Newcastle upon tyne accommodation

Accommodation policy

Newcastle guarantee accommodation to all first year undergraduates who have chosen Newcastle as their first choice, providing they live in an area from which it would be unreasonable to commute. Experience shows that this is around 10 miles. If you still want accommodation but live within those 10 miles, then it is likely you will get accommodation within the first few weeks.

Accommodation is done on-line It usually starts up in the second week of March and the accommodation office asks that you get your accommodation sorted by 30th June.

The accommodation office asks you to choose at least 6 options (sites and ensuite/washbasin) ranked in order of preference. It also asks what you prioritise out of LOCATION, COST and FACILITIES and asks if you have any special needs such as disabilities or dietary requirements if you live at the catered halls. Getting your first choice isn't guaranteed, so if you picked it for reasons of disability etc make sure you mention it here.

Accommodation is allocated as follows. It may seem complicated but does work. UNCONDITIONALS receive their accommodation places in late June to mid August. The FIRMS are then allocated their places as soon as the accommodation office receives word that you are going to Newcastle (your university department does that, you need to do nothing). You will receive your accommodation packs within two weeks roughly of your results day.

INSURANCES are allocated on a day by day basis. You should receive your accommodation pack within a few weeks of your confirmation of offer.

If there are 30 people going for 25 places, then the accommodation office looks at the dates you submitted your accommodation application form on the net. The people who applied before the 30th June deadline get priority, then the other 5 are allocated to their second preference or a suitable alternative choice.

Your move in date is decided by the accommodation office. It will usually be the Saturday or Sunday before Induction Week/Freshers'. Freshers' Week officially starts on the Sunday but entertainment of some kind will be provided for those who arrive on the Saturday.


Undergraduate accommodation

The University provides security for all of its premises including accommodation. You can contact them 24 hours a day and they respond very quickly. They are very reasonable with parties, requesting that you shut it down or keep quiet. It's very rare they ask your housekeepers to issue fines, but they are better to deal with than the police and council noise enforcement.

They are very good with post. Depending on where you live you get a direct delivery or the postman delivers to a locker. Big pieces of post or anything not delivered by Royal Mail gets delivered to your accommodation reception, which you can pick up as long as you present your university SMART card.

Undergraduate Accommodation - Catered

Castle Leazes

A picture of the Castle Leazes Entrance. Just inside of this is a reception that is manned 24 hours a day. To access most flats you need to go through this entrance and to sit exams at Havelock Hall and Eustace Percy Hall

Located 15 minutes walk away from the campus across a field full of cows. It's closest to the medical and dental school as well as the Sports Centre and the Royal Victoria Infirmary. It is the biggest accommodation (at 1,050 bedrooms), and is split into three halls - Havelock, Freemans and Eustace Percy. Castle Leazes has several bars and is large enough to host its own events. It also has a Social Committee for organising large social events such as the Castle Leazes Ball.

It also has its own IT Facilities- a computer cluster room on the ground floor in Havelock Hall. It's the only halls to offer catered rooms.

It does get a higher than average number of posh students, however, its is really big and many of residents find they do not notice it.

Rooms are grouped into flats. Flats are grouped into Houses and houses are grouped into dining rooms at Castle Leazes. Houses provide an easier way of locating which block you are in. There is also a shop for basic food and vending machines for when the shop is closed.

Henderson Hall

Located a mere 3 miles away from the campus, Henderson Hall is near many of the sports grounds and despite being a bus ride away from the campus, it has a great atmosphere in its local bar.

Undergraduate Accommodation - Self-catered

Richardson Road

The biggest self-catered accommodation halls, Ricky Road has a reputation for being infiltrated by cows (the black and white ones with 4 legs). It also has a reputation for partying, with some having gone on as late (or early) as 5am.

The only problem with it is the lack of sinks in the room. Aesthetically it's not the most stunning building, with regular comparisons being made between it and Swedish prisons.

It was built in 1959.

The flats are given letters. The higher the letter, the higher you are above the ground.

Marris House

Located at the rear of Richardson Road, next to the medical school. It is popular with those students that want to be in a smaller and slightly quieter version of Richardson Road. (For 2016, it'll take over Ricky road in terms of parties etc.)

St Mary's College

A picture of St Mary's College. The Accommodation extends to the back and to the right of the picture

St Marys College has a truly unique atmosphere. Located two miles from campus and having no hall bar, large groups go on the town several times per week.

It is a reasonably quiet accommodation, with the odd flat party thrown in. It is also the cheapest. It sits in its own grounds making it a really nice place to be during warm days, when students sit out front, gain a few rays and socialise. However, if you are unfortunate enough to have a room towards the front of the building, you will occassionally hear others arriving back drunk at around 2-3am. This can be very annoying when you have a 9am lecture in the morning.

Some students walk to campus, whilst others buy a unirider from the newsagents on Northumberland Street which gives them unlimited travel. It is also within a good cycling distance. Journey times for cycling is around 10-15 minutes. The route towards the uni is downhill, which means you dont really have to pedal much (good in the mornings). The route back is slightly uphill, but it is still not bad and easily manageable.

During the day two buses per hour (15) runs from St Mary's to St Thomas Street next to the university (ask for St Thomas Street or Haymarket). Other buses run past St James Park, the 36 and 63. The 63 runs four times per hour and is usually double deckers. It runs a very direct route to Gallowgate then heads through Eldon Square before going to Killingworth. The 36 (run eight times per hour) travels a slightly longer route (probably a few minutes longer) serving some of the terraced blocks that make up Fenham and the student area. It then travels straight to the train station. To go to university, you need to get off at St James Park as it now turns right to get to the train station due to construction work.

The 50 runs roughly the same route as the 15 but is run by Dunn line so your unirider is not accepted on it. It is also slightly more expensive and runs hourly during the day only.

Taxis cost roughly £6-8 from the centre to St Marys College. Make sure that the driver takes you direct to the college (either past St James or on the motorway) and not into Benwell.

There are numbered flats located in the older sections and the lettered flats are located around the back in the new (sixties) extension

Windsor Terrace

Windsor Terrace consists of 3 self-catering blocks of flats, named Fife, Gurney and Hodgkin House, with Fife house flats having en-suite bathrooms (and, of course, a higher price tag). The accommodation is situated next to the Law School and the library, giving excellent access to the university and city centre. It is a very popular choice with students, so there are many more applicants every year than places.

The flats are around fifteen to twenty years old and each have six bedrooms, a shared common kitchen/living area, and in the non-en-suite flats, two WCs and shower rooms. While not as lively as Richardson Road, the accommodation has a good atmosphere and a nice mix of students, although you may end up in a same-sex flat depending on how places are assigned each year.

Travelling to and from the area is convenient due to two nearby Metro stations (Haymarket and Jesmond) and its location right next to the A167 Central Motorway. However, if you have a room facing this, the noise can take some getting used to.

Jesmond Road

This accommodation used to have postgraduates only, but for the first time has been used as undergraduate accommodation. It is next door to Windsor Terrace, sharing its facilities, and less than 5 minutes from the library. Its is also a very popular accommodation.

Jesmond Road, Newcastle upon Tyne University

Sept 2007 - June 2008

Cost £2,400 per year

Self Catered

Jesmond Road is located on the other side of the library to Windsor Terrace, so one of the closest to all uni buildings, especially law as you can actually see the law building from our flat.

The rooms vary in size from about 4mx5m to about at least twice that size, its luck of the draw. Although i have one of the smallest of the rooms, its still a lot larger then the windsor terrace rooms i have seen. Each flat in Windsor House shares 2 bathrooms which are down one flight of stairs, which i think get cleaned weekly, along with a largish kitchen, with 2 fridges and freezers, so plenty room for food, with more then a shelf each, and two cupboards each.

Although its quieter then Richardson Road, there is a real comunity spirit as you live in a house with around 30 people and you quickly get to know them all as all doors are left open to the 5 flats, with flat A being on the ground floor, which everyone goes through to get to the stairs, so its very easy to meet people.

Even though they arent en suite and dont have washbasins in the rooms, the I'm very glad i got Windsor House Jesmond Road as Ive got up at 8.30, got ready and been on time for 9.00 lectures. However as with most accommodation in newcastle the closest supermarket is a good 15 minute walk away, although the haymarket metro is less then 5 mins away which can take you to asda. There is also a pub about a minute walk away, if the 3 minute walk to the union is too far.

Bowsden Court

Located north of Newcastle in South Gosforth, next to the Metro station. Students usually get a Metrocard to commute in with. Haymarket Metro station is next door to the university.

All the bedrooms are en suite and there is ample free parking for residents only. It is a short distance from South Gosforth Metro Station so is easy to commute from. The average taxi fare from the Campus or Haymarket to Bowsden Court is around £6. The flats consist of 5/6 individual study bedrooms and a large kitchen with a seating area. There is internet access in each bedroom and Freeview (which can be upgraded to a full Sky package) in the kitchen, all the bedrooms have TV aerial ports. On site there is a laundry (£1.80 to wash, £1 to dry), bike store, playpark, and site reception.

Magnet Court (managed by UNITE)

Located on Gallowgate. It is managed by a private company called UNITE. It is very popular with International Students and is great for those who just want to roll into bed after a night out

Magnet Court

Postgraduate accommodation

Leazes Parade

Located next door to Castle Leazes, it takes only 48 postgraduates. The rest of the rooms are filled with International Students who are taking part in our INTO programme.

Leazes Terrace

Located in the shadow of St James Park. Its has a great cosmopolitan look as it is located in Georgian housing.

Easton Flats

These flats are located in Jesmond.

North Terrace

These are mainly university owned houses located near to Richardson Road

Claremont Place

A tiny accommodation located near to North Terrace

Grand Hotel

Located right above Blackwells Bookshop and sits at the entrance of the university

Private sector

In the 2nd year and beyond, most students move to private accommodation around the city. The main student housing areas are Jesmond, Heaton, Sandyford and Fenham.

The Accommodation Office located at 19/21 Windsor Terrace (near to the Robinson Library) offer a Find a Flatmate scheme and a shareboard for those struggling to find a group and a house for the next year. They also offer a lot of help to students looking for accommodation in conjunction with the student advice centre and are more than happy to look through any contracts, to spot anything that has been included or omitted by landlords.

Jesmond and Sandyford the most popular areas due to their relatively close distance to the university. As a result it is one of the most expensive at around £55 - 75 per week. The city centre tends to be very expensive sitting at around £70 - 80 per week

Moving down the cost chain is probably Spital Tongues, with rents ranging between £55 - 65 per week

Heaton is a popular student area, about 30 minutes from the centre. Most ride a bike or get the bus in. Rents start at around £45 and range up to £60.

Gosforth is another popular area for students. Prices are roughly the same as Heaton. Most get the Metro in

Fenham is cheaper at around £40 - 55 per week. Those further away get the bus, those closer in living in the Arthur Hill area, tend to walk.

Other areas are less popular with students due to few student houses being available to them. Very few live in Gateshead.


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