St Antony's College, Oxford

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St Antony's College

Established:    1950

University:    University of Oxford

Address:    62 Woodstock Rd
Oxford, OX2 6JF, UK

Telephone:    +44 1865 284700


Student Union/JCR website:
MCR website:    no

Admittance:    Graduates only



Mid-Banbury Road, appr. 10 min walk from Broad Street, not exactly in the centre but not very far from it either.



Social Spaces

The college has common rooms, a bar, and an incredibly ugly party room in the Hilde Besse building. Basically all you need as a student, as long as you don't long for any atmosphere.

Library and Computing





St.Antony's has two sides to it: on the one hand it is perfect for networking and getting to know others who study area studies or IR. There is a regular exchange between students and tutors not only in class but also at lunch, dinner, and college feasts. On the other hand, the buildings except for the front building are architecturally extremely ugly and one can not help but feel like in a school gym when dining in the hall. The college has little to offer to those who prefer a traditional college with its typical atmosphere of past centuries. Most students know each other by one way of another, and since it's a graduate college, students tend to have similar intentions with their studies and are equally serious about studying.


Apart from the typical facilities which most colleges have (reading rooms, computing, copying, hall), St.Antonys also hosts the Middle East Centre with its small but essential library for people reading Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, as well as the European Studies Centre with another library, reading rooms, and seminar facilities. The college also hosts many interesting seminar series for area studies and European studies, as well as reception evenings for subject students, and invites irregularly former Antonians, as well as other important figures in politics to visit the college and meet students.

Student-eye view

Best college for area studies and IR, if you feel happy with the prospect of meeting your coursemates not only in class but also live with them, dine with them, celabrate with them. And your course tutors, too.


St Antony's map