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Jesus College

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Jesus College  
Established: 1496
University: University of Cambridge
Address: Jesus Lane, Cambridge CB5 8BL
Telephone: +44 1223 339339
Student Union/JCR Website:
Graduate/MCR Website: no
Admittance: Undergraduates and postgraduates (men and women)


Undergraduate Student Statistics

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The college is officially called “The College of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint John the Evangelist and the glorious Virgin Saint Radegund, near Cambridge; commonly called Jesus”. For obvious reasons it is very rarely called by its official name.


Jesus College is a fairly central college, though slightly off the tourist trail, giving you both the benefit of being right by the city centre without being constantly invaded by tourists as tends to happen in other central colleges. The main front entrance of the college comes out onto Jesus Lane, and is a three minute walk from Sainsbury's, two minute walk to the ADC Theatre, and five minutes to the centre of town. A new porter's lodge is currently being built which shall centre the college even closer to town.

The college backs onto Jesus Green and Midsummer Common so is surrounded by many fields and much greenery. The college too has expansive groups - much more so than any other college, and features an award winning nature trail. Because of its location the college also benefits from having all of its sport facilities on-site, and most conveniently located for the boat houses which are about 8 minutes by foot, or 5 by bike.


All accommodation is provided either on site or in college owned houses on Jesus Lane and Malcolm Street, which are no more than 3 minutes walk away from the Porter's Lodge. First years all live on the main site of college.

Chapel Court (Image)

    • Mainly first year accommodation
    • Renovated in 2012-13; the finish of the rooms is modern and high quality
    • All en-suite, apart from one staircase (there are 3 bathrooms between 9 people in that staircase)
    • Each staircase has at least one good sized kitchen, including hobs
    • The Court features two large laundry rooms (which are free of charge)

(Chapel Court 14 Room (Non En-suite))

North Court (Imageimage 2)

    • Built in the 1960s, North Court was refurbished in 2005 and have a high quality finish
    • All rooms are en-suite
    • The majority of rooms also feature a balcony
    • Each staircase has two good sized kitchens, including hobs
    • Each staircase also features a laundry room (which is free of charge)
    • Features a disabled access staircase
    • Features a staircase with a Kosher Kitchen (subject to demand)

(North Court U Room: Image 1), (Image 2)

Library Court (Image)

    • Opened in 1996, Library Court is modern and fresh looking Fresher accommodation
    • All rooms are en-suite
    • Each staircase has at least two good sized kitchens
    • Features two disabled access rooms

(Room Example) (Note that the room in this image is set up for a conference, hence two beds)

Second Court (Image)

    • There are a limited number of rooms available in Second Court -- with around 4 available for Freshers
    • These rooms are not ensuite, but have bathrooms shared between around 3 people

(Second Court L Room: Image 1) (Image 2)

West Court - Coming Soon (Image)

    • The college is in the process of renovating, building and opening a new court. Which shall feature some new accommodation options.

(Room Example)

Jesus Lane - Houses - (Image)

    • The college owns many houses on Jesus Lane, which house second, third and fourth years.
    • The rooms are non en-suite, however bathrooms are generally shared between four
    • The kitchens are well equipped, and unlike accommodation on the main site, have ovens as well as hobs
    • Every house also has a garden

(48 Jesus Lane Room) (55 Jesus Lane Room)

Malcolm Street - Houses - (Image)

    • The college owns many houses on Malcolm, which house second, third and fourth years.
    • The rooms are non en-suite, however bathrooms are generally shared between three or four
    • The kitchens are well equipped, and unlike accommodation on the main site, have ovens as well as hobs
    • Every house also has a garden - in Malcolm St. these gardens interconnect, creating a very social space

(24 Malcolm St. Room) (26 Malcolm St Room: Image 1) (Image 2)

The college has a wide range of accommodation in terms of appearance and costing. The accommodation is of a high quality, with all on site accommodation being recently renovated, and a on going project underway to renovate all external houses. The vast majority will be living in en-suite rooms in North Court, Library Court or the Chapel Court. In later years, most live in the college-owned houses on Jesus Lane and Malcolm street. Rooms are not en-suite and so much cheaper.

Tenancy lengths vary depending on accommodation, and your year of study. Most freshers live in short or standard tenancy accommodation, whilst most other years live in standard or long tenancy accommodation. In on site accommodation, rooms must be vacated and possessions removed during the holidays -- but in the houses, students may leave their possessions. The College provides FREE secure storage for all students outside of term. If you want to stay in the holidays you will have to submit a request to extend your tenancy perhaps move to another room, and pay extra rent.


All College rooms are furnished and single occupancy, and most are en-suite. The termly rent covers limited shared cooking facilities, furniture, cleaning of the common facilities and internet connection. All rooms are centrally heated and there is an annual utilities charge of approximately £380.00 for heating and electricity costs in addition to your rent. Rents for accommodation in Jesus College vary; the majority of Fresher rooms are on short licences (27 weeks), with en-suite rooms costing up to £4,000.00 per year. En-suite rooms on a standard licence (32 weeks) can cost up to £4,700.00 per year. You can also get long tenancy rents.

The actual rent range is pretty large: the cheapest room (not en-suite) is in Jesus Lane and is £12.51 per day and the most expensive are in North Court at £21.05 per day.

Long tenancy is not usually available for UK freshers.

Social Spaces


The new Common Room, completed in 2015 is situated in the new West Court. In the main common room there is a large TV with DVD Player and Access to Netflix, there are many comfortable sofas, and tables to work or eat at. There is also a little free library from which students can borrow some light reading. The Common Room is situated next to the Games Room which includes another large TV, games consoles, board games and a pool table.

Marshall Room

The Marshall Room is Jesus' common room. The room has your pigeon holes and there are daily papers as well.


There are two gardens which students will rarely enter, but in the summer undergraduates are allowed on most of the grass courts, as well as the Orchard, which we are allowed on all year round. This has clear benefits for revising outside in Easter term, amidst the beautiful sun-bathed surroundings and the relative peace of the college. There is also a nature trail through the wooded borders of the college.


Food at Jesus is very good. Caff (our name for the cafeteria) is served twice a day, for lunch and dinner. In Easter Term they also serve breakfast. It is an incredibly social place, and it is fairly priced (£3-£4 buying you a main and a couple of sides). On Saturdays Caff serves up the famous Jesus Brunch. Cheap, cheerful and delicious.

As for the self-catering provisions, all staircases in the college have at least one kitchen. These will have a plenty of fridges, a couple of hobs, a microwave, a toaster and a kettle. These allow you to self cater if you wish (however all students are required to pay the 'Kitchen Fixed Charge', contributing to the subsidisation of Caff Prices, unless you have certain dietary requirements). There is also plenty of storage space for kitchen utensils and food. Ovens can be found in the Jesus Lane and Malcolm St. houses.

Formal Hall food is normally very good and is relatively cheap. For students it is £6.80 and it is £9.00 for guests (so that includes other students from other colleges, friends from home, parents etc.). You can bring your own wine and are served a three course meal. No corkage is charged. In a recent review of College formal Halls Jesus was ranked 3rd overall based on price, food and atmosphere. Gowns and smart clothes are required. Latin grace and general formal protocols, but all to be taken with a pinch of salt.


The bar is the social hub of Jesus, whether you drink or not. Our new barman, Duncan, is already gaining legendary status in Cambridge and he serves up some awesome offers. There are a range of great alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available. There are some special drinks too, including the famous Jesuan, the college's very own ale. There are regular events on in the bar, including band nights, open mic nights and comedy nights. Some of these take place in the bar itself, or upstairs in the Coleridge room. These are always very popular.

Bops are big, loud, and proud fancy dress parties. These occur a 2/3 times per term and are organised by the JCSU Ents Officers. They take place in the bar and Coleridge room. The Freshers' Bop at the beginning of Michaelmas is always very popular.

The current bar will be moving location at the end of 2016 from Second Court over to West Court - where a new Bar / Cafe and Underground Party Room are being developed.


Jesus is slightly more politically active than other colleges, as shown by its recent high turnout in both the JCSU (the name of the JCR) and CUSU elections. The JCSU is very prominent and is based on welfare as opposed to political needs. The college certainly does not have a political leaning with almost all political opinions being represented. Students feel comfortably entering into friendly, lively debate on a wide range of issues.

West Court

The development in West Court will be used to give students new social areas, including a new bar, a new common room, and a underground party room for events (such as bops). These should all be ready by September 2016. Future plans, which won't be ready until much later, include a new gym, new squash courts and an auditorium . As the JCSU President remarked, "This is a big time in College...College is expanding, we have just acquired West Court. And at the rate we're going, by the time the freshers are in third year we'll have annexed Sidney Sussex". Watch this space, Sidney.

Library and Computing


The Quincentenary Library was opened in 1996 to celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the college. It has a large range of books, and books can always be ordered in, often being made available in the library in a matter of days. There is plenty of work space available, and the large amounts of natural light and the helpful librarians make it a pleasant place to work. The Library is open 24 hours a day.

Computer Suite

The Kwok room is located in the Library and has a large number of computers, meaning there is never a queue. Printing is 4p a sheet or 5p for double sided printing, and the Kwok room is open 24 hours a day.

Room Connection

An extremely fast broadband connection is included in the termly rent, there is no internet limit.

Academic Performance

Jesus's ranking in the Tompkins Table (which ranks 29 colleges by the number of Firsts achieved in Tripos exam results). Please note that performance in the Tompkins Table does not accurately represent the academic atmosphere of a college, and is often very much dependent upon the demographic of the college in terms of subject - for example a high number of Mathematics students often increases a college's number of Firsts.

11th (2015), 4th (2014), 6th (2013), 7th (2012), 8th (2011), 16th (2010), 11th (2009), 7th (2008), 9th (2007), 10th (2006)

Jesus is a well performing college, and like any other Cambridge college, is academically challenging and stimulating. However, the college is also relatively laid back and academic achievement is never weighted as more important than a student's welfare.


The way in which the colleges work means that the welfare system tends to be really supportive throughout Cambridge. Each college has its own welfare provision, alongside that of the University as a whole. The closeness of individual colleges usually means anyone in need of support does not get lost and can help you get one-on-one support.

Jesus College in particular has a fantastic welfare system, involving a range of people to talk to from fellow students to friendly staff members. You can go and see “tutorial advisors” about any problems that are not purely academic or administrative; they are available 24/7 if you need them and also put on tutorial hours most days. For academic problems, your Director of Studies is there to guide you, as in other Cambridge colleges.

There is also the JCSU Welfare committee (part of the JCR), made up of 5/6 friendly faces who can be approached at any time, including two Welfare Officers, one Disabilities & Mental Health Officer, one Racial Equalities Officer, and one LGBT+ Officer -- they provide the college with drop in sessions, anonymous text-in services, and “welfare cake” every couple of weeks, which are always really popular. They can also provide students confidentially with free sexual health supplies. There is also a group of students, the Peer2Peer supporters who are there to support students. The porters are some of the friendliest in Cambridge and will help with any problems.


Obviously there are loads of sports things, we're really lucky having fields on site and also a small gym and squash courts. Many college teams are very strong including Football, Hockey, Rowing, and Frisbee and there are opportunities for all to get involved with sport, regardless of their ability.

Jesus is incredibly successful in its sporting endeavours and is well known for being a very sporty college - this breeds a great sense of college pride, and makes even spectating big matches against other colleges very exciting. However, you can be as involved or uninvolved in sport as you like!


Jesus is a very laid back college. Because of the fact that all of the students (both Undergraduates and Post-Graduates) live in close proximity, the college has a great sense of community, in which all feel welcomed and accepted. The college is also particularly strong in music, drama, and sport. It is also very politically active, with our Students Union being one of the most organised and successful in Cambridge.

Jesuans are a particularly loyal bunch (in a friendly way of course). Support for college sports and activities is extremely strong. The John Hughes Arts Festival is testament to this sense of loyalty and community - following the sudden and tragic death our Chaplain in 2014, the student body united to organise in an incredibly short period of time an Arts Festival, celebrating his life and dedication to the Arts - with support from Stephen Fry, a talk from Sir David Hare, and an incredibly popular Open Hang Gallery, the festival is now an annual event.

Despite being called Jesus, religion is really a part of college life - people are welcome to worship whatever they like! We have a chapel, like most other colleges, which runs the usual services, but the Chapel is much more than a religious space - with life drawing classes and short story readings being held in there on occasion.

Going for interview

Most interviews take place in the first 3 weeks of December, though there are exceptions. The college offers up to two nights accomodation for applicants who need it, though if your interview falls during term time (most early december dates) then you may have to make alternative arrangements. It is recommended that you arrive at least half an hour before your interview, so that you can report to the College Bar in order to be directed by undergraduates to your interview room.


  • Chapel (image 1image 2image 3)
  • Canteen and dining hall (image 1image 2)
  • College bar
  • The Marshall Room (Common room) with daily papers, vending machines, a pool table, and a TV (image)
  • Library (24/7)
  • Music room
  • Snooker room
  • Small gym
  • Squash courts
  • Sports fields on site
  • Boathouse in the river (Jesus is the closet of all the colleges to its boat house)

Student-eye view

Jesus College is an absolutely wonderful place to live and study. The college is warm and inviting and, because of this, most of us consider it to be the best college in Cambridge. It is generally well regarded among other students in the University - coming within the top 3 for the 'colleges I would like to go to other than my own' poll.

How Jesus is different to other colleges: In terms of how Jesus differs - it's bigger than most colleges; John's and Trinity are as big, or bigger, but are also swarming with tourists and, in Trinity's case, overrun with maths students (mathmos, for future reference). Formal is cheaper than most, and generally decent quality.One of the better sporting colleges, too, if that's of importance to you.

Charles I said of Cambridge that he would wish to pray at King's, eat at Trinity but live and study at Jesus - this comment conveys the relaxed atmosphere of the college and its surroundings.

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Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
Modern and Medieval Languages
Natural Sciences
Politics, Psychology and Sociology


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Corpus Christi
Gonville and Caius
Hughes Hall
Lucy Cavendish
Murray Edwards
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