Newcastle upon tyne city guide

This is a student guide to the city of Newcastle upon Tyne. For further information on University of Newcastle Upon Tyne and Northumbria University, check out the links at the bottom of the page.

Newcastle upon Tyne is located in the North East of England on the River Tyne. Its well known for its party culture as well as its heritage in Coal. Newcastle is also famous for its local beer (Brown Ale), its football team (the magpies (Newcastle United)) and the bridges that cross the Tyne.

The city has a student focus, with many shops and bars marketing to and catering for students needs. Students who choose Newcastle as a place to study will find there is always something to do and that the city has a low crime rate as well. Its location in the North East means that the cost of living is low by British standards.


For information on public transport around Newcastle click here. The Metro and the buses cater for the students, although those visiting the city maybe interested in the Quaylink buses, which link all the major cultural sites and the Red City Tour Buses, which can give you speaking tours.


The Main Hospital is Newcastle General Hospital located on the route to Fenham. Also there is the RVI next to the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne which provides minor operations and many services, but no accident and emergency at the moment. It shares many of its facilities with University of Newcastle Upon Tyne to aid the medical school

The University encourages students to sign up to a local doctor up here at the Well-Fayre.

Student Advice Centre

University of Newcastle Upon Tyne students have access to the Student Advice Centre which offers services such as counselling and STI testing. Drop into the union for help.

Part-time jobs

Plenty of jobs are available. Popular times to work are Friday and Saturday evenings as local venues raise the prices up for the locals.

Newcastle University has a Job Shop which is located in the Union building. Go past the Cochrane lounge, up the stairs, through the door, turn right and its at the end of the corridor past the function suite. They also put vacancies that are available on their website



Several large supermarkets are located around Newcastle.

  • Morrisons - Cowgate
  • Morrisons - Byker
  • Tesco - Jesmond
  • Tesco - Kingston Park
  • Tesco - city centre (Clayton Street and Percy Street)
  • ASDA - Regent Centre
  • Sainburys - High Heaton
  • Waitrose - Eldon Square
  • CO-OP - Centre (next door to The Gate)
  • Wilkinsons - Centre opposite Grainger Market
  • Grainger Market contains a range of market stalls including Butchers, Fishmongers and Green Grocers.

A branch of every major shopping chain is either in the centre of Newcastle (Northumberland Street and Eldon Square) or in the Metrocentre, a short bus or train ride from the centre of Newcastle. Despite the name, the Metrocentre is not on the Metro. (It is on the Tyne Valley railway line though)

Book Shops

  • Blackwell Books - Barras Bridge, just outside of the university
  • Waterstones - Blackett Street (Emerson Chambers) opposite Grey's Monument
  • WH Smith - Located midway down Northumberland Street


All major banks have branches in Newcastle, with most having a branch near Haymarket Metro Station, next to the University Campus.

Three free cash machines are located outside of the union (two by campus coffee and one round the back) and one that charges is located inside the union outside of the Mens Bar.

  • Santander (former Abbey) - Northumberland Street - 5 minutes walk
  • Santander (former Alliance and Leicester directly opposite the above) - Northumberland Street - 5 minutes walk
  • Barclays - Northumberland Street - 5 minutes walk plus two other branches in centre of Newcastle
  • Santander (former Bradford and Bingley) - Pilgrim Street - 10 minutes walk
  • Cheltenham and Gloucester - Ridley Place - 5 minutes walk
  • Co-operative Bank - Grey Street - 10 minutes walk
  • HBOS (Halifax) - Northumberland Street - 5 minutes walk
  • HSBC - Grey Street (next to the monument) - 10 minutes walk
  • Lloyds TSB - Haymarket Branch - 3 minutes walk
  • Natwest - St Marys Place - 3 minutes walk
  • Royal Bank of Scotland (soon to be Santander) - Grey Street - 10 minutes walk
  • Northern Rock - Northumberland Street - 5 minutes walk.

Social Scene

Geordies have a reputation for partying and students are always trying to outdo them. As a result, Newcastle is the place to go if you want to have lots of fun.

Newcastle has a well known reputation for drinking. With several bars in the union and many pubs and clubs around Newcastle.

Night Clubs

  • Liquid (Broke on a Friday, Jembix on a Saturday)
  • World Head Quarters
  • Tiger Tiger
  • Blu Bambu
  • SEA
  • Bassment (the Union Building)
  • Mood
  • Digital
  • Riverside - Voodoo Project (Saturdays Only, it's a music venue most other nights)
  • Legends - Newcastle's best rock club
  • O2 Academy - Concert venue with club nights Friday and Saturday (Dirty pop on a Friday/Propaganda on a Saturday)
  • The Gate

These nightclubs vary depending on what night it is. All have student nights to go to.


  • Union Building Bars - The Mens Bar in the union is the starting point for many of the pub crawls. It is also the starting point for many of the pub crawls.
  • Northumbria Univeristies Bar
  • Sam Jacks - located next door to the Gate. It is a long bar that attracts a lot students and is a regular feature on pub crawls.
  • Players - A sports bar that really comes alive if a student pub crawl turns up. It is located in the Gate
  • Idols - located just down the road from the Gate, it is located underground and reallty gets an atmosphere when a load of students turn up. It is famed for its fishbowls
  • Sports Cafe - A large bar with a dancefloor on the bottom floor and pool tables on the top floor. Located just a hundred yards from the train station
  • The Lounge - a nightclub cum bar, that offers a bar upstairs and a club underground. Located opposite the train station
  • Clear Bar
  • Basement Trebles Bar - The ideal place to get really drunk, really quickly. Located next to monument


  • Hancock - A meeting point for several societies and located a few minutes away from campus, it is a difficult pub to find yet is a victory when you find it. A gem of a place, which offers several snacks. An ideal start for a pub crawl.
  • Crows Nest - Nice little pub on the road down to the Gate, which offers two meals for £7
  • The Hotspur - A place for the CAMRA supporters. It has a good selection of Real Ale, yet is mainly aimed at locals. It is just down the road from the Crows Nest
  • The Goose - It just says Wetherspoon in my eyes, yet is a nice pub to sit down in and watch the world go by. An ideally located watering stop for the "long" trip between the union and the Gate.
  • Trent House - nice little independent pub. Aimed at both students and locals alike. Don't forget to visit the sister club World Headquarters (WHQ)

Ouseburn valley pubs - Cumberland Arms, The Cluny, The Ship Inn

Large Performance and Concert Venues

  • Newcastle Union Building
  • Northumbria Student Union
  • Metro Radio Arena
  • O2 Academy 1
  • O2 Academy 2
  • City Hall
  • Riverside

There are also some pubs such as the Cluny, Dog & Parrot and Head of Steam, which support smaller and local acts.


Great North Run

Held on the last weekend of September every year, this is one of the worlds most popular half marathons. It starts off on the Central Motorway near Fenham and runs through the centre of Newcastle along the Central Motorway, across the Tyne Bridge and towards South Shields. It occurs in late september and this year it will be held on Sunday 30th September

The Hoppings

Europes largest travelling fair arrives in Newcastle for a fortnight of fun in late June.

Things to Do

The first piece of advice would be to visit the tourist information near to Monument. You can also visit the NewcastleGateshead Site for information.

Newcastle has a number of museums and venues that are family and parent friendly. The Life Discovery Museum near the station is great for the little ones as its offer various exhibits of interest for the little un's. There are also various art galleries. The Laing Art Gallery and Baltic stand out as places to go to. The city also has its fair share of stunning views and I would encourage you to walk around the city and see them.



Well the universities red brick quadrangle is quite nice. The Union is quite good too. Sadly much of the rest are not so stunning grey buildings built in the sixties and seventies. Some of the newer buildings are quite nice including the Devonshire Building and the Robinson Building. However, taking the aesthetics of the universities architecture would be frankly libellous to the city of Newcastle itself. Many of the buildings in Newcastle are either victorian or highly modern. Much investment has been placed into Newcastle from various funds and many wonderful buildings have resulted. Grey Street was voted the best street in Britain in a poll of R4 listeners. Buildings such as the SAGE and the Baltic centre are examples of some of the excellent architecture that exists in Newcastle

There are seven bridges across the Tyne at Newcastle

Starting upstream, there is the Redheugh Bridge, a four lane bridge built in 1983. The next one downstream is the King Edward Bridge carrying the East Coast Main Line across the Tyne. Then there is the bright blue bridge that lights up at night that carries the Metro.

The next one down is the High Level Bridge that carries trains and cars. After that is the Swing Bridge, which opens when the Millenium Bridge opens. The Most famous bridge is the Tyne Bridge, which carries road vehicles across the Tyne. The final bridge linking Newcastle to Gateshead is the Millenium Bridge. It carries pedestrians across the Tyne.

Local area

There are around 40,000 university students in Newcastle, giving the city a student-friendly atmosphere


Visit Newcastle Gateshead Homepage

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