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The College is located in North Oxford on Banbury Road. New student accommodation onsite offers easy access to the city centre, and University departments and facilities.

The three buildings that house Kellogg College and its centres are Victorian, and quite distinct in character from some other 13th - 16th century Oxford colleges. The interiors were recently renovated when the college moved into them a few years ago. The new dining hall, with chairs and cutlery bearing the college monogram, a stylish bar and a common room featuring cozy furniture and a large television provide ample space for students to meet, network and socialise.


Kellogg College has arguably the best accommodation facilities of any college in Oxford. Three Victorian mansions in the picturesque Norham Gardens house many graduate students of the college, and are beautiful establishments with lawns, top notch fixtures and facilities and great ease of access.

Since 2014, the College has also obtained allocation rights to university-maintained graduate accommodation.

Social Spaces

As well as the facilities in college students have access to a punt at the Cherwell boathouse and all the facilties of the Oxford University Club.

Library and Computing

Kellogg students have access to all the library and computing facilities in the University of Oxford including the Bodleian, Radcliffe Camera and Oxford University Computing Services.


Kellogg is Oxford's largest graduate college and second-largest college overall, and one of the most international ones, growing really fast. One of the friendliest and most inclusive of the Oxford colleges with a diverse range of students and they understand if you need to be flexible, it was the first college in Oxford to take part-time students.

Kellogg has students of all ages and backgrounds and you can study in a traditional mode or more flexibly part-time, online, or in your workplace. Most of the students already have an established careers. College lunches and dinners are an ideal place to network and make connections with professionals in industry, academia, and the public sector.


Student-eye view

Architecturally beautiful - Housed in three gabled Victorian buildings.

One of the largest colleges by student numbers, and possibly one of the smallest colleges in physical size, so the atmosphere is quite intimate.

Scenic lawns between the College mansions and the accommodation houses.

Some of the brightest of Oxford's lot end up here. It is a graduate college, so the atmosphere tends to remain grown-up and intelligent.

It is the second newest college in the university, so the facilities are pretty polished and top notch. Plus, it has been undergoing renovations in the past couple of years. So everything is, well, new and shiny.

Interesting events like Cook Offs and fashion shows, so life is never dull.

Situated in North Oxford, which is widely considered the most fashionable area of Oxford.

Close to some of Oxfordshire's best cafes, boutiques and stores. Don't be surprised to see trendy Kellogg students.

Best accommodation in Oxford - Victorian bungalows housing few students at a time.

Great food, compared to most Oxford Colleges, definitely Oxford's favourite for food. Kellogg is definitely one of the best colleges if good food is a priority!

Relaxed atmosphere.

Diverse research centres.

Fairly active college in terms of seminars hosted, some of which are available as podcasts on the iTunes U for free.

Strong links to the Education Department.

Good joint rowing team with Christ Church.

Hosted some excellent bops this year for the first time ever, raising hope for more. Update: bops are now common as of 2012.

Very friendly college.

It is a very new college in Oxford terms (second newest after Green Templeton), still finding its feet. Only been in the new Banbury Road premises since 2006.


Biological Sciences
Computer Science
Earth Sciences
Economics and Management
Human Sciences


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