectures in the Exam Schools (eg Historians, Classicists), but is nevertheless only 10 minutes from the PPE and Law faculties and 15 minutes from the science area. Realistically, for the vast majority of Oxford colleges, everywhere is within reasonable walking distance, and Corpus is no exception.


You get accommodation for the duration of the undergraduate degree. Freshers live in the New Building, the Magpie Lane houses or the Thomas building. The New Building (currently being renovated to be ready for 2016-17) will have en-suites, whilst Magpie and Thomas won't. In second year, you will have to live in off-site accommodation, such as the Lidell and the Lampl building. This is sorted by a ballot in the Hillary term of your first year; a similar ballot takes place for third year accommodation and they are weighted to ensure you cannot 'lose' both years. In third year, you will be able to live in college itself; there are rooms on the quad and in the West building, all of which are en-suite and generally larger than other rooms.

There is also, of course, the option of finding private accommodation if desired.

Social Spaces

Cosy, reasonably busy, wood-panelled JCR and an equally pleasant, wood-panelled MCR. There's also a beer cellar (containing pool table, jukebox and quiz machine), although the beer cellar is only really thriving after formal.

The cosy Junior Common Room is almost always lively, and invariably host to some uniquely "Oxford" conversations. It's also usually quite glittery (glitter comes out during bops, and is naturally only fully cleared up by the time of the next bop). The JCR is home to the JCR's newspaper and magazine orders (including most quality UK newspapers, all the Oxford newspapers and, contentiously, the Sun) as well as two half-working vending machines. There is also a box full of board games, though these are rarely used outside of interview season.

Above the JCR is the TV room. This is host to a 42-inch LED TV, with a full Sky HD subscription. There is also a PS4, an Xbox 360, a Wii and almost all the retro consoles you could think of. The TV room is most commonly used to play FIFA, but is routinely packed whenever the Bake-Off is on. Don't try to do work in the JCR or the TV room; it won't get very far.

Corpus has an equally pleasant, if slightly smaller, MCR.

The beer cellar is Corpus' bar, and is usually open from 18:00 until midnight. It's fairly small, but is host to a pool table, a jukebox and a quiz machine. Drinks are cheap for Oxford, though not unusually cheap for college bars. Corpus' signature drink is the Pelican, which is a pint of spirits and Hooch for £5. It doesn't take many Pelicans for a KO.

Library and Computing

24 hour library. Named one of the Modern Wonders of the World by the not-so-modern Dutch scholar Erasmus; well stocked and college members can borrow from the library when the issue desk is manned (which are fairly reasonable hours). All college rooms have both wired and wireless internet connections. A small computing suite and printing facilities in College.


Tea every day at 4pm in the JCR. Gender-specific welfare teas on Sundays with food (guys - be queuing at 3.55 or you won't get any!). JCR welfare reps are usually good (one of our previous reps has since gone on to work in OUSU and create the Mind Your Head campaign within the university...). Peer support network strong (1 for every 20 JCR members). College tend to take welfare seriously.


Corpus is small, but friendly. Reasonable cross-year socialising. Some of the final year students do seem to start to find the social scene slightly claustrophobic, but obviously social lives can extend outside of college. Formal is friday night. Suit & tie (no gown) 3 course sit down and is pretty good. Otherwise hall food is cafeteria.

College sport tends to be very casual and relaxed (esp. 2nds football, where regularly the only selection criterion is having a pulse); quality varies due to small nature of the college (eg the cricket club had 7 or 8 very good cricketers one year then next year maybe 1). There is a (currently thriving) boat club but they aren't mega-serious like ChCh/Oriel/Pembroke. Each year there is the Corpus Challenge where CCC Oxford take on their poor relation in east anglia (home odd years, away even) across a range of sports.

Also the Owlets (the college drama soc), an orchestra, non-auditioning chapel choir, JCR film night in the auditorium on sunday nights.

The porters are amazing, look after them if you are at Corpus!

== Oh, and we race tortoises each year... ==


New auditorium build in 2009. Washing facilities on site and also in Liddell (a student village 15 minutes from Corpus on Iffley Rd).

Shared sports ground with University College after debacle in 2009. Squash court off Magpie Lane, which is on an eternal loop of:

refurbished-ok for a while-starting to crumble-joke city-refurbished-...

All members get gym membership at Iffley Rd.


Corpus has a hall and buttery, manned by Mike the Manciple and his staff. The buttery serves informal breakfast, lunch and dinner on all weekdays with the exception of Friday, when only formal hall is available. Breakfast is at 08:30, lunch at 12:30 and informal dinner usually at 18:30. On Saturday and Sunday, there is no breakfast or lunch, but rather brunch at 11:30. On Saturday, there is no dinner whatsoever, but on Sunday dinner is served at 18:30 as usual.

Formals are every Friday at 19:00, and are gownless. Corpus formal is taken quite seriously; not wearing a tie isn't exactly forbidden, but you will get strange looks. Formal costs £7 and consists of a starter, a main course, and a dessert. It is also BYOB, with most people bringing a personal bottle of wine. After formal, everyone tends to descend to the beer cellar.

All meals are completely pay-as-you-go, and you pay per item. That said, meal costs are on average around £1.82 for breakfast, £2.86 for lunch and £4.28 for dinner. You will obviously have a much cheaper breakfast if you opt for cereal over a fry-up every day. Also worth noting that tea, coffee and toast are complementary at breakfast.

At meals other than breakfast and brunch, there are usually three options: two meat options (usually different types of meat) and one vegetarian option. Vegetarians have been known to complain of the excessive prevalence of mushrooms on the vegetarian menu.


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