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Trinity hall


Trinity Hall is one of the smaller Cambridge Colleges. It was founded in 1350 by William Bateman, making it the 5th oldest Cambridge college. It is affectionately referred to as Tit Hall.


Trinity Hall is on a road parallel to Trinity Street, behind Gonville and Caius, and next door to Clare. Trinity Hall can also be accessed by punt at the small docking area at the bottom of Latham Lawn. It has lovely views over the river.

Directions to Trinity Hall from the train station

Instructions from Cambridge Railway Station to St Andrew's Street:

  • Go to the bus stop on the right hand side of the road as you come out of the station.
  • Catch the Citi 1, Citi 3 or Citi 7 to St Andrew's Street (It's a fairly major road with quite a few shops. It's John Lewis that you'll go past on your left just before you get off). Some of the buses turn off St Andrew's Street onto Emmanuel Street and stop there. If so just walk back to St Andrew's Street.

Instructions from St Andrew's Street bus stop to Trinity Hall.

  • When you get off the bus, start walking in the same direction as the bus was going.
  • You'll go past a taxi rank. Just after this there's a pedestrian road turning off to the left. Start going down this.
  • Immediately you'll see EAT on the corner to your left. Rather than following the road round a bend and past Boots, go down the pedestrian way next to EAT (called Petty Curry if you find it on a map). You'll go past a Clinton Cards and the Disney Store on your left.
  • Then you'll get to Market square (which has a market on it...). Keep going in the same direction straight to the other side.
  • You'll see a big church to the right. Go down the passage to the left of the church.
  • This takes you onto King's Parade. Ignoring King's chapel etc, you'll see the senate house buildings in front of you - 2 big white buildings on 2 sides of a square of grass with big black railings on the other sides. Turn right and go past the senate house
  • Then turn left immediately after the senate house into a narrow passage which runs behind it.
  • At the end of that passage you'll see the entrance to Trinity Hall just opposite and slightly to the right.

Student Statistics

  • Total Undergraduates in 2013-14 = 385 (199 men + 186 women)
  • Total students in 2013-14 = 547 (283 men + 264 women)
  • Undergraduates admitted to their current course in Oct 13: 120 (60 men + 60 women)
  • Total students admitted to their current course in Oct 13: 206 (105 men + 101 women)

Source: The Reporter Special Issue: Student Numbers 13-14

Trinity Hall Application Statistics See College applications and admissions statistics

Trinity Hall Application Statistics per subject See Appplication Statistics

64% of Trinity Hall acceptances in 2007 and 50% in 2006 were from state school students (source).


The College owns or administers over 500 rooms that are used to accommodate Junior Members. All Freshers and some of the third year live on the College’s Central Site; the great majority of the second year and some of the third year live on the Wychfield site, next to the College’s playing fields, or in Bishop Bateman Court. A new block of accommodation is due to be completed near the centre of town in the next few years. During Lent Term undergraduates choose accommodation for the following year in a ballot run by the JCR.

All 1st year rooms are on central site, all have basic things like sink, bed, desk, armchair, chair etc. First years choose a price band and are randomly assigned rooms in that price range. The higher the price you pay:

  1. the bigger room you have
  2. the more furniture you will have
  3. the nearer you are to wc, shower, kitchen (e.g. my room is in the lowest band:- no shower on my floor, have to go downstairs)
  4. you get a nicer outlook like front court/lathan lawn, unlike my room which faces trinity lane:- can be quite noisy

Don't think that lowest band rooms are bad, mine is much bigger than I thought and rooms in highest category can be huge. You're not guaranteed any particular characteristics when choosing a higher band room:- some rooms trade size for nicer facilities or views. Each room is priced individually on its own merits.

As far as living facilities go, it can vary from staircase to staircase. Some have bigger kitchens, baths, more showers per person, etc. It depends which price bracket you apply for. On central site, cooking facilities are limited to a microwave with an oven function, a kettle, and student-owned toasters are allowed. It's not really a big issue really though, as you can get meals in hall every meal time apart from Sunday lunchtime.

Social Spaces


Trinity Hall has the smallest Chapel of all the Cambridge Colleges. The Chapel exists for every member of the Hall, and is available outside service times for private prayer and meditation any hour of the day or evening. Worship is broadly according to the liturgy of the Church of England, but all members of the Hall and their guests are welcome to attend any of the services, as indeed are outside visitors. Christians who would normally expect to receive communion in their own churches, whatever the denomination or tradition, are cordially invited to receive communion at the College Eucharists. It is not necessary to wear gowns in Chapel. There is a College Choir, who sing on Thursday and Sunday evenings during full term. We hope that, if you come, you will find a friendly welcome, good music, and stimulating preaching and teaching.

Library and Computing

One thing that really sets Trinity Hall apart is its splendid library. Designed to look like a ship, it hangs out over the Cam, with beautiful large windows around the front of it. It is called the Jerwood Library and was opened in 1999. It is fully airconditioned and so a comfortable place to study

Room Internet Connections:

  • Termly free limit: 32 GB
  • Cost per gigabyte above limit: £0.07
  • Facilities: 100Mb/s ethernet in rooms (gets up to about 95Mb/s in actual use), Wifi in most communal areas and some rooms.

Academic Performance

Trinity Hall's ranking in the Tompkins Table (which ranks the colleges by their Tripos exam results): 15th (2008), 16th (2007), 16th (2006), 17th (2005), 12th (2004), 19th (2003), 17th (2002), 15th (2001), 17th (2000).


Trinity Hall was declared the 11th sportiest Cambridge College in Michealmas 2009 by The Tab. See The Tab article: The College Cup revealed


Trinity Hall is very friendly, the kind of place where everyone knows everyone else and everyone gets to know everything... unless you're the sort of person who locks yourself in your room and doesn't bother to get to know anyone. That said, small colleges can be very claustrophobic and be very cliquey if you're not a very big personality


  • Chapel
  • Cafeteria and Dining Hall
  • College Bar (doubles as a cafe in the day, selling coffee, sandwiches, cakes, milkshakes (etc.), and is a lovely place to work if you don't want the silence of the library)
  • JCR area with a TV, darts and pool table
  • Jerwood Library (24/7 main library)
  • Old Library (holds special collections and rare books)
  • 24/7 Computer room on the top floor of the library
  • Laundries (£1.60 for washing, £1 for dryers)
  • 2 college punts



Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
Modern and Medieval Languages
Natural Sciences
Politics, Psychology and Sociology


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