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St Anne's College

Established: 1879

University: University of Oxford

Address: Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6HS, UK

Telephone: +44 (0)1865 274800


Student Union/JCR website:

Graduate/MCR website:

Admittance: Men and women



St Anne's is located between Woodstock Road and Banbury Road, a 10 minute walk from the centre of Oxford. The Porters' Lodge is on Woodstock Road, but there is also a code locked gate on Banbury Road which is open from 8am-10pm and is where bikes are kept - handy for getting into town during the day! At St Anne's we also have the huge benefit of the University Parks literally outside the Banbury Road gate, perfect if you want to get out for a walk, play games with friends or simply just get outside of college for a bit!


At St Anne's we're lucky that College will provide accommodation for all three/four years of your course. If you want to live out after your first year that is also possible and you can apply for Equalisation, a college fund which will help you cover the additional costs of living out. The accommodation department is located on the ground floor of Rayne; the people there are really helpful and will deal with any queries or problems with rooms as soon as possible.

1st Year 
The freshers' accommodation is allocated by ballot after results and your room is chosen for you, with the only restriction being that girls won't be allocated ground-floor rooms. First year accommodation is all together - you will only be living with other first years - which creates a really great community feeling, especially as the living groups are smaller than at a lot of colleges.

The first year accommodation is in 58-60 Woodstock Road (where the gym and laundry are also located), 1-10 Bevington Road, ATB (Above the Bar, officially Banbury Road) and Gatehouse. There is a wide variety of room sizes ranging from mansions (almost) and shoe boxes (slight exaggeration).

2nd Year
The ballot for second year accommodation is a reversal of the freshers' ballot done by college. In 7th week of Michaelmas Term you will find out your places in the ballot, which then takes place at the beginning of Hilary Term: you choose your rooms after the third and fourth-years according to your position on the ballot. So if you had a terrible room in first year, fear not: things are looking better in second year!

The second year accommodation is mostly in Wolfson and Rayne (the big concrete buildings on Banbury Road) and the shiny new Ruth Deech Building, where the Porters' Lodge is. They're all fairly small rooms - smaller than the largest rooms in fresher accommodation but larger than the smaller fresher rooms. The Ruth Deech rooms have en suite bathrooms and weeny little balconies (big enough to stand on and put out your washing), Wolfson and Rayne have slightly larger balconies with room to chill your milk/booze stash in winter.

3rd (and 4th) Year
Third year accommodation is also allocated by ballot; again you find out your position at the end of Michaelmas Term and the ballot takes place at the beginning of Hilary Term.

Third years are mostly in Trenaman house (probably the nicest accommodation), the Claire Palley Building (opposite Hartland House, next to the MOLT) which is also nice with en suite bathrooms, or the Ruth Deech Building.

Postgraduates are mostly accommodated in Robert Saunders House, far in the north of Oxford (in Summertown), wich counts 82 rooms (no ensuite). 13 additional rooms (no ensuite) are available onsite in Eleanor Plumer house.

Social Spaces

The Hartland Room/JCR
Perhaps the most self-evident social space for undergraduates at St Anne's, the Hartland Room/JCR can be found in the college's main building, Hartland House. Equipped with a pool table, TV, several computers, a random assortment of chairs and sofas, and an even more random collection of newspapers, the Hartland Room is a popular place for some chilled-out relaxation. JCR meetings take place here on Sunday evenings. 

College Bar
Recently refurbished, the college bar is a good place to go to in terms of both location (the Royal Oak is quite close to college, but not that close!) and price (drinks are substantially cheaper than in pubs and bars). A wide screen TV is mounted on the wall to meet all your sporting - or QI - needs, while slightly-more thrill seeking bar-goers can have a go on the pool table, the table football table, or the various pub games available. A small room off the main bar area also contains several comfy bean bags, board games, and - for the truly talented - an out-of-tune piano and a poorly-strung two string guitar.

St Anne's Coffee Shop (STACS)
STACS is the college coffee shop and will be the source of huge amounts of jealousy from your friends at other colleges! Stocking a range of hot and cold drinks, cakes and hot and cold snacks, it is the perfect place to meet up with friends for a study session or just a break, or to grab something to eat if you don't want/have time to go to Hall.

TV Room

Library and Computing





St Anne's is genuinely quite an international college, and it's also pretty down-to-earth and chilled out about everything.


The meal system is a bit interesting. Basically you pay £140 up front as part of your college bill (battels) and you use your University card a bit like a credit card to pay for meals. You can top up your card at any time and any money you don't spend gets taken off your next term's bill.

There is a choir, but from what I gather it's more for fun only & non-audition. If you want to join a 'better' choir, all of the audition-only ones at other colleges audition freshers at the start of Michaelmas.

There is also a small college darkroom which can be used as long as you provide your own materials (i.e. photopaper/film etc. - although the chemicals and instructions are provided).

Student-eye view

There are a lot of student profiles on the college's Alternative Prospectus website:


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