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2013 Applicants


TSR username ↓ Subject ↓ GCSE (or equivalent) ↓ AS subjects AS Predictions ↓ Additional information ↓ Outcome
Worms Biochemistry 6A*s 8As 2Bs Maths, Biology, Chemistry, History AAAA Medicine taster day at hospital, DNA/Genetics workshop (electrophoresis practical), tutoring younger children on biology/chemistry, lectures Unsuccessful
orangutans1995 Biochemistry 8A*s 2As 1B Maths, Further Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Textiles AAABAA Bronze Duke of Edinburgh, Maths Captain, help out in Maths lessons, mentor to younger students successful
thisisjessyeah Biomedical Science 7A*s 4As Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Further Maths AAAAA Full UMS in Biology GCSE, 1 off full UMS in Chemistry and Physics GCSEs, volunteers with REA, North West Individual Women's Top Shot in 2012 in Rifle Shooting successful
peasandcarrots Chemistry 10A*s, 1A, 1B Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, Physics AAAA Wider reading, Gifted & Talented Chemistry enrichment programme, chem and physics lectures TBC
cube123 Chemistry 12A*s Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, Physics AAAA Chemistry lectures, tutoring children in chemistry, receive a science magazine. Accepted :D
ZeqiG Chemistry 12A*s Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Biology AAAAA Wider reading, work experience, maths tutoring Accepted
ChloeBazingaa Chemistry 11A*s, 2A Chemistry, Biology, Math, English Literature AAAA Wider reading, math tutoring, work experience in durham university chem labs, work ex. in 2 hospitals, reading mentor, 3 summer school, participate in CCC, part time job ACCEPTED!! :D
7evansa Chemistry 11A*s Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, Biology, Physics AAAAA wider reading, work experience in hospital and shadowing at a petroleum company, volunteer at Cancer Research, completed bronze DofE, Cambridge Maths Masterclass, Academic Academy, various science lectures Accepted :)
not saying :P Classics 2A*s 2As 3B 1Cs English Literature, History, Biology, Art AAAA Duke of Edinburgh, French Work Experience, Guitar, Prefect, Young Journalists' Academy, entered essay competitions one being the St John's College Classics Competition, Top marks in History, Debating, Cultural Committee. TBC
justcallmebetty Classics 9A*s 2As Chemistry, French, History, Biology AAAA Went to a school in special measures? :) Accepted!
smilesaycheeese Classics 7A*s 3As Latin, Classical Civilization, Maths, Further Maths AAAA Further reading, lots of volunteer work, attended classics lectures/humanities workshops, holds positions in school etc Accepted!! :)
sourlemons Engineering Sciences 6A*s 4As 1 distinction Maths, Geography, Physics, Chemistry AAAB i have no chance of getting on this haha! TBC
ChocoMonster Engineering Sciences 6 A*s 1A 4Bs Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Art AAAA Wider reading, Prefect, Volunteering, I play Instruments. rejected
Christian English 9A*s 1B (french) English Literature, History, Maths, Philosophy/Ethics AAAA have been known to make tea for my family; manages to catch a bus every day at 7:50; getting steadily better at banter; enjoys watching videos on YouTube such as 'Awkward Train Situations' and 'Stag Do'; aspires for a sense of humour; I once washed up a frying pan with a scourer; I was once involved in a school assembly in year 8 with the rest of my tutor group; once made a snowman which looked really good; when I was in year 5 I pretended to be asleep on Christmas Eve and managed to catch my mum with my stocking; recently, I pumped my bike tyre up without any help; I managed to play a C chord on a guitar with only a small degree of guidance; has been to known to hoover the house although, apparently, that is currently "speculation". Got in! :D
Mr Faust English 4A*s 3As 3Bs English Literature, History, Art, English Language AAAA Great enthusiasm for English, wide reading above and beyond my work in school, detail in the genres/works I'm interested in, why I'm fit for Oxford and how I'll benefit from it. I put in a tiny bit about extra-curricular activities such as volunteer work, instruments I play, hobbies, jobs etc. I wanted to convey a deep interest and knowledge without it being arrogant and generic. Unsuccessful
ljc123 English 2A*s 7As 2Bs 1C Mathematics, Economics, Geography and English Literature AAAA Wider reading, had a poem published and basically a general passion for the subject. TBC
obrown303 German 1A* 8 As 1B Biology, English Lang & Lit, Geography, German AABB Grade 7 Piano, reading parallel texts, extra curricular Italian and Latin, teaching beginners piano TBC
Hero-H History 1A* 8As 6 Distinction*s Biology, Chemistry, History and Sociology AAAA n/a Unsuccessful
trickster268 History 10A* 3A History, English Lit, Welsh, French AAAA Museum work experience and currently volunteering, local archaeology volunteer, learned fluent Welsh give years ago, formerly taught swimming, extra-curricular Norwegian, Old Norse Runes and Latin, extensively read, history enthusiast - any time, any place, but especially High Medieval Europe TBC
anil1 Law 2A*s 1B 9Cs Law (A2), Sociology, Media A*AA National Bar Mock Trial Competition, Derby Mock Trial Day, Leicestershire Mooting Competition, DMU Law Club, Student Executive, Student Ambassador, Work experience at a Law firm, Attended ESRC Social Sciences Festival, University of Cambridge Law Conference, Model United Nations Unsuccessful
Ambry Law Scottish Standard Grades - 3 1s Scottish Intermediate 2s - 5 As Scottish Highers - English, Maths, Biology, Modern Studies and Religious, Moral and Philosophical Education. AAAAA Completed Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, Volunteered at local cafe for over a year, Standing as a candidate for the Scottish Youth Parliament elections, member of local youth political voice group, undertook a weeks work experience at a local law firm, Been chosen to go to Malawi as an ambassador for the school, Numerous fundraising events, Attended lectures on law at Glasgow University, learns Dutch in spare time, has entered several creative writing competitions, is organising a school carnival Accepted
MichaelMaq Law 9 A*s, 6 As English Lit, History, Spanish, Maths AAAA N/A TBC
emebee Law 6 A*s, 5 As, a B and a C Maths, History, Geography and Biology AAAA Will be doing work experience in a law firm in June; have been working at Sunglass Hut since May last year Successful!
Chapmouse Mathematics (Earth Science) 3A* 6A 1B 1C Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics AAAA Latin. Attended UCL Lectures on Nanomedicine, Geodesy and Cosmology. Read a book or two. Debating. Cambridge Easter Science Masterclass. Entering the Linguistics Olympiad. Currently writing an essay for the Kelvin Science Prize run by Peterhouse, Cambridge. Rejection
jadoreétudier Mathematics 71's and an A (standard grade and int.2) Higher English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, French AAAAA Not very much. Volunteer in a maths class. Have some UKMT awards. Successful
Sauron Mathematics 12A*s Further Maths A2 , Physics, Chemistry, Spanish A2 A*, A, A, A* Maths A2 completed, Further Maths AS completed, French A2 completed, Spanish AS completed
Anonymous Mathematics 6A*s 3As 2Bs Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry AAAA Further reading. Maths leader. Represented school in Senior Maths Challenge. Grade 8 piano. Self taught bassist. Regularly sing in the shower. Attends relevant lectures. A fiery passion for mathematics which burns like the sun. Unsuccessful
el_mono Mathematics 11A* 2A, FSMQ at A, BTECs in Music and Media Studies D* (eq. 2A* each) Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Computing, Spanish AAAAA Grade 7 bassist, UKMT challenges every year, represented college in team challenge, further reading, more team challenges and stuff. TBC
The.Joker Medicine 8A*s 1A and 1 Distinction Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Economics AAAA Few weeks hospital work xp lined up. Prefect and on school committee. Science Ambassador. Long term volunteer at local charity shop (5 months +). Shadowed a PhD student. Took part in a project with the Wellcome Trust. Taking part in Biology Olympiad and DofE. Attended medical related lectures. rejected
Beri Medicine 10A*s Biology, Chemistry, English Literature, Maths AAAA DofE Bronze Award completed. Accepted into Target Medicine Mentoring Scheme at UCL. Attended 2 year Maths Fast Forward program at Cambridge Uni. Have been volunteering to tutor younger kids for 1 year. Blogger - ramblerscentral at blogspot.com. Subscribed to BMJ, Science Daily etc. Attended various clinical skills events at Hunterian Museum. TBC
SNR Medicine 5A 5A* Biology, Chemistry, General Studies, History and Physics A*A*AAA Member of SJA as adult first aider since June 2012. Volunteer with an elderly woman with Down's Syndrome and psoriasis for 4 months. About to begin a volunteer position with the Samaritans. School prefect, head of Year 12 council, maths tutor to various years, establish and run the school 'puzzle group'. Grade 4 guitar, grade 3 cello and play piano and drums for fun. Written a published novel. Attended various medical lectures. Currently in the process of organising shadowing with a doctor. Underachieved at GCSEs due to death in the family. TBC
Loiks94 Medicine 7A* 3A 2B Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths AAAA Work exp at GP surgery, Work exp at care home, went to a state school with a 44% pass rate and currently in homeless care. None of my family have been to uni. TBC
SophieLouise544 Medicine 8A* 2A and 1 Distinction Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Geography AAAA Hospital work experience - dermatology, volunteered with rainbows - doing leadership qualification, mentoring a year 7 with reading, Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Unsuccessful
Calico369 Medicine 10A* A and 1 Distinction Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths AAAAA Charity work experience - 6 months, Silver Duke of Edinburgh, National Citizenship Service Accepted
momo26396 Medicine 10A* 2A Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Economics AAAA Care Home - Disability School- Miscellaneous science books TBC
lil_mis_ah Medicine 7A* 2A Biology, Chemistry, Maths, English Lit AAAA Shadowed 3 consultants over two days, week at GP surgery, St John Ambulance Cadet, Hospital volunteer, BHF Charity shop volunteer, Maths tutoring, Student Governor, learning to play keyboard, keen artist. Accepted
tea&scrabble Medicine & Oncology 10A* 2A Biology, Chemistry, Maths, English Literature and Critical Thinking AAAAB Volunteer and event co-ordinator at a Residential Care Home - Read journals - written for Local Guardian for last 6 months - hospital experience in two hospitals in various departments (lab, A&E, and respiratory are some) - Chairperson of Senior Debating Society and Leader of Junior Debating at school - Work as a tutor in maths for children aged 6-15 - Part of committee which earnt our school Fairtrade Status - Member of SFSA - Head of House at school - Medical work experience abroad Unsuccessful
ellaladiva Medicine & Biological Sciences 6A*'s and 3B's Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Critical thinking and Further Maths AAAAB UCL target medicine, Volunteering with british red cross, UKMT senior challenge, hospital work experience.. volunteering experience in Africa, School Choir....Still so bummed....... Unsuccessful (the politeness of the rejection letter stopped me from crying.
toreilly102 Music (Law) 1 A*, 6As 3B Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Music AAAb Have Bronze Duke Of Edinburgh Award, Doing Gold Duke Of Edinburgh Award, Grade 6 Piano, Grade 4 Cello, Member of School Choir, Formed Senior School Barbershop Octet, Member and Treasurer of Fermanagh Youth Choir, Member of Ulster Youth Training Choir, Currently doing Pope John Paul II Award, Active Member of Scór Na nÓg in community, Peer Mentor, Kayak Award, Grade 5 Drama Award, Been in two School Musicals, was a past member of school Science Club and Past member of Fermanagh Intermediate String Orchestra. G.C.S.E. Results are cause of illness, I know I could of got A*A*A*AAAAAAB but oh well :/ :L Withdrawn application.
BeckiFlute(: Oncology 7A* 6A and A in FSMQ Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths AAAA Hospital Work Experience, volunteered full time at a primary school for 4 months, long term volunteering at a care home, Open University Module in Genetics and Health Issues, help at lower school science club, tutor GCSE students, lots of musical activities, Grade 8 flute and piano and teach, lifeguard, extra reading around cancers and medicine in general, extenuating circumstances for GCSE/ a year out of education. Reserve List
harrietloney6 Oncology 11A* 1A 1B and A in FSMQ Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Maths and General studies AAAAA keen reader of New Scientist magazine, attended oncology talks presented by Dr Mireille Cantarini, part of a PBL medicine course, work experience and long term volunteering in hospital, D of E Gold award, G&T in 7 subject areas and selected to mentor younger students in the Learning Partner scheme, teach at Sunday school each week and doing a Nuffield Research Placement. TBC
07eflint Oncology 12A* Biology, Chemistry, Maths, English and French (A already achieved) AAAAA Volunteer regularly at a hospital and other places, head girl, read new scientist, go to exhibitions/museums. Accepted
SamHedges Physics 4A*s 4As 3Bs Maths, Physics, Further Maths, Chemistry AAAA Participating in the Engineering Education Scheme Wales for the Gold CREST Award, Working towards gold DofE, Playing drums to Grade 6 standard, Photography, read Physics related books, attended talks and lectures from physicsts and planning charity cycle ride from Land's End to John o'Groates in ten days. Unsuccessful
Abbseh Physics 2A*s 1 Distinction 5 As 3 Bs and 1 C Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics N/A (teachers can vouch that the ALIS tests completely botched it up) Self taught pianist and bassist, regularly play within my band and practice, bronze DofE, went to the Science Live lectures in Manchester, shadowing in the University of Liverpool Physics department, sole organiser of a charity cycle challenge from London to Paris with 50+ people, physics books read: 'Wonders of the Universe' 'Chaos' and '30 Second Theories', took part in astronomy enrichment lessons, bronze and silver medals in the javelin and shot putt as well as football trophies from competitions and awards within club TBC
_Morsey_ Physics 2A*s 6As 2Bs (and 1 Pass) Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Geography AAAA Salters Chemistry Festival in Aberystwyth Uni, Astrophysics conference in Cardiff Uni, reading Physics texts, Entering several essay/olympiad competitions, General Prefect, Sports tours and camps being captain for nearly 5 years with trials for county rugby, Part-time job Unsuccessful
jazzynutter Physics 5A*s 5As 1B and FSMQ A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Spanish AAAAA Bronze, Silver & Gold DofE; Young Enterprise; Kelvin Science Prize; Maths Challenge (Bronze, Silver and Gold); Physics olympiad (bronze); maths-based Comenius exchange project; self-taught piano, guitar and synth; black belt in Taekwondo; maths tutor; relevant books/reading. Lower GCSE grades than predicted (11A*s) due to medical condition (now resolved, yay!) TBC
thisisjokes PPE 10A*s and 1B, A in FSMQ English Lit., History, Maths and Economics AAAA Relevant reading in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Exec. Member of Youth Parliament, Shadowed a local MP for a week, Entering Oxbridge essay competition, Planned work experience at a political think-tank, EPQ on Marxism, Maths tutor to lower school students, Sit on the School Council, Compete in athletics for school, Completed Cambridge GEEMA year 11 summer school. Unsuccessful
kingjulien PPE 5A*s 6As 1B Double Maths, Economics and History N/A Wider reading and attending relevant lectures TBC
CameronO PPE 11A*s 3As, FSMQ - D Maths, Economics, Spanish, Geography AAAA Wider reading, 6 months volunteering, Mentoring in Spanish and English to younger students, Young Enterprise, GCSE Subject Awards - Physics, Spanish, Geography, debating TBC
Alex-Torres PPE 4A*s 5As 2Bs and an A at AS Mathematics, Economics, History and Geography AAAA Subject awards in Science and History. Entering the Edgar Jones Philosophy competition. Model House of Commons. Read various books and essays on Philosophy, Politics and Economics. YouTube channel with Economics and Maths tutorials. Successfully accepted for the Ernst and Young Insight day (finance). REJECTION - 24/04/13 they've invited me to attend a PPE lecture at Oxford!
Ellena Smith PPE 9A*S and 3As, Distinction in IT Maths, Further Maths, Religious Studies, Spanish and Government & Politics AAAAA Doing Gold Duke of Edinburgh, Active Young Labour Party member, Attended the Cambridge Shadowing Scheme 2013, Accepted on to the 2013 SEO London Scheme, Work Experience in the Wirral Borough Department of Finance, Sat the Statistics 1 AS Maths Module in Year 10 and got an A, Keyboard Performance Victoria College Honours Diploma, Grade 5 Piano, Grade 5 Music Theory TBC
chriselle15 PPE (law) 13A*s GCSE, A in FSMQ, A* A level Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics and History (& extra maths modules) AAAAAA Work experience i.e. house of lords, MP shadowing etc. Debate chamber summer schools. LSE public lectures. Volunteering: charity shop, school for mentally handicapped, care home. DipABRSM Pianoforte, Grade 8 Cello, learning Organ. Head of publicity International schools committee, school council, student ambassador, subject tutor. Part time teacher - teaching mandarin at RGS. Intermediate Ballet and pointe. Projects abroad summer 2013. TBC
Namedbeing Computer Science 6A*s 3As 2Bs Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics AAAA Doing Gold DofE, relating reading, A in FSMQ, doing Mitx : An intro to CompSci, programming experience Accepted
such Computer Science 9A* 2A GCSE, A* A2, A AS Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Electronics AAAA Maths A2 and Economics AS completed, BIO finalist 2011-2013, member of British team at IOI 2011, Google Code-In winner, qualified for BMO2 in Years 11 and 12, Grade 8 piano Accepted
CarpDiem Computer Science 12A*s Maths, Further Maths, Physics, German AAAA Related reading, online lectures, programming, UKMT team challenges Accepted
DanKeitley Computer Science 8A*s 4As Maths (A2), Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Extended Project, General Studies A*AAA Did work experience at the nearby University, taken part in online courses, read various computer science books, currently developing a mobile app. Successful
TianyiSong Oncology 12A* Maths (A2), Further Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Chinese, General Studies AAAAAAA Hey DK i've joined the TSR :-D Successful
ellie_d Geography 3A*s 9As 1B History, Geography, Biology, English Literature AAAA Starting EPQ in september (College currently does not offer it), related reading, volunteer for 18 months, helped out at college open evenings, Oxford target schools student shadowing scheme, been selected to represent my college on a sponsored visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau, holding down two part time jobs Unsuccessful.
loua Geography 9A*s 2As, A in FSMQ Geography, Maths, Further Maths, Physics AAAA Relevant reading, ABRSM Cello Grade 6, Silver DofE, various volunteering work, Maths tutoring for young children, completed the Durham Uni G&T Summer School in 2011, Young Enterprise, Pokémon fangirl-ing ;) Unsuccessful - congrats to everyone who got a place!
Ms. Wug Beginner Languages A is AS French, 5A*s, 5 A's 1B A2 French, Spanish, English Language, English Literature, GCSE German ab initio AAAA like to annoy Spanish people on skype; know some rather rude German songs; good knowledge of German software vocabulary since my exchange partner thoughtfully downloaded it all in German for me and I can't change it back; made friends with some friendly Russians in a lift in Austria; Learnt some Croatian from a drunk Croat in Prague; Relevant reading definitely includes reading Harry Potter in three languages; taught my form some Dutch one week; shared some useless linguistic banter whilst tutoring French to students from Russia, Lithuania and Hong Kong; from a week's work experience in Bordeaux am now fully qualified in telling small French children not to eat playdough. Unsuccessful - But well done everyone who got a place!!! :)