Oxford university - stash suppliers


Stash is, in Oxford terms, anything that expresses your college, club, society, production, or sports team affiliations. However, getting stash to meet your individual needs can be (in my experience), a nightmare, as the person ordering kit changes from year to year, and the best suppliers may not be well advertised - you need to be in the know!

Ordering kit can also be a logistical headache, as you try to co-ordinate, via emails to people who just don't reply to you when you ask them to, anything from 5 to 50 different orders! One website which eliminates all this hassle is http://www.thestash.co where you can design your stash from scratch online and even set up your own shop so you can sell to other students and earn while you learn!

How to order stash

Decide on what you want, first of all. This sounds simple, but when you see the options some kit suppliers give you (or don't give you), getting it clear in your head what you want can be useful.

You might want to consider: What type of stash? Eg. hoodies, t-shirts, polo shirts, underwear

Does everyone need to get the same (due to supplier restrictions/resale considerations)? Eg. unisex/men's size t-shirts, skinny fit women's

Will there be any artwork? Eg. club logo, slogan ('I think therefore I am a feminist'; 'This way up!'), image

Do you want personalised stash? Eg. First/surnames, committee positions, nicknames, position of play

If yes to either of the above, do you want printing or embroidery? Embroidery can be expensive to set up initially with some suppliers, but looks nicer and lasts longer

How much are you willing to pay? Cost considerations may outweigh all other factors!


Oxford Sport (Dark Blue teamwear)

If you're a sports club associated with Oxford University, http://www.dboxford.com may be your first point of call - this is the only place to get the "db" stash, which can include your club crest, name embroidery/other personalisation, and club name, all for the cost of the garment. You can also have your sponsor's logo included, for an extra cost.This system is increasingly going on line, and more and more of the catalogue stock is available with no minimum order. It's also now possible to go into the shop (on St Clements, just off The Plain) and try stuff on - useful, as the women's sizes are quite small, and the unisex sizes can be unusual in their fit.


Possibly the biggest advantage of Shirtworks is the ability to go in to the shop (about a 3 minute walk off the The Plain, on Cowley Rd), look at t-shirt samples, chat to someone, try things on. They also have an online quote facility (http://www.shirtworks.co.uk/), allowing you to put in a request straight from the web page, or you can email them and attach art work/pictures of existing stash you'd like them to copy.

However, for small kit orders (eg, less than 50, with no plans to re-order in future) Shirtworks are very expensive. On an order for 10 t-shirts, embroidered with a club logo and a name on the front, and with a printed design on the back, the original quote I received was £322! On protesting that this was a ridiculous price, their quote then dropped by £100 (so it may be worth haggling with any quote you receive) but they were still the most expensive quote I found from four companies, three in Oxford and one online. However, if you're prepared to have a Shirtworks logo printed on one of the arm sleeves, they are prepared to drop the price for the free advertising. Shirtworks also has a reputation for being slow to process orders and sometimes even after waiting a long time for delivery the garments come with spelling mistakes.

Xamax Clothing Company

Based in Wakefield, Xamax Clothing Company Ltd (https://www.xamax.co.uk) is a promotional clothing specialist, with more than 20 years of experience and expertise.

We specialise in providing organisations and teams with affordable, quality clothing that can be branded to unique specifications and requirements. From call centre employees and roadside workers through to university clubs and sports teams, we are dedicated to providing our customers with clothing that exceeds expectations.

Our extensive range includes work trousers, polo shirts, fleeces, bodywarmers, coveralls, T-shirts, embroidered clothing, high visibility jackets and much more.is generally the cheapest of the suppliers if you want embroidered t-shirts or polo shirts in any size quantities. The account manager ([email protected]) is friendly and helpful, and responds to emails quickly. The embroidery and printing is good quality (enough that after a year, sports wear that constantly has to be washed is still the same colour/size, the printing isn't peeling, the embroidery hasn't gone the colour of the shirt).

DPM Teamwear Ltd

Based in Devon, DPM Teamwear (www.dpmteamwear.co.uk) will give you what you need, when you need it by and at your budget. Offering a complete in-house solution to your stash needs, DPM already supply Brasenose College with all their fresher t-shirts and sports stash and they supply the Medical Society with their printed and embroidered hoodies and polo shirts as well. Friendly in their approach and thorough in their execution, DPM are a joy to work with. Highly recommended!