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St Edmund Hall

Established:c. 1226

University: University of Oxford

Address: Queen's Lane, Oxford, OX1 4AR, UK

Telephone: (01865) 279000


Student Union/JCR website:

Graduate/MCR website: no

Admittance: Men and women




Teddy Hall is handily located down Queen's Lane, just off High Street. This is a wonderful central (slightly east) location, but sufficiently well hidden to make tourists a rarity. College annexes are found around the city including on Iffley Road, Dawson Street and at Norham Gardens (just by LMH) where 4th years often live.


1st Years all live on the main site. The rooms are large and modern, with plenty of bathrooms and reasonably sized kitchenettes; though the best about living in is the food. Breakfast is a full fry up with continental options, whilst lunch and dinner are three course of really nice food-you cannot go hungry here. The price is high, but its by no means the highest in Oxford, and everything here is very good value. 2nd year- most people live out in private accomodation, as I'm planning on doing (I think, if nothing else, its really important to learn about dealing with arsy landlords and the rest of it). The college does have accomodation for you if you want it though, mainly in the Isis hotel on Iffley Road, which a couple of people take up, as well as the visiting students. 3rd/4th year- Although you could opt out and go for private accomodation, most return to college-owned accomodation. This is either on-site in college, in Isis again, in Dawson Street, where the rooms were built about 5 years ago with self-catering facilities and en-suite bathrooms, or else in the Norham Gardens annexes.

Social Spaces

For the undergraduates there is a JCR, which has lots of newspapers and magazines and a TV with Sky; a games room with quiz machines etc; a pool table and an area where you can buy snacks etc. There is a computer room as well as internet access in all rooms.

There is also an MCR for postgraduates, with tea- and coffee-making facilities and newspapers etc and a seperate computer room.

The college bar is lovely and looks like an old pub. Our bar men are famous all over college for their friendliness and know all the regulars' names.

In summer there's also the graveyard. Yes, I know that sounds weird, but we do hang out in a graveyard. It's actually very beautiful, with flowers growing through the grass and climbing plants climbing on the grave stones. It's just by the bar and in summer people spill out of the bar onto the grass and have a few drinks in the evenings. Since the smoking ban, it's also where the smokers tend to hang out!

Clubs and Societies

Teddy Hall has a sporting reputation, with concentration on rugby, football and rowing in particular. The teams are as legendary for their socials as much as their sporting prowess, which is of a pretty good standard. We also have a whole range of other sports- basically, if there's a college sport of some kind, Teddy Hall will have a team! Badminton, tennis, pool, lacrosse, darts all feature. I don't know what strength it'll have, but I'm gonna guess that in the summer, the cricket team will be on that list as well.

The chapel choir is of a good standard, particularly since the first Director of Music was appointed in 2012, with 8 choral scholars helping to maintain a high standard. Recent tours have included Paris and Rome, where the choir tackled some incredibly challenging music (including the Elgar Te Deum and Benedictus, as well as Byrd, Parry, Walton and Stanford) to a high standard while singing at a number of churches including the Santa Maria degla Angeli basilica. In 2013, the tour is to France, including singing at Pontigny Abbey and working with Francis Steele, a famous vocal coach.

There's also a lot of creative writing going on - one of the English tutors holds workshops (open to all subjects, not just English students), and there's now an annual writers' day where old students (like stand-up Stewart Lee) come back and give talks, etc. The drama society are pretty active too - they went to Cameroon in 2013 to work with a local drama group out there and took a play to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2012.

Library and Computing

There are plenty of computers around college- in the IT room and the library, though most students have their own as well. There are black and white and colour printers available (you get charged on your battels bill for it at the end of term). The library itself has a good selection of books and is housed in an old church, which makes a lovely setting.


Teddy Hall is a very supportive college generally and people tend to look out for eachother; however if you need welfare support it's there. As well daily visits from a nurse or GP and a chaplin, there is a JCR welfare rep and students can choose to become peer supporters, receiving training and holding drop-in sessions. In addition we hold regular welfare teas (free cake and biscuits!). As an example of a recent welfare project, Teddy Hall JCR and MCRs recently organised the Walk Safe project where students volunteered to accompany others if they need to get somewhere alone at night. This has now been taken over by the Student Union.





Student-eye view

Although most famous for its sporting abilities, Teddy Hall has a lot to offer students regardless of their intrest in and prowess at sport. Due to the relatively small size of its central site, it's easy for students to get to know each other and thriving clubs and societies mean people know each other across the years as well as within each one. Overall, we are a very close-knit community with strong friendships and enjoy socialising together very much.

The college is not particularly known for producing politicially active students/ journalists/ musicians etc etc, but rather tends to produce a broad range of people with various different interests and encourages them all both within college and on a university level.


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