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Trinity College is the largest of the Cambridge Colleges, having around 200 undergraduate students in each intake and some 700 undergraduates altogether.

Trinity College

Established: 1546

University: University of Cambridge

Address: Trinity Street, Cambridge, CB2 1TQ

Telephone: +44 1223 338400


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Admittance: undergraduates and postgraduates

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The central area of the College (Great Court, New Court, Neville's Court, Angel Court, The Chapel, Bar, Hall and the Library) is located in the middle of town on Trinity Lane, just north of Market Square and Kings Parade, with Great Gate (the main entrance) set back slightly from Trinity Street. The south section of College, Whewell's Court, Blue Boar Court, the Winstanley lecture theater and the Wolfson Building opposite Great Gate. The north section of the College, Burrell's Field is reached by crossing out the back of the College and over Queen's Road, about a five minute walk from Great Gate.




Trinity aims to provide accommodation in College for all new students, whether you are starting an undergraduate or a graduate course. Most first years are accommodated in either Angel Court, the Wolfson Building or in Blue Boar Court, all of which are good by Cambridge standards. Expect a room with a bed (funny old thing), wardrobe, bookcase, desk &chair and a sink. A kitchenette (known for archaic Cambridge reasons as a Gyp Room) will be shared between around 5 or 6 of you, though the facilities vary depending on the court you're assigned. The vast majority of rooms in the Wolfson building, which houses 90 first years, are en suite and large by Cambridge standards, even if they can seem a bit industrial. Several staircases in Angel and Blue Boar are home to some of the largest rooms (they really can be pretty huge). Of course, there are also some more moderately sized (though still pretty good) rooms, which are very reasonably priced.

A student writes: Trinity accommodation seemed good. The room I stayed in (Angel Court) for interview was enormous, but didn't have lots of storage (had a lot of desk area, though, and the sink was in a very small ante-room). A friend stayed in Wolfson for his interview, and I had a test there - the building's ugly from the outside, but was very modern (lots of glass, things on the walls, clearly fairly recently painted) and well-looking inside. He said the room was good.

Accommodation in following years is assigned by a ballot system, and the ballot is reversed so that those who are at the bottom in second year are at the top in third year (though scholars get bumped above everyone else). Once the third years have picked, second-year students are generally left with rooms in New Court, Pearce Hostel, Bishop's Hostel, some rooms in Whewell's Court and most of the rooms in the slightly further afield Burrell's Field to choose from. New Court contains a number of very spacious sets which you might be able to choose if you're nearer the top of the ballot, and those rooms and other rooms in Whewell's, New Court and Bishop's have the advantage of being located in the main part of college. However, if you're after facilities and don't mind living a little bit further away from town, then you could choose Burrell's Field. The rooms here come in three general forms -- the modern tower-style rooms (built in 1996, very nice), the older 1980s rooms in staircases A-F (still quite pleasant), or the houses, which have all been refurbished in recent years - G, X and W on Grange Road and V slightly further into the grounds.

Third years have the best choice of accommodation, with only Senior Scholars choosing before them. This means that, as well as the Whewell's and New Court, future third years can pick some rooms in Great Court, rooms on the 'Blue Boar Podium' which are pretty modern, 4a Bridge Street has an abundance of access to bathrooms and well-equipped kitchens and a few rooms in Nevile's Court for the very lucky.

In both second and third years, students can also choose to live in a double - usually 2 bedrooms and a living area, with a bathroom in some cases (as in the doubles in Burrell's Field). These generally work out as cheaper than an equivalent single room and the living areas are generally large.

Trinity has possibly the best bedmakers in Cambridge. Every day, bedmakers make beds, empty rubbish bins, and clean the toilet; every other day, they additionally hoover and dust. Furthermore, they change bed linen weekly.

Trinity in the snow

Social Spaces

Lots. The Wolfson Party Room (WPR, pronounced whuper) is a subterranean, troglodytian hole somewhere beneath the Wolfson Building. Generally home to the TCSU-organised Ents. There's also the Butler House Party Room in Burrell's Field, where TCSU lay on a Freshers' Ent.


Trinity is lucky to have the Backs, and a glorious Fellows' Garden (which, despite the name, is open to students) The South Paddock is one of the few bits of hallowed turf they let students on, and is usually home in the summer to hoards of us. The Fellows' Garden, between Burrell's and the main college site, is great on a sunny day to sit in with a book and forget that you're meant to be working.


Hall is cheap, edible and plentiful. Opinions among Trinity students on Hall's quality are divided. Certain friends from other colleges have commended it highly, though I would certainly say the quality varies. Most would agree that Trinity does very good steaks and roasts, and one culinary art College definitely excels at is pudding/dessert/afters. Supposedly, Trinity invented Creme Brulee, and the Brown Bread Ice Cream is to die for. Seriously lush. Trinity also offers a very good brunch on Sunday, with everything you could want, including waffles and pancakes!


Trinity formals are particularly formal by Cambridge standards. They happen on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for undergraduates, and B.A formal is on Friday. Dress standards are notionally suit, tie, and a gown for everybody (not just College members, as is common at most other Cambridge colleges), with female equivalent.


The bar is usually heaving before and after formal dinners, but fairly quiet at other times. It is located in Angel Ct, but you can get to it through the passageway between I Great Ct and Angel.


There are two JCRs, which are both above the bar. The lower JCR has papers, several board games, tables and comfy seating, and the upper JCR has Sky TV, a DVD player a PS3, comfy seating etc.

Library and Computing


It's big, with everything you could want (e.g. free ear plugs, book stands, etc). During exam term you can work in the beautiful Wren library, too. Fines have recently been reduced and borrowing restrictions relaxed.

Computer rooms

The College has several computer rooms -- one in the library, one in I Great Court with 5 PCs and a Mac with loads of software on, two scanners (one on the mac and one on one PC) , and one black and white printer, one colour printer. Another computer room is located next to the JCR, another by Green Street gate and another in Burrell's Field Porters' Lodge. Read More: Trinity Computing Pages

Room Internet Connection

Every college room has at least one ethernet network point and eventually they'll all have WiFi. Everyone is given an ethernet cable when they come to college for the first time. One of the only things the college makes a big fuss about in terms of how you choose to use the internet is peer to peer (p2p) sharing software, which is banned in Trinity. The data usage allowance was increased in 2012 and is now several gigs a day. You shouldn't have any problems unless you spend hours skyping, streaming films and TV from your computer. Eduroam wifi is also available in most places.

Academic Performance

Trinity has in recent years been dominating the Tompkins Table (which ranks colleges by their Tripos exam results) by huge margins, ranking 1st (2015), 1st (2014), 1st (2013), 1st (2012), 1st (2011), 2nd (2010), 1st (2009), 3rd (2008), 6th (2007), 5th (2006), 3rd (2005), 3rd (2004), 8th (2003), 6th (2002), 3rd (2001), 2nd (2000).


Trinity is a damn nice place to live, generally. Although it's the largest college in Cambridge, you'll soon make a group of friends, especially given the way the first years are accommodated. Living in the centre of town is a definite advantage, as if it all gets too much for you there's plenty of spaces to escape to in town. Really, with most colleges, you make them into what you want. It's the people that count, and thankfully Trinity has a lower quotient of numpties and irritating characters than some other colleges do.

Sports and Gym

At Old Field, a few minutes’ walk from the Great Gate, Trinity has its own facilities for football, rugby, cricket, and netball. Four squash courts, a badminton court, and nine all-weather tennis courts can be booked free of charge. The hockey pitches are at another site a short distance from the College. All sports clubs at Trinity bar rowing are part of the Field Club, Trinity’s main sports society. Read more: Trinity College Sport and Gym facility information


Being the largest and most wealthy college has its advantages. There's no shortage of washing machines and dryers (yes, you will have to use them, get used to the idea...)

  • Chapel (image 1image 2)
  • Bar
  • Hall (Sixteenth century, used daily for meals, both formal and informal) (image 1image 2)
  • College Bar with charging points, sofas and live TV
  • The Wren Library (manuscripts) (image 1image 2image 3)
  • General College Library (over 80,000 volumes)
  • Law Reading Room (24/7)
  • Winstanley Lecture Theatre (seats 150, fully-equipped audio-visual theatre)
  • 2 main Computer Rooms (plus a few other computers dotted about college)
  • 6 music practice rooms with upright pianos
  • 2 harpsichords
  • several grand pianos
  • Gym (over near Burrell's) inductions are mandatory, and there are bookable training sessions
  • Football, rugby, cricket facilities at Old Fields (a few mins walk from the Great Gate)
  • 4 Squash Courts
  • Badminton Court
  • Basketball Court
  • Netball Court (Old Fields)
  • 9 all-weather tennis courts
  • Hockey pitches
  • Wolfson Party Room (venue for music and dancing)
  • Health Centre with college nurses
  • College physiotherapist
  • College councellor


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