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Hi and welcome to the Sutton Trust Summer School 2013 stalking page. Find out what subjects and grades students have when applying to the scheme!

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2013 Applicants

SR username   ↓ Subject(s) applied for   ↓ University   ↓ GCSE (or equivalent)   ↓ AS Subjects   ↓ AS Predictions   ↓ Extra Curricular   ↓ Outcome


caisku Modern Languages and Literature King's College London 1A* 7A's 3B's 1 C English Literature, French, Music, Spanish and Welsh Bacc. AAAA and Pass in Welsh Bacc. Sleeping, eating and playing the clarinet (grade seven) Accepted
  Medicine Cambridge 1A 3Bs 3Cs 3Ds 2Gs Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths A*A*A*A*A* Grade 8 in piano and trumpet Accepted
dlaiden English Durham AAAAAAABB (+ MM=AA) English Literature, English Language, Psychology, Philosophy, ASSET Mandarin AAAA (2) Working on novel, (planning to do) EPQ on the application of Anglish to modern-day fiction, entered Lancaster creative writing competition and others, had poetry published in an anthology, top 3 in all my subjects, extensive reading, involved in local community as an NCS graduate, enrolled in online Harvard University courses--Justice and The Ancient Greek Hero, working as English tutor in former high school, writing essay to enter into Newnham Woolf Essay competition Accepted!!!
simplysparky English University College London 4A*s 7As 3Bs English Literature, History, Politics, Religious Studies AAAA   Accepted :)
Dylan96 English University College London (UCL)   English (combined literature and language), Maths, Music, Modern Studies and Business Studies AAAAA   Accepted
CarysMoo English University College London 3A*s 6 As 3 Bs English Lit, English Lang, Economics and History AAAB   Accepted
MormonMonster Law and Politics Nottingham A*A*A*A*A*AAAAA History, Economics, German, Spanish AAAA   Offer for Language and Cultural Studies
cararaline Philosophy and Psychology Nottingham 1A* 5As 7Bs 1C History, Government and Politics, Philosophy and Ethics, Psychology AAAB Starting the Extended Project in September, extensive reading, volunteer for 12 months (at two different shops), helped out at college open evenings, Oxford Target Schools student shadowing scheme, Grade 7 RAD Ballet, helped out at dance shows and with dance lessons during my teachers pregnancies, helped out at a kids club over the past 3 summers and used to help out every week, used to do voluntary waitressing, assisted backstage on a production of Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat, written several stories, participating in 2013 NCS Accepted
Jord1995 Law Cambridge A*A*A*A*AAAABBB English Literature, History, Geography, Philosophy, EPQ A*AAAB Deputy-Head Boy of Student Voice, work experience at Magistrates, Senior Prefect, trained mentor/mediator, employed as English GCSE tutor, voluntary work w/ disabled kids, 3 Blue Peter awards, fundraiser for CR-UK/TCT, Head of "Teaching/Learning committee for 4 years, wider reading, several Law and History uni lectures, full UMS in GCSE English Lang and Lit Successful!!!
never-shoutnever Law Cambridge 7A*s 4A's History, Economics, Maths, English, General Studies AAAAA Teaching myself the guitar, Law Firm work experience for two weeks, Grade 5 Ballet, Tap, Modern, JSLA Award, Volunteering at a charity shop, Silver DofE, Young Enterprise, Essay for Bailey Gifford Competition, member of the History Society, Drama Production, Talent Show, TBC
oopsydaisy0x Law Cambridge A*A*A*A*A*A*AAAB English Literature, Biology, Geography, Business Studies AAAB County level netball, JSLA and CSLA, voluntary work in organising and running local sporting events; GEAR, Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh award, year 12 prefect, GCSE geography tutor, employed as a weekend sales assistant, wider reading, brilliant music taste ;) Successful :)
Chapmouse Mathematics Cambridge A*A*A*AAAAAABC Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics AAAA Latin. Attended UCL Lectures on Nanomedicine, Geodesy and Cosmology. Read a book or two. Debating. Cambridge Easter Science Masterclass. Entering the Linguistics Olympiad. Currently writing an essay for the Kelvin Science Prize run by Peterhouse, Cambridge. Unsuccessful
omar333 Mathematics Imperial College A*A*A*AAAAABB Maths, Further Maths, Physics, English Lit AAAA British physics olympiad, Entering UKMT individual and team challenges, Gold dofe, Attended cambridge masterclass for mathematics, wider reading, 4 years school cricket team, 2 years local football team, 2 years karate club Unsuccessful
steph7112 Mathematics Imperial College A*AAAABBCC Psychology, Maths, Further Maths, Art AABC UKMT 2nd in college (silver award) + entered team challenges. Attending a special measures high school may have made a difference. Accepted
Toreilly102 Psychology and Mathematics & Statistics St. Andrew's A*AAAAAABBB Biology, Chemistry (to AS only), Mathematics and Music AAAA Have Bronze Duke Of Edinburgh Award, Doing Gold Duke Of Edinburgh Award, Grade 6 Piano, Grade 4 Cello, Member of School Choir, Formed Senior School Barbershop Octet, Member and Treasurer of Fermanagh Youth Choir, Member of Ulster Youth Training Choir, Currently doing Pope John Paul II Award, Active Member of Scór Na nÓg in community, Peer Mentor, Kayak Award, Grade 5 Drama Award, Been in two School Musicals, was a past member of school Science Club and Past member of Fermanagh Intermediate String Orchestra. G.C.S.E. Results are cause of illness, I know I could of got A*A*A*AAAAAAB but oh well :/ :L Rejected :(
Namedbeing Computer Science Cambridge 6A* , AAABB Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics AAAA Doing Gold DoE, wider reading, doing mitx online course: intro to Compsci, A FSMQ Accepted
jashfield730 Computer Science Cambridge 5A* 3A , 1B 1C Maths, Further Maths, ICT, Physics AAAA Young Enterprize, reading about CS Accepted
KieranH2 Computer Science Cambridge 7A* 2A 1B 1 Pass Computing, Maths, Physics, History AAAA Run a 'Code Club' for primary (with kirbyman62), CS online courses, Volunteer in ICT dept. Accepted
kirbyman62 Computer Science Cambridge 4A* 7A Computing, Maths, Physics, English Literature AAAA Run a 'Code Club' for primary (with KieranH2), did a STEM Lecture Accepted
amarz Computer Science Cambridge 9A* 3A 2 Distinctions Computing, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, AAAAA Done Bronze and Silver D of E and currently doing Gold, doing work experience with a prof from UCL, Took part in Physics Olympiad, Member of school senate, aspiring activist, enjoy reading thrillers, listening to rock - heaven Accepted
The.Joker Medicine Cambridge 8A*s 1A and 1 Distinction Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Economics AAAA Few weeks hospital work xp lined up. Prefect and on school committee. Science Ambassador. Long term volunteer at local charity shop (5 months +). Shadowed a PhD student. Took part in a project with the Wellcome Trust. Taking part in Biology Olympiad and DofE. Attended medical related lectures. TBC
ellaladiva Medicine Cambridge 5A*'s and 4B's Maths, Biology , Chemistry, Further Maths and Critical thinking AAAAB I dont have none of these supercurricular activities.. Seeing that so many people that got accepted for UNIq had so many GCSE A*'s.....I hope I do get this one hopefully successful.
zeezee06 Medicine Cambridge 12A*s 1A Maths, Further Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics AAAAA 2 weeks hospital administrative work experience, a few days work shadowing on a cardiac ward in Mauritius, work experience in hospital/community pharmacy, volunteering on Orthopaedic surgical ward. Chemistry Camp at Cambridge, Maths tutoring, Senior Leader/Head of Biology Club at school, President of Medics Society, Grade 6 Violin, Grade 4 Piano, various positions of responsibility (Form Prefect etc), Cambridge Biochemistry and Genetics Masterclass. Vice School Captain. Unsuccessful
SNR Medicine Cambridge 5As 5A*s Biology, Chemistry, General Studies, History and Physics A*A*AAA Member of SJA as adult first aider since June 2012. Volunteer with an elderly woman with Down's Syndrome and psoriasis for 4 months. About to begin a volunteer position with the Samaritans. School prefect, head of Year 12 council, maths tutor to various years, establish and run the school 'puzzle group'. Grade 4 guitar, grade 3 cello and play piano and drums for fun. Written a published novel. Attended various medical lectures. Currently in the process of organising shadowing with a doctor. Underachieved at GCSEs due to death in the family. TBC
reubenkinara Medicine Cambridge 5As 3Bs 1C 2Ds Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Music AABB 1 week work experience in a hospital. Volunteering in a Hospice. Play the piano and I'm doing Grade 5 this year. Accepted
lil_mis_ah Medicine Cambridge A* A* A* A* A* A* A* A A Biology, Chemistry, Maths, English Lit AAAA Shadowed 3 consultants over two days, week at GP surgery, St John Ambulance Cadet, Hospital volunteer, BHF Charity shop volunteer, Maths tutoring, Student Governor, learning to play keyboard, keen artist. TBC
ilikebigbuttshaha Medicine Nottingham University 1A*6A 3B Biology, Maths,Chemistry, Psychology AAAA NCS - social action project, Volunteer care home, Year 10 maths tutoring, Year 11 science tutoriing, self taught violin, etc loads to say cba to put it all Accepted! :)
Harrym96 Biological Science Nottingham A*A*A*A*A*AAAAA Biology, Chemistry, English, Geography AAAA Work experience in pharmacy for 4 hours every week for 4 months, deputy head boy of high school, Model UN, Wider Reading Successful!!!!
confused96 Medical Sciences Bristol 1A* 9As 1B Biology, Maths, Chemistry, Economics, General Studies, Critical Thinking AABBBB Young Enterprise, Grade 7 in Indian Classical Singing Work experience: 3 days in hospital, 2 weeks in Asia Volunteering: v100 Charity Shop, Tutor GCSE Maths Unsuccessful
Hero-H History Cambridge 1A* 8A's Biology, Chemistry, History, Sociology and French AAAAA   Successful :)
chriss-cross History Cambridge 10A* HL English, History and Geography, SL Maths Studies, Spanish and Biology 45/45   TBC
chloatron History Cambridge 8A* 2A History, English Lit and Lang, Physics, Maths and the Welsh Baccaluareate AAAA+ pass in WB   Accepted!
KarlTheOtaku Economics & Politics Edinburgh 1A* 4A 4B (Plus D* (4A*) from ICT BTEC Diploma) Economics, Maths, Geography, French, General Studies AAABB 5 Years playing Basketball, 2 of which for the Newcastle Eagles youth squads. In-Class Support for Year 11 Foundation GCSE Maths, frequently attending Extra Curricular Activities such as in-school talks by lecturers for Geography and Economics from Newcastle University. Completed GCSE Maths in June 2011, one year early. Unsuccessful :/
ethery Chemistry Cambridge A*A*A*A*AAAAAABB Maths, Chemistry, Physics, French AAAB   TBC
ChloeBazingaa Chemistry Cambridge 11A*'s 2A Maths, Chemistry, Biology, English Literature AAAA   ACCEPTED!
Tracy Swissroll Chemistry Cambridge A*A*A*A*AAAAABBB Biology, Chemistry, Maths, French and Critical Thinking AAABB   TBC
sarahftw_ Engineering Imperial College London 1A* 9As 3 Bs Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Applied ICT, Product Design (3D Design) BBBBB Write stories, gamer (PS3), altar server, teaching year 7s about body image for Envsion, Design Technology prefect, taught a few P.E. lessons to primary school pupils, helped organise an athletics event for secondary schools in my borough, ran a rowing competition for year 9s and worked at London 2012 Olympics. Conversational French and Japanese Accepted, mate ^.^
_Morsey_ Engineering Bristol A*A*AAAAABB (plus Pass) Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Geography AAAA Salters Chemistry Festival in Aberystwyth Uni, Astrophysics conference in Cardiff Uni, reading Physics texts, Entering several essay/olympiad competitions, General Prefect, Sports tours and camps being captain for nearly 5 years with trials for county rugby, Part-time job TBC
gideongaspard Engineering Cambridge (4A* 6As 3Bs) A*A*A*A*AAAAAAABBB Maths Physics Chemistry Geography Critical Thinking AAAAA Play football for semi-pro youth team, scouted for Reading and Norwich (played matches for Reading) , General Prefect and community teams member, Attend Engineering/Physics lectures at Kings college. TBC
freshypot♥ Engineering Cambridge 7A* 3As Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics AAAA EES Engineering Scheme, trained in Indian Classical and Contemporary dancing, studying ASSET Japanese, tutors GCSE students, work experience at GlaxoSmithKline Successful
Saifstudioz Engineering Imperial 5A* 4As 3Bs Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Further Maths AAAA (A in Maths achieved) EES Engineering Scheme, Doing Silver Duke of Edinburgh, work experience at Walt Disney, British Airways and Sony Europe and attend Maths Masterclasses Unsuccessful =(
ellenabethx Economics , Politics Edinburgh 9A*S and 3As and a Distinction in IT Maths, further Maths, Government & Politics, Spanish and Religious Studies AAAAA Doing Gold Duke of Edinburgh, Active Young Labour Party member, Attended the Cambridge Shadowing Scheme 2013, Accepted on to the 2013 SEO London Scheme, Work Experience in the Wirral Borough Department of Finance, Sat the Statistics 1 AS Maths Module in Year 10 and got an A, Keyboard Performance Victoria College Honours Diploma, Grade 5 Piano, Grade 5 Music Theory Unsuccessful :( :(
ellie_d Geography Cambridge 3A*s 9As 1B History, Geography, Biology, English Literature AAAA Starting EPQ in september, related reading, volunteer for 18 months, helped out at college open evenings, Oxford target schools student shadowing scheme, have been selected to represent my college on a sponsored visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau, holding down two part-time jobs Successful!!
anil1 Politics, Philosophy & Law King's College London 2A*s 1B 9Cs Law (A2), Sociology, Media A*AA National Bar Mock Trial Competition, Derby Mock Trial Day, Leicestershire Mooting Competition, DMU Law Club, Student Executive, Student Ambassador, Work experience at a Law firm, Attended ESRC Social Sciences Festival, University of Cambridge Law Conference, Model United Nations TBC
Sujan57 Natural science King's college London 3 A* 2A 4B 1C bio, chem, geo, maths BBBC Karate black belt, and dentistry blogs. ACCEPTED FAAM... :)
seaninmaxwell Biology and Chemistry St. Andrews 7A*s and 3As biology, chemistry, physics and French I haven't got them yet but I got AAAA in my January modules I won the Mock Bar Northern Ireland regional competition, mentor girls for their science GCSE, completed the British and Irish physics olympiad. Successful
amydai International Relations and Economics St. Andrews god i can't even remember? like, 5A*'s, 6A's and 2B's? Economics, Maths, Chemistry and Spanish AAAA Loads of further reading, Krugman and Stiglitz are my personal favourites. urmmm, did a month long summer school last year in Oxford. likes drinking tea, failed to get any work experience, have an actual job at John Lewis, did some UNYSA work, joined in with my sixth form union, likes doctor who, what more can i say Successful
srm4 International Relations & Modern Languages St. Andrews 4 Standard Grade 1's, 1 Standard Grade 2, 1 Intermediate 2 A, 1 Intermediate 2 B, 1 Standard Grade 3 English, French, History, Media Studies, Art & Design AAAAB (in no particular order)   Sucessful
officegirl4 Medicine & Chemistry St. Andrews 5 Standard Grade 1's, 2 intermediate 2 A's, Higher B Chemistry, History, Human Biology, Modern Studies and Physics AAAAA   Sucessful
kpnutz Chemistry and Biology St. Andrews 6 Standard Grade 1's, 2 Intermediate 2 A's Chemistry, Biology, Graphics, Maths, English AAAAA I am a junior coach at local netball club and won Netball Scotland's Junior Volunteer of the Year Award 2012. I am very involved with my schools TV club. I love reading, listening to music and doing things with my friends :) Successful
xDeany Computer science Nottingham 2 A* 6A 2B Further Maths, Physics, ICT, Geography, General Studies AABBB   Sucessful
joeymr Medicine Cambridge 6A* 2A 1B Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Psychology + EPQ AAAB Rowing, Head Boy at secondary school, president of student union at college, student governor, member of theatre company, lots of hospital work experience, 1 year volunteering with children with learning disabilities Accepted
daisyclough German Oxford 6A* 5A German, French, Maths, Physics, Chemistry AAAAA EVERYTHING Accepted!! :)