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Prospective Students

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Current Students

This thread can only work with your co-operation; it shouldn’t take up much of your time and will make a big difference! Additions to the list are most welcome (please try to keep it ordered by subject and then college). If you want your name added to the list and don't feel comfortable editing the wiki then please post on this thread your 'real' name (optional), college, subject and years of being on the course. Similarly, if you want to leave the list, remove yourself, or post in the thread.

Please also subscribe to the threads relevant to you in the colleges sub-forum and courses sub-forum. These are places for you to both chat to current students and answer questions from prospective applicants.

The Current Cambridge Students Contact List

TSR username ↓ Name ↓ College ↓ Subject ↓ Years ↓
veryforeign Downing Archaeology and Anthropology 2012-2015
fishpie57 Sidney Sussex Chemical Engineering (PhysNatSci route) 2010-2014
classicslover94 Fitzwilliam Classics 2012-2015
lella :) Lella Murray Edwards Classics (4 year) 2011-2015
jodrummer Jo Clare MML (Spanish and Russian) 2012-2016
wsmccusker William St Catharine's Computer Science 2011-2014
matwx Matt Sidney Sussex Computer Science (with Physics) 2014-2017
IneffablePigeon Trinity Hall Computer Science (with Physics) 2012-2015
wonglkd Daniel Churchill Computer Science (with Physiology of Organisms) 2013-2016
natalieecon Natalie Peterhouse Economics 2013-2016
Dare-Mid Christ's Engineering 2011-2015
Harriet RS Fitzwilliam HSPS 2013-2016
Sushi24 Queens' Land Economy 2011-2014
TimmonaPortella Magdalene Law 2011-2014
Theflyingbarney Pembroke Law 2012-2015
Pyoro Churchill Maths 2013-2016
Smaug123 Jesus Maths 2012-2015
astro17 Christ's Medicine 2013-2019
ultramarine Eva Murray Edwards Medicine 2010-2016
Litterbug Robinson Medicine 2013-2019
Languages Nutter Claire Modern and Medieval Languages (French & Spanish) 2010-2014
HereBeDragons Clare Natural Sciences (Biological) 2011-2015
Topaz_eyes Downing Natural Sciences (Physical) 2010-2014
The Mr Z Emmanuel Natural Sciences (Physical) 2010-2014
dragonkeeper999 Murray Edwards Natural Sciences (Physical) 2013-2017
Sockpirate Pembroke Natural Sciences (Physical) 2010-2014
zozzie94 Sidney Sussex Natural Sciences (Physical) 2012-2015
Quantumchem St Catharine's Natural Sciences (Physical) 2011-2015
Carolus Trinity Hall Natural Sciences (Physical) 2010-2014
not_a_dog Trinity Hall Natural Sciences (Physical) 2013-2017
Rosietheology Fitzwilliam Theology 2011-2014
overtherainbow Magdalene Veterinary Medicine 2009-2015
ClaireW2708 Clare Veterinary Medicine 2010-2016
chrisjar Magdalene PhD Plant Sciences 2012-2016?
Parliament Pembroke English 2015-2018

The Not-so-current Cambridge Students List

TSR username ↓ Name ↓ College ↓ Subject ↓ Years ↓
Catsmeat Gonville and Caius Archaeology and Anthropology 2007-2010
moonkatie Lucy Cavendish Archaeology and Anthropology 2010-2013
T-o dore Queens' Archaeology and Anthropology 2010-2013
scarlet ibis Amy Selwyn Architecture 2004-2007
xinolisss Xuke Sidney Sussex Chemical Engineering 2009-2013
Hipparchia Catherine Downing Classics 2009-2012
Azarimanka King's Classics 2009-2012
SunderX Churchill Computer Science 2007-2010
ukdragon37 Emmanuel Computer Science 2009-2012
alex_hk90 Pembroke Economics 2008-2011
n_251 Queens' Economics 2010-2013
lp386 St Catharine's Economics 2010-2013
e hine e Homerton Education with English 2009
thechosennerf Jodie Homerton Education with English 2010-2013/4
azhao Andrew Corpus Christi Engineering 2009-2013
didgeridoo12uk Jesus Engineering 2009-2013
thefish_uk Robinson Engineering (Civil and Structural) 2006-2010
ukebert Peterhouse Engineering 2008-2012
WestofRuby Emmanuel English 2010-2013
Bean_Giant Craig Girton English 2010-2013
Flourella Queens' History 2010-2013
Sejanus Trinity History 2004-2007
gethsemane342 Christ's Law 2009-2012
Tortious Pembroke Law 2010-2013
Selene Murray Edwards Law 2010-2013/4
becbec :) Trinity Law 2010-2013
Supergrunch Magdalene Linguistics [Part II] 2008-2010
fountains Nicola Murray Edwards Linguistics (1st Year MML) 2009-2012
Slumpy Girton Mathematics 2008-2011
sonofdot Alex Gonville & Caius Mathematics 2009-2012
Gesar Queens' Mathematics 2008-2011
Rob da Mop Emmanuel Medicine [Part II Pathology] 2010-2016
*Liana* Trinity Medicine 2006-2012
Zoedotdot Emmanuel Modern and Medieval Languages (Spanish & Russian) 2008-2012
Melz0r Mel Emmanuel Modern and Medieval Languages (French & German) 2009-2013
Mrs Cullen Girton Modern and Medieval Languages (French & Spanish) [Part I] 2010-2012
Supergrunch Magdalene Natural Sciences (Biological) [Part I] 2007-2008
ArchedEdge Gonville & Caius Politics, Psychology and Sociology 2010-2013
SoapyDish St John's Natural Sciences (Biological) 2009-2012
Craghyrax Peterhouse Politics, Psychology and Sociology 2007-2010
brimstone Selwyn Politics, Psychology and Sociology 2008-2011
esr33 Emma Murray Edwards Theology and Religious Studies 2007-2010
SunderX MPhil Advanced Computer Science (Computational Linguistics) 2010-2011
Sejanus Trinity MPhil Economic and Social History, PhD History 2007-2011
Supergrunch Magdalene MPhil Linguistics 2010-2011
Craghyrax Trinity Hall MPhil Modern Society and Global Transformations 2010-2011
Athena King's (previously Darwin) PhD Molecular Biology 2009-2013