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2015 Applicants

sanal1998 Natural sciences UCL 4A* 4A 2B Biology,chemistry AABB EPQ YES History,sociology

TSR Name   ↓ Subject Stream  ↓ University   ↓ GCSE Grades   ↓ AS Levels   ↓ AS Targets   ↓ Extra-Curriculars   ↓ Accepted?   ↓
Normal.Person Physics Durham 5A*s & 8As Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Computing (self teaching), Punjabi AAAAA Um.. too much to remember(?) Indeed
TomCastles Physics Cambridge 7A* 2A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry AAAA N/A Yes! :D
B.Lakeland Physics Durham 4A* 3A 2B 4C Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Further maths AAAA Bronze, Silver, Gold DofE, Debating, extra Science talks (Medical physics, careers in physics, chemistry talks, maths seminars), Physics olympiad best in school, 6 UKMT silver/gold paper, 1 UKMT international paper, House captain at college and high school, School council, senior prefect (Can't remember application asking for any of this...) Yes!!!
Chellecharity Physics Durham A*A*AAAAAAAC Maths,Physics,Further Maths,Chemistry AABB lots of stuff YASSSS!!
MostPeculiarWay Physics Cambridge 6A*s 4As Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry AAAA Refer to previous boxes Yep!
FloralEssence Psychology Cambridge 5A*s 4As, 1B Portuguese, English lang, Psychology, Maths, Spanis AAAA Refer to previous boxes  
BethanyRoss98 Geography Durham University AAAAABC Maths, English, Biology and Geography AAAA Didn't ask Yes
Lemonpopsicle2 Earth Sciences Durham University 4A* 5A 1C (Welsh Second Lang Short Course) Welsh Bac Geology, Chem, Law, English Lit ABAA They didn't ask for this ACORN 39 YES!
GreenPlum Engineering, Maths, Computer Science University of Nottingham 7As, 4Bs, 1C (extenuating circumstances) Physics, Computing, Maths(AS&A2 in one year), AAB Fully qualified Young Leader with Scouts, teach reading in a primary school to disadvantaged kids, learning BTEC MechEng L3 on the side to my A-levels, Maths tutoring for Y7 and Y8s, British Physics Olympiad best in school, Maths Challenges, DofE Bronze, House Senior (kinda like a prefect), organise interhouse competitions, fundraising for charity YES! :)
VictoriaCoolio Computer Science Durham 1A**, 4A*, 5 A, 2 B Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry AAAB   Yes
rich1334 Engineering Bristol University 6A*s, 2As and 2xDistinctions Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Computing AAAA Realising Opportunities Oui! :D
Caroliz001 English Durham University 4A*s, 5As, 1B English Lit, Biology, Maths & Chemistry AAAB Distinction in Grade 6 acting exam, taken part in several drama productions, help out with junior classes in my school, teaching work experience, Gold UKMT Maths Challenge, Gold Biology Challenge, Student Voice YES!!!
saharariver98 English Durham University 9A*s and 2Bs English Lit, English Lang, History and German AAAA Ask Yes
possum_box English Bristol 8A*, 3A English Lit, Maths, History, Economics AAAA Creative writing club, school concerts, choir, Philosphy society, Reading with dyslexic children, tutoring GCSE students, student council, NCS, random open days (don't remember this on the application, but who cares- there's a column, so I MUST fill it out)  ?
blackdiamond97 Politics and Philosophy Edinburgh 3A* 6A 2B English Lit, Maths, Economics, Politics AAAA? They didn't ask for this Yes
Olax98 Anthropology and Archaeology Durham University 6A*s 6As History, Chemistry, Law, Fine Art AAAB Volunteer at museum, public lectures, Barrister chambers open day (and future work ex.), prefect, court visits, self-teaching violin, Oxford Study Day etc (all of this not on application) YES!!!!!!
Kdizzle97 Medicine Nottingham University 8A*s 4As PE, Biology, Maths & Chemistry AAAA National Swimmer, House Captain. Work experience at GP and Hospital,Bronze Maths Challenge, work at Waitrose, K+,Cambridge Shadowing Scheme. I swear they didn't ask for this stuff? Yes!
Yannis_ali Medicine Nottingham University 3A*s 8As Biology, Chemistry, German & Physics AAAA House Prefect, mentor for GCSE German and GCSE maths, Bronze UKMT, Jack Petchey Speak out, Governors award for Politics and Citizenship, Pharmacy work experience, UCL Target Medicine mentoring scheme, just received a placement for a long term volunteering scheme in a hospital as a buddy for people suffering through Dementia, DofE Silver award (currently doing it) - you guys are right, we weren't asked to write this up. Hallelujah Yes!!
WilllAtkin Geography Nottingham University 3A*s 7As 1B Geography, Maths, Physics, DT no idea   Yes
Annabelle Chemistry Cambridge 8A*s 3As Maths, Chemistry, Geography & Psychology AAAA Gym addict, DoE gold (currently doing it) , Dance, Taekwondo hoping to volunteer in South East Asia next summer Don't know yet
FREYA2898 Medicine Durham University 4A* 5A ICT , Biology, Geography & Chemistry AABB Yes!! I got in
Bethaaaaany Medicine Bristol University 6.5A* 3A 1B Maths, Chemistry, Biology & French AAAB Nothing particularly exciting on my application, but I have done bits and bobs. Nope
lainathiel Medicine Cambridge University 12A* (+ B in early entry AS French) Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Philosophy AAAA (Did they ask for this?) Shadowing with a dentist/pharmacist/surgical unit; work experience in an elderly nursing home; starting volunteering at a disabled children's play centre soon, and have volunteered in tutoring younger students at my school. I also compete for my county in my sport, and help with coaching/managing, etc. :) Yes!! :)
Shadjabbar Medicine Durham University 5A 5B 1D(Spanish) Biology, Chemistry, Maths & Physics BBBB DOE Silver. Sports Captain. Rugby Captain. Debating. Medical Society. Senior Prefect. Yes!
Rowena97x Medicine Cambridge University 6A*s 4A Chemistry, Biology, Maths, History AAAA Did not ask for this?  ?
  Medicine Cambridge 7A* 4A Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths AAAA   No
CirclesAreRound Chemistry Imperial College 5A* 5A 2B Chemistry, Maths, English Literature, Physics AAAB K+ Science Stream Member, Work Experience at Lewisham Hospital for 2 weeks in Orthopaedics, Work Experience at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital Pathology Labs 1 month, Bronze Duke of Edinburgh No
gen Chemistry Imperial College 3A* 3A 2B Chemistry, biology, literature, psychology ABBB British heart foundation 6 months work experience, work experience at hospital for 2 weeks, volunteering in care home for 3 months, fundraising for charity, NCS, tutoring to year 7's and 8's for sciences  ?
GPeach1 Chemistry Imperial College 4A* 5A 1B 2 distinctions Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry A*AAA Tutoring GCSE students in maths and science, involved in drama club, fundraising for Alzheimer's Society and Cancer Research UK, intend to do STEP 1 next year. Yes!
victoria98 Chemistry Imperial College 4A* 7A 2B Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Physics AAAA .  ?
Krollo Maths Cambridge University 1 A^, 16 A*, 1 B Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Economics AAAA UKMT Team National Final, BMO1, mentoring, intending to sit STEP I this year, a little cycling, Silver DofE I save on train tickets.
JME_CHG Maths Cambridge University 8A* 6A 1B Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Product Design, Citizenship AAAAA   Yes :D
Mathbomb Maths Cambridge University 1 A^, 9A*, 1A, 1D Maths, Further Maths, Biology, Chemistry AAAA   Yep
matthewdjones Maths Cambridge University 9A* 2A Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Geography AAAAA Reading books such as Choas by Gleick and Music of the Primes by Satoy, part of the STEP correspondence pilot course, Bronze in UKMT, met office work experience, self teaching half of Further maths a level, doing Silver DOFE, Grade 7 piano, Grade 5 Violin and Theory of Music, Level 3 award in Algebra no haha
isla42 Politics, History, Philosophy Kings College 7A*, 3 A, 1B French, Literature, Biology, Ancient History, Spanish AAAAA    ?
thewickedllama HSPS: Politics and International Relations Cambridge University 10A* 1A 1B Literature, Early History, French, Media Studies AAAA Was school magazine editor/designer, highly commended for most outstanding pupil in Shine Media Awards, NCS and organised fundraisers, debate club, organises talks and lectures for college, goes to lectures, essay competition Yes B)
blondeastronomer Physics Cambridge 12A* 3A 1B Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths AAAA n/a  ?
LittleFaith Veterinary Medicine Cambridge University 12 A*s Biology, Chemistry, Maths, French AAAA Grade 8 Distinction Classical Guitar, Grade 8 Distinction Piano, have been doing ballet, tap and modern dance for 11 years (assorted grades for each), am part of my school council, Silver DofE, Gold Artsaward, have worked in a kennels and rehoming centre for dogs for nearly three years, lots of work experience with animals, Bronze Maths Challenge, member of several school choirs and ensemble groups, took part in school production of Les Mis Nope D:
bananasarntreal Veterinary Medicine Royal Veterinary Collage 3A*s 5As 2Bs Biology, Chemistry, Maths and English Literature AAAB Horse Riding, Farming, lots of work experience, reading, mentoring, lots of pets, dance, netball, rounders, tennis lots of sports ect. YES!
Lauren.12 Veterinary Medicine/ Nursing Royal Veterinary College 4A*s 4As 2Bs Biology, History, Philosophy and Ethics, English Literature AAAA Lots that isn't relevant, volunteering at local vets, animal shelter and donkey sanctuary Yes!
Danielleegolds Veterinary Medicine Royal Veterinary College 3As*, 4As, 3Bs, C Maths, Chemistry, Biology, English Literature and Cambridge Pre-U:Global Perspectives AABB + D3 Part of colleges Teaching and Learning Academy, Work experience on a farm and volunteering at a stables and dog unit, attended the VetMed workshop, part time job for almost a year, love reading and drawing yes!!
Nijuuninichi Economics Cambridge University 8A* 3A Maths, Further Maths, French, Economics AAAA Economics prefect, senior and junior prefect, student council, reading (the Economist, news and related books), mentoring GCSE students in economics and maths, work experience at JP Morgan, will be going to the Oxford statistics taster day (not sure if relevant though)  ?
Wawasan Economics Cambridge University 13A*, 1A, A(FSMQ) Maths, Further Maths, History, Economics AAAA   Yes
Couruthim Education Cambridge University 5A*, 6A Maths, English Literature, French, Economics I haven't actually been given predictions :/    ?
ChloeLin Social Policy Bristol 3A's 3B's 3C's History, English Literature, Business studies, Textiles BBBB National Executive for StudentVoice, Member of UK Youth Parliament, Local Youth Council, Prefect at school, Work shadowed the Permanent Secretary for the Department of Work and Pension, Work experience with my local MP  ?
shooting_stars Medicine Cambridge 9A*s 2As Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Ethics & Philosophy AAAA Mentor for GCSE Maths, UKMT Bronze, Volunteered at a care home, Work experience at a Hospital/ GP/ Overseas Hospital, President of Medical Society at school, NCS, Cambridge masterclasses, ICL vision conference No
nelizabeth_ Modern Languages Cambridge University 4A*s, 4As, 3Bs, 1C English Lit, Spanish, History & Religious Studies AAAB    ?
framedcuriosity Physics Imperial 7A*s, 4As, 1B, Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, French AAAAB NCS, Student Ambassador, Talent 2030 competition  ?
Kamakazi145 Physics Imperial 4A*s, 8As, 1B, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology AAAA N/A  ?
courtneey.annee Bio-engineering Imperial 6A*s, 5As, 1B, 1C Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Philosophy AAAB   On the waiting list, so no!
ToLiveInADream Medicine Bristol 8 A* 3As Biology, Maths, Chemistry and English Literature AAAA Editor of the Young Scientist's Journal. Volunteering at a care home ongoing. Volunteering at charity shop. Worked part-time for 1.5 years. Yes.  
kawehi Biological sciences Cambridge 7A* 3A 1B Maths, Further Maths, Chem, Bio, Physics AAAAA   No :( *I don't think that my teacher's form was submitted though, as I haven't actually heard back
blackcats27 Biological sciences Cambridge 3A* 7A 2B Maths, Biology, Psychology, Product Design AAAA    ?
nathanbh321 Biological sciences Cambridge 4A* 5A Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths AAAA Loads but cba Yes!!!
Brybrycg Biological sciences Cambridge 11 A* Biology, Chemistry, French, Maths (WBQ) AAAA (A/A*)   Yes!!!
NeonMayhem Biological sciences Cambridge 9A*s, 2As Biology, Maths, Chemistry, Geography, EPQ AAAA   Yes
Felecia Medicine Cambridge 10A*s Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics AAAA    ?
longlostlemming Linguistics Cambridge 6A*s, 2As, 2Bs, History, English Lang, French, Psychology AAAA Peer mentoring, Young Leader for a guide group, wider reading, just extra work around subjects (especially in languages - I'm currently learning Swedish and Danish.) Yes!
09shijoa Medicine Nottingham 9As & 3Bs (extenuating circumstances) Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Geography, EPQ (Critical Thinking) AABBA   No
Ellie653 Law, Politics and International Relations Nottingham 4A*s 3A 2B and a C (judge me for the C, smart people ;) ) History, Government and Politics, Economics and English Literature No idea, Aiming for as high as I can achieve though! Sports coach, mentoring at school & with family friends, being a general nuisance, Used to play badminton a lot, Volunteered at a charity shop and have worked with kids for a year and a half, being generally bubbly and annoying to all those I meet, currently partaking in a mock election at school (argumentative streak) :') Yes :)
nobodycarescarla Experimental Psychology Cambridge 1A* 7As 2Bs Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Maths All over the place atm ACAB (stupid chemistry) Cambridge shadowing, Reading Biology Scholars programme, extra reading, tutoring maths, volunteering for NSPCC and waiting to hear back about psychology internship!  ?
antigone- Politics Durham 3 A*s, 10 As English Literature, Politics, History, Maths AAAA Mentored year 7s for English, part of the UCL Unilink programme, regularly attend LSE British Government lectures, member of a debate club, entered Cambridge essay competition, extra reading around subject, leader of a party in a school mock election, shadowed LSE student, attended Oxford study day, work part-time No
bambi30 Psychology St Andrews 6A's 5B's Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Geography AAAB Senior Student, Peer Mentor, Young Leader for Brownies pack, Corporal St John Ambulance, first aid volunteering e.g. London Marathon, Volunteer at School with SENCO, Set up school's LGBT group, equal rights campaigning, student council, Head Girl applicant, Bristol university Psychology lectures, grade 6 ballet, Gold, Silver and Bronze DofE, A&E work experience, Sports Leadership Award, learning Irish, French and Danish, work part-time  ?
adler97 Biology and Psychlogy St Andrews 9A's 3B's Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, History, English Lit, EPQ BCCCC NA  ????
Sarah644 Biology and Psychology St Andews 6A*s 4As Biology, RE, English Lit, HE AAAA Scouts, NT employee, Sunday School Teacher, House Captain, Vice-chair School Council, Peer Mentor, DOE, Hockey, Badminton, Bronze Millennium Volunteering Award, volunteering in local special needs primary school (none of this was asked for though) Accepted
christina tiana economics Cambridge 5A*,4B, 3A Chemistry, economics, physics, accelerated further maths n/a grade 5 piano, work experience at GSK, prefect, volunteered at British Heart Foundation, part-time waitress, part of team fusion in young enterprise not confident about it
RougeDeluge Maths Imperial College 1A** 7A* 3A 1B Maths, Further Maths, Physics, English Lit AAAA piano (around grade 6/7), UKMT senior competition, helping younger G&T maths students, STEP & MAT prep sessions, part-time customer assistant, prefect, anti-bullying ambassador, various charity fund-raising volunteering (swear they didn't ask for this though)  
hatts13 Natural Sciences UCL 11A* 2A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry AAAA    
Chem-is-cool Chemistry Durham 4A* 8A Maths, Chemistry, Biology, English Literature, Cambridge Pre-U in Global Perspectives AAAA D2   Yes
Constantino_chr Politics Durham 2 A*s, 5 As 4 Bs History, Government & Politics, Economics, Geography AAAA   Yes!!
Ayesha.Ahmed.97 Bio-Engineering Imperial 1 A*, 7 As, 2 Bs Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and Sociology AAABB   Yes
callum9977 Computer Science Cambridge 6A*s, 4As Physics, Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry AAAA EPQ (Can computer's think for themselves?), Tick all priority boxes apart from being in care. Yes!
Tarsia Chemistry Cambridge 12A*, 2A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology AAAA N/A Yes!
Colleen (colleendoll) Psychological and Behavioural Sciences Cambridge 6A*s, 3As Psychology, Sociology, Maths, Spanish AAAB N/A Yes!
Jonooo123 Engineering Cambridge 5A*5A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry AAAA UKMT Gold award, Gold CREST award, DofE Gold award, DofE Leadership programme.... No :(  
acelle Engineering Cambridge 11A* 1A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Economics AAAA N/A Yes!
sztirmzi Engineering Cambridge 6A* 5As and an A in an early As-level exam Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemsitry, Urdu AAAAA N/A Yes!
Soph English Literature Cambridge 1A* 7As 1B English Literature, Biology, Psychology, Religious Studies AAAA N/A YES!
KikiB17 Geography Cambridge 1A* 8As 1B 1 Distinction Geography, Economics, Law, Chemistry AAAA N/A YES!
nathjames Veterinary Medicine Royal Veterinary College 1A* 3As 1B 3Cs chemistry, biology, Re and ethics ,Welsh baccalaureate ABAA keen horse rider , heavily involved, RDA , help run my parents scout troop , DofE bronze, keen skier, 4 months volunteering at local practice, lots of hands on farm experience worked on one for the last season , working at local stables this summer , help out on local estate beating and with my gun dog Yes !