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This page contains details regarding people's applications to study at University College London for 2014 entry. It's basically for people to share information about what they have chosen to study. Feel free to share as much or as little information as you want.

UCL stalking


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Username Course ↓ GCSEs ↓ AS-Level grades ↓ UMS Average ↓ A-Level Predictions ↓ Interview Details ↓ Outcome ↓ Extras
Example Life xA*s, yA's and zB's ABCDE 75 A*ABCD Called to interview on DD/MM/YY Offer: AAB I am an example designed to make it easier to edit this page.
lucyalice264 Anthropology 7A* 4A AAB A*A*A* extensive reading, academic scholar, head girl/head of house at school, various choirs and instrumental groups, work experience at top publishing agency and at an international school, have an anthropology blog, founded school's anthropology society
edothero Computer Science 4 A's and 5 B's AAABB A*A*A + (Already have an A achieved) Pending Proficient knowledge in many programming languages (Incl. JavaScript, PHP, Python) + Learning Java and C++. Created several websites for personal use, coded a couple games etc.
Ecconomist Economics 9A* 2A AAAA A*A*A*A+A(EPQ) RES essay, Economics EPQ, Work Experience at Economic consultancy, Extensive reading
Nijuuninichi Economics with a Year Abroad 8A* 3A AAAA 95.03% (across all 4) A*A*A*A RES Competition, Marshall Society Competition, UNIQ Econ and Management summer school, Deputy Head Girl, Economics and Maths prefect, lots of reading, Target 2.0 and JP Morgan work experience. As in all AS modules.
galatasaray1905 Economics and Business + EES N/A IB: 38 (HL) 7,6,6 Nothing (applied Nov 9) Pending MUN experience (3 years)- Security Council President - STUCO - Director's Advisory Panel leader - Red Cross - Community Service leader
JJarosz98 Economics and Statistics 7A* 2A 1B AAAAA A* (A*A*A* predicted) +EPQ various extra curricular stuff, public speaking and positions of responsibility etc., on top of related reading, on-line courses and work experience
Formless Electronic and Electrical Engineering 1A*s 8As 2Bs AABB n/a AAAA n/a Offer: AAA (To include Mathematics) Build and maintain PC and network systems, Visited third-world country, Residential Headstart summer school with University of Surrey for Electronics, FPGA and Machine Learning lectures, UCL Master class Games Strategy and Machines, Placed 3rd in Coding Connect 4 bots in Python project, Exploring HTML and C, Work experience with Engineering firms Laing O'Rourke and FirstCo. TfL SCOOT Conference. Further Reading Quantum computing. Women in STEM instigator. Muay Thai to Tournament and Coach proficiency
p.formanko Geography(BA) 3A*, 6A AAAB AAA(achieved) Offer
penguin321 Geography(BA) 3A*, 9A BBCC AAB(Predicted) Offer:AAB
gemmabeth Law 14A* 2A AABB A*A*A* UNIQ and UCL summer schools, 2xcommercial law firm work experience, barristers chamber experience, reading, visited magic circle law firms, ran a magistrates day for younger students, deputy head girl, violin g8 and saxophone g8, 10 music ensembles at school and regional level, ranger, young leader at brownies, dofe bronze and gold, insight day at the inner temple, shadowed law students at university, law masterclass, diana princess of wales champion volunteer award
harina10 Law 6A*s, 9A's AABC A*A*A (+A* EPQ) member of debate club, Cambridge masterclass, semi-finals of mooting competition, founder of Amnesty International Club, co-chairperson of Charities Committee, wider-reading, legal work experience, shadowed LSE student, EPQ, Magna Carta lecture (Lord Judge), nominated for Head Girl (gave speech), subject ambassador for all subjects
anotherlawkid Law 10A*s 1B AAAA A*A*AA Offer: A*AA Wider reading, Amnesty International member, designed app for labourers' legal rights (endorsed by local embassies), head editor for academic journal and published law related articles (capital punishment / flexible areas of law), work experience (solicitors - family and intellectual property), Yale Model Government Europe, run mini-MUN within the school (debate legal matters), F1 in schools national finals, DofE bronze, silver and working towards gold
oniisanitstoobig Mathematical Computation 5A* 6A 1B n/a n/a IB: 41 - 776 (HL), 766 (SL) Nothing yet. extensive programming experience, piano grade 8, academic work experience, various mathematics awards etc
Princepieman Mathematical Computation SG: 3'1's 5 '2's BCD at AH (extenuating circs) and AAAAC at Scottish Higher N/A A*A*A in a year No interview Offer Received: A*AA Selected for startup accelerator at MIT, attended a CS bootcamp at Stanford, ran a startup for a year, run a web development firm alongside school, founded a 120 student strong tutoring organisation, CREST Silver Award: Computer Vision research, Gold award for autonomous car algorithm research, various sporting and music awards, raised £20k for charity
jaseho98 Psychology 7A*s 2As 2Bs A* (EPQ), ABBBC N/A AAA No interview Offer Received: A*AA Work Experience (Worked in pharmacy, NHS) , School prefect, Head of boarding house, Helping children at prep school, reading lots beyond syllabus, orchestra and etc.