Glasgow talent scholarships

For those of you out there who are a little bit daunted about the financial side of going to University there is something new to consider for Glasgow applicants. Once you are holding an offer, you can then apply for a "Talent Scholarship", of up to £1000 per year of study. There are however only 50 available per year for the whole university so competition is high, it is only available for Undergraduates though.

The way I found out about them was being sent a flier by the University which directed me to the site below, where I downloaded the necessary forms and information. here

There are some requirements, you need to prove that going to university is going to cause you financial difficulty, and so you are asked to provide evidence that you either;

  • Have received EMA in the last twelve months,
  • Are in receipt of housing benefits,
  • Or means tested DSS benefits,

You also have to meet certain academic criteria;

  • AAB or better at A level,
  • AAABB or better Scottish Highers,
  • HNC and access courses accepted for certain degrees,

(For some degrees only certain subjects count)

To accompany your application you will need to write a personal statement and have a supporting referee vouch for you.

It was a bit of a long shot for me but it paid off, so I would say it is definitely worth a try!