The carnegie conundrum

Leeds Metropolitan University is being criticised for its prioritisation of sporting partnerships over the education of the students that study there.

The University’s sports department, Carnegie, is now affiliated with Yorkshire Cricket, Leeds Carnegie (Rugby Union) and Leeds Rhinos. Whilst this strengthens the renowned Leeds Metropolitan Sporting brand, some students are arguing that it is showing a negligent attitude towards their education.

“I can understand the need to advertise, but I don’t see why they (Leeds Metropolitan) are sponsoring external sports so much. The current state

of the gym at Headingley (Campus) shows how they put sponsors and partnerships in front of their own facilities and students,” a second year

Leeds Metropolitan Marketing student said.

Without doubt, the University will argue that the recent multi-million pound investment in a brand new city campus (The Rose Bowl) shows their commitment to giving their students a first-rate learning experience. But it seems the lack of interest shown by Leeds Metropolitan when it comes to

sporting investments has got the student’s blood boiling.

Rumours were recently confirmed that the University plans to make a number of cuts to staff in the Sport department at the end of the year. In a year where the Carnegie name has been brandished further and wider than ever before, they plan to reduce the investment made in their own facilities.

Due to the tuition fees debacle, Universities across the country are simply hanging onto every grain of credibility that they have left. Moans and groans coming out of one of the country’s most applied to Universities will not help their reputation.So while you may see the name Carnegie popping up around the country, it might not be for all the right reasons.