Slade school of art applicants stalking page 2015 entry

This page contains the portfolio details of student's currently applying to the BA/BFA course at Slade School of Art (UCL) for 2015 entry. The information displayed on this page is given voluntarily in order to help others applying with the application cycle. It contains very few applicants and should be seen as a representation of those that apply as a whole. Good luck!

To add yourself click on edit this article and add yourself to the list in this format;

|| Username || Online Portfolio || BA or BFA || GCES Grades ||AS Grades (or equivalent) || Predictions ||Interview || Offer || Other ||

You could copy and paste the line above into the correct place on the table and fill your details in place of the titles. If you have already received your A2 results, feel free to write 'actual' in brackets to clarify.

== Applicants: ==


TSR username   ↓ Online Portfolio   ↓ BA or BFA   ↓ GCSE (or equivalent) AS (or equivalent) A2 predictions Interview?   ↓ Offer   ↓ Foundation Course?
meganabcdefg[email protected]/sets/7215764972385187/ BFA 6A* 5A 1B AAABC A*A*A (actual) Waiting N/A Foundation (Oxford Brookes)
Notwinter BFA 2A's 3B's 3C's D* DDDE D*D*DC predicted Waiting N/A No Foundation
BertieWallace123 None BFA 3A* 5A 4B AS Leve A*BC (actual) Yes N/A Foundation (Colchester Inst.)
amberhahn1 None BFA 2A* 1A 1B 8C BTEC Level 3 BTEC Level 3 Waiting N/A No Foundation  
ArtFanatic None BA 3A* 7A 1B AAAA A*A*AAa Waiting N/A No Foundation  
MC657 None BFA 5A* 4A 4B 1C AABD A*A*A Waiting N/A No Foundation  
eei too many views BFA lol lool lol waiting N/A UAL Foundation
Frankengine None BFA 1A* 5A 4B BBB (but I'm a mature student) Waiting N/A woohoo Foundation  
-zoe-[email protected]/sets/72157648202582733/ BFA 6A* 5A AAAA AAA* (actual) Waiting N/A Foundation  
chloehelen None BA 3A* 6A / A*A*A*(actual) Waiting N/A UAL Foundation  
monika.m None BA lol as well A  ?? Waiting N/A Foundation  
artamorgos[email protected]/ BFA No Formal Quali(Mature Srudent) Waiting N/A No Foundation  
AnnieLS - BFA 4 A* 4A 1B AAA A* A* A* (predicted) waiting N/A No foundation  
flowoo / BA 3A 5B BTEC Level 3 DDD Waiting N/A No Foundation  
Coco- - BFA 2A* 4A 3B 1C BCCD - Waiting N/A UAL Foundation  
ele8 BA / AAADD A*A*A*AB Waiting N/A No Foundation  
jammyart I sent my portfolio in post BFA gcse- 5B 4C 1D A2 Grades- A* C D* and AS E   waiting waiting UAL foundation  
ieestok only my 10 online images for CSM, here: there was more in my physical slade folio BA 9A* 3A AAAB i think? A*AA (actual) interview 11th march waiting Foundation level 3/4 at SCCH