University of sussex: student societies

The University of Sussex has a huge number of Student Societies for you to join. Whether you are interested in Drama or stopping AIDS there is a good chance that there will be a society for you at Sussex. If there isn't then there is also the opportunity for you to set up your own society.

Academic Societies

These are societies which are directly linked to subjects which are studied at Sussex. They might be linked to organising social events, just providing a time for people from that subject to get to know each other or further discussion of the subject matter. These can be a useful forum for getting to know other people with similar interests to you.

Some examples of societies from this section are

*The Psychology Society - Meet other people studying or with an interest in psychology

*The Law Society - To help students who are studying Law during their degree and beyond.

*MedSoc Represents medical students at Sussex and organises socials.

Have a look here for other Academic Student Societies

Creative Societies

Maybe you are someone who is creative at heart then one of these societies might be for you. Whether you are an artist, and actor/actress or you would rather be involved behind the scenes there is something for you to do to contribute to the creative side of Sussex life.

If you are interested in art then there are a number of societies that you can join, most noticeably the Art Society where you can meet with other budding and established artists to discuss your work. There are also the Life Drawing Society and the Photography Society.

If you are more interested in the Theater then there are options for you too. If you fancy yourself as the next start of wicked or the sound of music then the Sussex Musical Theater Society might be the right place for you. If however you are more interested in acting side of theater then you might want to have a look at the Sussex University Drama Society who have recently put on plays such as David Eldriges Festen.

For those budding musicians out there why not consider joining the Big Band or the Orchestra both of which meet regularly to play music as well as putting on performances. It can be a great way to meet people. If you enjoy the performing side of music then Sussex has its own Open Mic night.

The other creative groups at Sussex are the performance groups. This covers everything from the Ballet and Breakdance dancing societies to the Circus Society. So really if you are creative there is a society for you at Sussex.

For a full list of creative societies check:

Action Groups

Sussex is well known for being a very politically active campus and there are a number of societies that you can join which are involved in and campaigning for change on a national and international scale. There are also a number of societies which are involved in trying to make things better in a more hands on practical way.

If you want to get involved in the local area and really help out there are a number of societies that you can get involved in. Sussex has its own branch of the St Johns Ambulance which goes out to events such as the London to Brighton Bike ride and provides first aid cover. STAR (Student Action for Refugees) aims to provide advice and support, fundraise and campaign for refugees.

If you are more interested in Social action then there are also many groups that you can get involved in. On an international scale one of the more prominent action groups is The Stop AIDS society who are campaigning for the prevention of HIV transmission as well as the global availability of anti-retro viral therapy. The university also has its own branch of Amnesty International who campaign against human rights violations. The university like most universities has a RAG society who work to raise money for local and national charities.

For a full list of Action groups check:

*Social Action Groups

*Community Action Groups

Cultural Identity Societies

Sussex is a diverse university with students coming from a wide range of backgrounds. There are many societies which are associated with different cultural groups in which you can meet other people from the same background and learn more about different groups. As Sussex has quite a large proportion of international students the International Student Society is a great place to get to know people when you arrive in a new country and are far away from home.

For a full list of Cultural Identity Societies check here

Shared Interest Societies

These societies are enable you to meet with people who have a similar interest to you. This can be practically anything. One example of a random society is the Pirate Society this society aims to encourage people to go out and celebrate being in Brighton which is a great city but with the added bonus of encouraging people to dress up as pirates. There are also more sensible societies like the University of Sussex Wine club which organises events such as wine tasting for the entire student body of Sussex.

For a full list of Shared Interest Societies check here

Spiritual Societies

Sussex is a university which aims to support people from all faith groups and backgrounds and so there are societies to represent all the major faith groups. These societies allow you to meet people who believe the same things that you do and allows you to explore your faith. There is the Christian Union for all Christian denominations who are also involved in the running of an alpha course.

For a full list of Spiritual Societies check here

Setting Up Your Own Society

Sussex University is a diverse university and if you feel that there isn't a society which represents your views or beliefs then there is always the opportunity to set up your own society. For the USSU guide on how to do this check