Oxford permanent private halls pph

As well as the colleges, Oxford has seven Permanent Private Halls or PPHs. (Others such as St Edmund Hall, Mansfield and Harris Manchester began as PPHs but were later granted full collegiate status) PPHs are primarily small foundations of a religious character; thus many of them offer a limited number of degrees, sometimes only to members of a specific religious order, and generally in Theology and related subjects. They differ from colleges in that they are owned by an outside institution (for instance in the case of Blackfriars, the Dominican Order) and not by its fellows as a college is. The maximum number of undergraduates allowed for each Hall is set by the University.

The are current Permanent Private Halls are:


Blackfriars (1221)

The English Dominican House of Blackfriars Hall in Oxford, commonly known simply as Blackfriars, is one of the seven Oxford PPHs or Permanent Private Halls. Located in St. Giles, it is a centre for the study of Roman Catholic theology, and admits men and women of any faith.


Campion Hall (1896)

Greyfriars (1910)

Regent's Park (1927)

St Benet's Hall (1897)

St Stephen's House (1876)

Wycliffe Hall (1877)