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2014 Applicants

ard101   ↓ Medicine and Psychology   ↓ University of St Andrews   ↓ 2A* 6A 1B (extenuating circumstances)   ↓ Biology,Chemistry, Maths and Geography   ↓ AAAB   ↓ Work placements in Operating Theater, Trauma and A&E, Research Placements, some other courses and stuff   ↓  ?   ↓
stephaniebtw Psychology and Maths & Statistics St Andrews University AA 122222 Art & Design, Maths, English, Modern Studies, Computing - - Accepted!
sophmurdoch Medicine and Chemistry St Andrews University 11111112 Maths English Biology Chemistry Geography - - Accepted
WesterosWildling Medicine Durham 6A* 5A 2B Biology, Chemistry, Maths, English Literature AAAA Not on form, but Pharmacy Work Experience, Lectures + Demonstrations, Open Days, Year 7 Paired Reading with learning difficulties, National Citizen Service, Published Story, Charity Shop Voluntary Work etc. Future work experience in care homes, hospital and hopefully some physiotherapy shadowing at private clinic to come :)  ?
j0shth0m Medicine & Medical Sciences Nottingham 5A* 4A 3 Dist. Biology, Chemistry, Maths, French AAAA   Accepted
buttered_peanut Medicine & Medical Sciences Nottingham 6A* 4A 1Dist.* Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths AAAA Not written on form; but Bronze - Gold DofE, Grade 5 Flute, Part-Time Waitress Job, Volunteer as DofE Leader, High School was in Special Measures when I sat GCSEs (was in reference), Subscribed to Student BMJ, Band, Science+ in college, Work placements coming up in; Hospital, GP, Secondary School for Physically/Mentally Handicapped, Community Drug Team. Accepted!
Hamzah Amir Khan Medicine & Medical Sciences Nottingham 5A* 5A 3.5B Biology, Chemistry, History and Psychology AAAA 4 months British Red Cross Charity Shop, NCS - Social project, Healthwatch Luton Champion, Young Health Ambassador Representative Luton, Young Inspector for Health Services, Ongoing Malawi Project - 28th - 13th/14th June, 2 weeks Pharmacy, One day shadowing doctor on call (tbc) and young carer to autistic brother Accepted
Le.Bambi Medicine Cambridge 11A* 1A Biology, Chemistry, German, French and Maths AAAAA I think I'm too "rich" for this. :( REJECTED! Too rich lol
ryanb97 Medicine Cambridge 8A* 1A Maths (A2),FM, Biology, Chemistry and Physics A*AAAA? UNIQ Chemist - idk if that changes anything though Accepted :D
Obliviate Chemistry Cambridge 8A* 6A Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics AAAA EPQ on applications of nanotechnology in wastewater treatment Accepted
Cerlohee Chemistry Cambridge 4A* 4As 3Bs Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics AAAA   Rejected
ThePhoenixLament Biological Sciences Cambridge 5A* 5A Biology, Chemistry, Maths and English Lit AABB ACORN 9 Rejected
maarg13 Law Bristol 10A* 1A Biology, Geography, German and History AAAA   Rejected
Olax98 Law Bristol 6A* 5A 1 Distinction History, Psychology, Literature and Law? AAAA   Accepted :D
honeygiraffe Biochemistry King's College London 12A* Biology, Chemistry, French, Maths AAAA   Accepted
meeeeee7 Natural Sciences UCL 7A* 5A Biology, Chemistry, Physics & RS AAAA   Accepted! :D
katiedyerx Life Sciences Nottingham 2A* 6A 3B Biology, Chemistry, Maths Stats & History AAAB   Accepted!!
u_lovelife Life Sciences Nottingham 3A's 7B's Biology, Psychology, Chemistry, Maths AABB Working at a charity shop for 4 months now, Hoping to find some lab work experience also Accepted
Chlorophile Engineering Cambridge 12A* Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics (+ German, achieved) AAAA(+A) Very unlikely to get in because Sutton Trust is means tested Rejected!
Red Fox Engineering Cambridge 5A* 4A Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics AAAA    ?
ayobami468 Engineering Cambridge 4A*'s 6A's 2B's Maths, Physics, Computing, Philosophy AAAB Grade 3 Jazz Piano, Grade 1 Music Theory, Designed app, Part of Youth Choir Accepted
Princepieman Computer Science and Economics St. Andrews (SG) 3 1s 5 2s English, Math, French, Tech. Studies, Physics AAAAB I have a ton of EC stuff but that isn't part of the application Rejected
Leechay Computer Science Cambridge 2Dist* 2A* 3A 1B 2Merits (extenuating circumstances) Maths, FurtherMaths, Economics, Physics AAAB Fits all but one priority criteria (6/7) -> (3/4) Rejected...... :Z
Teh Smart One Computer science, maths and engineering Nottingham 6A's 2B's 1C Maths, Physics, Biology, History ABBB Reading computer science fundamental skills - Learning C++, Python  ?
_Caz_ Engineering/Maths and Computer Science Nottingham 9A* 2A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry AAAA   accepted! :)
JamesJones777 Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Cambridge A*4A 3B C (extenuating circumstances) French German Politics Sociology AAAA   Accepted!
newrecord Theology & Religion with Philosophy Durham 11.5 A* 1 Distinction Biology, Maths, History and Religious Studies AAAA    ?
aasvogel Politics & International Relations Cambridge 11A* Maths, English Literature, French, Further Maths AAAA unneeded for application An anticipated rejection.
Polecat Modern Languages & International Relations St. Andrews 9A*1A Economics, English Lit, German, Politics, Religion & Philosophy AAAAA    ?
Kandybars Psychology and Philosophy Nottingham 7A 2B 1Distinction Psychology, Sociology, Religious Studies, Music Technology AAAB   Accepted
nectempus Computer science, maths and engineering Nottingham 1A*3A 5B 1C Maths, Chemistry, Geography, Economics AAAB    ?
Irmuhlay Mathematics Cambridge 11A*, 1A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Computer Science, EPQ (completed AS French last year) AAAA?(A) Slightly below average GCSE school, no history of Oxbridge at sixth form, first generation uni applicant, POLAR3 quintile 2, ACORN 6. Got into UNIQ, not sure if this will change anything. Loads of extra-curricular stuff, but not on the form. Rejected
PoshBoyVishal Physics University of Cambridge 500A* Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Critical Thinking and Thinking Skills AAAAAAAA (Kind of obvious...)   OMG, WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE? I AM TOO RICH FOR THIS POOR CHEAP CHARITY. THE AUDACITY THEY HAVE NOT TO ACCEPT ME, JUST WAIT UNTIL MY FAMILY IN INDIA HEARS ABOUT THIS...
Farhan96 Physics University of Cambridge 11A* 1A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry and History AAAAA Acorn 40  ?
Deuteriumpie Physics University of Cambridge 8A* 2A B maths, physics, chemistry, biology, Arabic AAAA Acorn 52  ?
Ishpieth Physics Imperial College London 3A* 6A 2Dist*(ICT) Merit (Further Maths) Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics AAAA   Accepted
aleishahogan Physics University of Cambridge 8A* 6A 2B Maths, physics, chemistry geography AAAA   accepted
Carla Huynh Physics University of Cambridge 12A* 1A 1Dist Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics AAAA   Accepted
Rene96 Psychological and Behavioural Sciences University of Cambridge 4A* 4A 3B 1Dist* Psychology, Biology, History, Physics AAAB   Accepted
corrupterofyouth Law Durham 4A* 4A 5B English Literature, History, Philosophy& Ethics, Government & Politics AAAA debate club and Amnesty International at my school. Young leader at Girl Guiding, run the school wide literacy and reading schemes organizing author visits, world book day etc. Prefect to Deputy head teacher. Member of Socialist party and active campaigner. Accepted.
Irish-girl-21 Politics Durham 7As 3Bs 1C Government and Politics, English Literature, Home Economics, Chemistry AABC Current Affairs Society, Debating Society, Pope John Paul II Award, Liturgical Reader in local parish, Millenium Volunteer Awards, Secretary and Founder of a community safety charity focusing on intergenerational work and substance abuse/antisocial behaviour, community activist, campaigner for local hospital, committee member in local Residents Group and Festival Assosciation, work experience with my local MP, vocal relationship with local Councillors, MLAs and MPs, Represent Ireland at the Universal Dance Competition Accepted
AffirmedCube Biochemistry King's College London 6A* 5A 1C 1Merit Biology, Chemistry, Maths, English Lit. AAAA Prefect at Sixth Form, Just Further Reading (magazines, journals, books,etc.) Rejected & Bitter!
Andy_002 Biology Durham 2A* 8A 2B Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Geography BBBB   Accepted


clannem Biology Durham 4 grade 1's 4 grade 2's Biology, Chemistry, Maths, English, History AAABB Work experience in a pharmacy and a hospital lab as well as having almost all criteria needed (ACORN 38...), winner of school science fayre and successful applicant for Scottish Space School Rejected
chloeeyay Chemistry Imperial 4A* 6A 1B Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Further Maths AAAA Maths Challenge bronze, bronze and silver. Work experience at hospital. B in additional maths fsmq. Wider reading... Cross country and athletics Accepted
spanya Medical Science Bristol 7A* 3A 2B Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Theatre Studies AAAA Physical Theatre company, figure skating level gold, tutor to year 11 biology students, NCS, Work experience at library, Art, bass guitar Accepted
BethAylward Biology & Physics St. Andrews 5A* 3A 1B & Distinction* Biology, Physics, Maths, Dance AAAA   Accepted
darkdrifter10 Economics Cambridge 6A* 4A 1B Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Chemistry and EPQ AAAA    ?
shortarse11 Modern Languages Cambridge 2A* 9A 2B Maths, French, travel and Tourism, Psychology AAAA   Accepted
Mubariz Engineering Cambridge 3A*'s 6A's 2 Distinction*'s Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry AAAA A load of clubs, Volunteering, Finance Experience, Business Experience, Forgotten most of the rest Accepted
ScootWarr Mathematics Cambridge 8A*'s 3A's Further Maths, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology AAAAA   Accepted
stilldeciding English UCL 6A*'s 6A's English Lit, English Lit & Lang, French, Philosophy, Psychology AAAAA nm, just really poor lol Accepted ************'s
mauriceyap Computer Science Cambridge 12A*s and 1A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Music, General Studies, Economics, EPQ, German (year 11) AAAAAAAC EPQ on cyberwarfare Accepted
MedsKarim Biosciences UCL 8A's, 2B's and 2C's Biology, Chemistry, Maths and French AAAB   Accepted
supergrace Biosciences UCL 4A* 7A Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics AAAA   Accepted
Hamed1997 Maths U14 [Removed by mods for Hamed's safety] Philosophy and Ethics, History^2 and RE [2nd half of alphabet only] No-one nose :\ Accepted on sympathy vote
sunshinexox Biosciences UCL 4A*s 3As and 4Bs Biology, Chemistry, EPQ, Mathematics and Physics AAAAA Helping out in school, volunteering for charities, The Challenge, A day simulation in hospital, EPQ, UCL summer challenge etc. Accepted