Current oxford students contact list

Prospective Students

Click on the "College" or "Subject" headings to sort and easily find people. Click on a username and you'll go to that person's profile. Feel free to PM any one of the students for anything you want to know and we usually be glad to help you. Be aware it may take a few days for the person to get back to you. Anyone with their username in red hasn't been on TSR recently. You could still trying messaging them (they will get an email saying you've done so) but you're less likely to get a response.

If you feel comfortable doing so, you're strongly encouraged to post in the relevant thread in the colleges sub-forum or courses sub-forum - each of which contain dedicated threads where you can ask any questions and meet both current students and prospective applicants.

Don't forget to also check out various other wiki pages we've lovingly put together to answer your questions: Applying to Oxford or Cambridge (aka Oxbridge)How to choose an Oxford CollegeOxbridge Interviews and the Oxford University guide.

Current Students

This thread will only work with the co-operation of you; it shouldn’t take up much of your time and will make a big difference! Additions to the list are most welcome (please try and keep it in order by subject and then college). If you want your name added to the list and don't feel comfortable editing the wiki then please post on this thread your 'real' name (optional), college, subject and years of being on the course. Similarly, if you want to leave the list, remove yourself, or post in the thread.

Please also subscribe to the relevant threads to you in the colleges sub-forum and courses sub-forum. That's a place for you to both chat to current students and answer questions from prospective applicants.

The Current Oxford Students Contact List

TSR username    Name    College    Subject    Years    XavierMyshkin Xavier Lady Margaret Hall Biochemistry 2013-2017 brendan. Brendan Christ Church Biochemistry 2011-2015 ZoeMaloey Zoe Trinity Chemistry 2013-2017 r4uu Richard St Anne's Classics (IA) 2013-2017 Lucilou101 Lucinda/Luci University Classics (IIB) 2014-2018 Headingtonian Rebecca Worcester Earth Sciences 2016-2020 Slightly Keen   Christ Church Economics and Management 2012-2015 KingMessi Jack St Edmund Hall English Language and Literature 2012-2015 xcatherinex Catherine Pembroke Experimental Psychology 2012-2015 LeJennifleur   St Hilda's Experimental Psychology 2014-2017 ArtFanatic   Queen's Fine Art 2016-2019 Nag o ma Scylla   Queen's French and Linguistics 2011-2015 confused dot com   Hertford History 2012-2015 Gearbox789 James Magdalen History 2012-2015 colourtheory Joshua Worcester History 2014-2017 C.L.M Aled Corpus Christi Law 2012-2015 amol_chalis447 Amol New Law 2014-2017 Talks4England Charlotte Pembroke Law 2014-2017 Greatleysteg Fen Wadham Law with French Law 2012-2016 alexmufc1995 Alex Pembroke Mathematics and Philosophy 2014-2018 Joshp   Merton Medicine 2012-2018 manic_fuzz Rhys Worcester Medicine 2012-2018 GwenC Gwen Brasenose Medicine 2013-2019 kathychalea Kathy Lady Margaret Hall Music 2012-2015 natninja   Queen's Physics 2012-2016 Arreh Harry Oriel Physics and Philosophy 2012-2016 RowanL Rowan Exeter PPE 2012-2015 Ignoramus Angela Keble/Green Templeton Medicine 2010-2016 MrSupernova Alex Univ Medicine 2014-2020

Some not-so-current Oxford Students

TSR username    Name    College    Subject    Years    Cirsium   Jesus Biological Sciences 2005-2008 cpchem Carl Balliol Chemistry 2006-2010 Kenny135 Matt Balliol Chemistry 2010-2014 abbey2412 Abbey St Catherine's Chemistry 2010-2014 cyberdrummer   Merton Classics 2008-2012 splatblob Emma Somerville Classics 2005-2009 Feefifofum Fiona St Hilda's Classics 2005-2009 Woostarite Jamie Worcester Computer Science 2004-2008 bikerx23   Exeter Earth Sciences 2003-2007 Drogue Will University Economics and Management 2004-2007 ArVi Arvinda Balliol Engineering and Computer Science 2006-2010 wezza Alice Somerville Engineering Science 2010-2014 anycon     English Language and Literature 2005-2008 dodgycupcake Alexandra Exeter English Language and Literature 2010-2013 Henry Lee Henry Hertford English Language and Literature 2010-2013 josilaphina   Mansfield English Language and Literature 2010-2013 thequeenofsheba3 Cathy Merton English Language and Literature 2011-2014 tigrrmilk   St Edmund Hall English Language and Literature 2008-2011 bysshe Alex St Catherine's English Language and Literature 2009-2012 dreamqueen   St Peter's English Language and Literature 2006-2009 LatinMachine Jen St Hilda's Experimental Psychology 2006-2009 Lucius   Christ Church Geography 2011-2014 uthred50   Mansfield Geography 2010-2013 Bobo1234 Alex St Hilda's German and Linguistics 2010-2014 HoVis   Balliol History 2009-2012 flywithemma Emma Keble History 2011-2014 Mook   Oriel History 2008-2011 Incarnadine91 Kirstie St Catherine's History 2010-2013 Procrastinatius   Lincoln History and Politics 2011-2014 mellow-yellow   New History and Politics 2006-2009 DalekLover Lucy St Catherine's Human Sciences 2010-2013 Cariie Carys St Hugh's Human Sciences 2011-2014 Athena Charlotte Wadham Human Sciences 2006-2009 eve_22   Harris Manchester Law 2009-2012 El Stevo Steve Lady Margaret Hall Mathematics 2005-2009 Octohedral   Balliol Mathematics 2010-2014 jbeacom600 Jamie Hertford Mathematics 2010-2014 Haddock3   Lincoln Mathematics 2010-2014 meatball893 Peter Merton Mathematics 2010-2014 ali0sha Alex St Hilda's Mathematics 2010-2014 Showsni Daniel University Mathematics 2005-2009 SsEe Paul Worcester Mathematics 2005-2009 Lm137 Lewis Worcester Mathematics and Computer Science 2011-2014 henryt   Merton Mathematics and Statistics 2007-2011 MatchDancer Catrin C-M Worcester Mathematics and Philosophy 2008-2012 nexttime   Merton Medicine 2008-2014 martin101 Martin St Hugh's Medicine 2007-2013 Greatleysteg Fen St Hilda's Modern Languages (French and German) 2008-2012 pinstriped.flower Sarah St Hilda's Modern Languages (French and Spanish) 2010-2014 The_Lonely_Goatherd   Worcester Music 2007-2010 tea and cakes   St Anne's Oriental Studies 2008-2012 Bezzler   Merton Philosophy and Modern Languages (German) 2009-2013 drw25 Dan Brasenose Physics 2005-2009 Morbo   Hertford Physics   F1 fanatic Stu Keble Physics 2004-2008 tuesday91 Harriet Brasenose Physics and Philosophy 2010-2014 Poppyxx     PPE 2010-2013 London Prophet Tom Pembroke PPE 2004-2007 shmoses Zoë St John's PPE 2008-2011 victoire Vicky Lady Margaret Hall Theology 2010-2013