Politics, Psychology and Sociology at Cambridge

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Politics, Psychology and Sociology (PPS) at Cambridge is made up of Politics, Psychology and Sociology. The course was formerly called Social and Political Sciences (SPS), but as of 2013, the PPS faculties and the archaeology and anthropology faculties have merged their teaching to form a new course which allows students to take a broader range of subjects in the social sciences across their three years at University. Please see the Human, Social & Political Sciences application page.

Part I

Part 1 is made up of Politics, Psychology and Sociology and a choice from a list of 14 papers. First-year students must pick two papers between the core PPS subjects, i.e. out of paper 1, 2 & 3, and also choose two other papers of their choice.

List of Papers available for 2010:

  • Paper 1: The Analysis of Modern Politics I       
  • Paper 2: Modern Societies
  • Paper 3: Society, Interaction and the Individual
  • Paper 4: Introduction to Research Methods  (Not Available 2011 Entry) 
  • Paper 5: International Relations I 
  • Paper 6: The Development of Human Society 
  • Paper 7: Humans in Biological Perspective 
  • Paper 8: Human Societies: The Comparative Perspective 
  • Paper 9: Introduction to Computer Science       
  • Paper 10: British Economic History   
  • Paper 11: Language, Communication, and Literacy 
  • Paper 12: Human Geography I  (Not Available 2011 Entry)     
  • Paper 13: Human Geography II  (Not Available 2011 Entry) 
  • Paper 14: Human Geography III  (Not Available 2011 Entry)

There is a great deal of synoptic content between the papers, in particular Weber, Durkheim and Marx come up in 3 papers. For more information on the papers available see: http://goo.gl/HmsVu



Politics is the study of a number of great thinkers and their views, called the Analysis of Modern Politics. Its not however very modern with the majority of thinkers being quite old! However many of their lessons can be applied to today - Hobbes, Siyes, Constant, Weber, the authors of the federalist papers, de Tocqueville, and Schumpeter. Marx, Ghandi, Kant Fukuyama and Schmitt are also studied.


The first term is designed to look at three of the founders of Sociology - Marx, Weber, Durkehim and their ideas. The second term builds on these ideas to look at some of the aspects of modern society - Globalisation,


Part II