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Hi and welcome to the Sutton Trust Summer School 2016 stalking page. Find out what subjects and grades students have when applying to the scheme!

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2016 Applicants

TSR Name   ↓ Subject Stream  ↓ University   ↓ GCSE Grades   ↓ AS Levels   ↓ AS Targets   ↓ Extra-Curriculars   ↓ Accepted?   ↓ Eligibility   ↓   ↓
rory1999 Medicine Cambridge 10A*s, B Chemistry, Geography, Biology, Maths AAAA Music and drama (won't elaborate but it's my life outside of work), volunteer weekly at a nursing home, work expeience in summer at community and county hospital, Mental health independent rep for Powys (attend NHS board meetings), worrying about exams No to summer school (top 6%) Yes to summer events (top 20%) All apart from EMA/free school meals  
Emilypickett PBS Cambridge 3A*s, 6As, B Psychology, Sociology, Biology, Maths AAAA - YESSS most of them I think  
jamestg Economics St Andrews 1A*, 5As, 5Bs Maths, Politics, History, Biology, Further Maths in Y13 AAAB Economics EPQ, MUNGA, PwC Work Experience, HSBC WorK Experience, Peterhouse Cambridge Residential Haven't heard back yet 5/7
MrsSheldonCooper Languages and Culture Nottingham 7As and 7Bs English A2,History,Business AAAB K+,Gymnastics,taster courses Nope.. Good luck to everyone else! 6/7
Mystery. Mathematics Cambridge N5- 8A Higher- Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English, Geography AAAAA BBC and RBS work experience, accelerate course in product design engineering and other stuff Haven't heard back yet 4/7
Pentaquark Mathematics Cambridge 10A*s Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Further Maths AAAA Further reading, doing some UKMT maths challenge questions, doing further maths via further maths support network. Contextual data - Polar 2,2, Acorn 33 YAY!!! YES :D 7/7 I think
sasrosa Mathematics Durham 6A* 3A 1B Maths, Physics, Computer science, Further Maths AAAA Further reading, silver & gold & best in year & best in school at UKMT maths challenge, prep for STEP 2 and 3, sports inc leadership, maths prefect team, go to maths&physics public lectures, EDT headstart course last year and this year Nope 5/7
h8skoooooool Physics with materials Imperial 9A*s 2As Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Further Maths AAAAA Attended lectures, relevant reading, AS BPhO, self teaching further maths Haven't heard back yet 4 or 5 /7 (not sure about college point score)
ginadomenica Medicine Nottingham 7A* 2A 1B Chemistry, Biology, Maths, History AAAA Didn't ask but hockey, hospital work experience, oxfam volunteering, saturday job ect Haven't heard back yet 4/7
ozmo19 Medicine Cambridge 10A*s 1A Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, T&D AAAA Hospital work experience, shadowing biochemist, wider reading Haven't heard back yet 6/7 (not sure about college point score)
khalil_jiwa Medicine and Dentistry Bristol 3A* 5A 3B Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geography AAAA Shadowing dentist and orthodontist, wider reading, volunteering with the elderly No 7/7
emx11 Medicine and Dentistry Bristol 9A*s 3As Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, English Literature, Geography AAAAA Hospital work experience (1 week), Care home volunteer, Hospice volunteer, lectures, part time job, insight days No 4/7
RMack029 Medicine Cambridge 8A's Nat.5's Chemistry, Biology, Maths, English,History AAAAA Wider reading, attended medical conference, work experience days, lectures, volunteering, part-time job ect Haven't heard back yet 4 or 5/7
anonymousm3 Physics Bristol 2A* 6A 3B Maths, FMaths, Physics and Chemistry AAAA - Pending 3/7
Avocado2002 Physics Imperial 11A* Physics, Maths, Biology and Chemistry Hadn't been given predicted grades at the time - Pending 2/7
misterconfused Law Warwick 5A* 5A 1B History, English Literature, Religious Studies, Media Studies AAAB Self-teaching Latin, BT Young Scientist Event, Film Podcast, Attending lectures, Learning Mandarin, Debating Club, Work Experience YES!! 6/7
G_Cosgrove Law Warwick 1 A* 4A 5B 1C Government and Politics, History Early Modern, Psychology and English Language AABB Work experience in a Law firm, work experience with a barrister, debating team, DofE, volunteer work, STEM bronze crest award, Lancashire book of the year etc Yes 6/7
queenaaliyah Politics and International Relations Warwick 3 A* 4A 3B Government and Politics (A2), English Literature, Classical Civilisation, Religious Studies AAAB Debating, Public speaking, Model United Nations in Geneva, Holocaust Educational Trust ambassador, Prefect, ERASMUS project, attending lectures etc. Yes 5/7
_jennifer Architecture Cambridge 5A* 6A Maths, Physics, Art, Chemistry AAAA - YES!! 4 or 5/7
espicton98 English Literature Cambridge 3A* 4A 1B 1C English Literature, History, Politics, Sociology AAA/A*AA Holocaust Educational Trust Ambassador, reading to primary school, EPQ, debating (KS4) YES! 4 or 5/7
xxx-ooo-xxx Theology and philosophy Durham 3A* 5A 2B Maths, English Literature, Politics, Religious studies AAAB - YES 5/7