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Hi! This is the stalking page for 2015 Uniq applicants. Here is the discussion thread for the UNIQ Summer School 2015: [[1]]

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About the ACORN value: Apparently UNIQ is using this as a factor in their decisions! The ACORN value is determined by postcode and compiles demographic data, social factors, population and consumer behaviour to give a number between 1 and 59 (with 1 being most affluent). You can sign up to find your value here: [[2]]

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2015 Applicants

TSR Username   ↓ Subject Applied for   ↓ Second Choice   ↓ GCSE Grades   ↓ AS Levels   ↓ Predictions for AS   ↓ ACORN value (1-59)   ↓ Extra-Curriculars   ↓ Accepted?   ↓
krollo Maths (Numbers) Maths (Stats) 1 A^, 16A*, 1B Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Economics, General Studies, maybe AFM A*AAA (Doing Maths A Level in year 12) 10 UKMT: JMC Gold, SMC Gold, BMO1 24/60. We made the national final in Senior Team Challenge. Gold in Physics AS Challenge. Extra reading, including 'A Mathematician's Apology', 'How to Solve It', and more. Will be doing STEP 1 this year. Mentoring. Currently finishing Silver DofE. Lol no.  
Magnesium Maths (Numbers) Maths (Stats) 12A* 2A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Economics, Chemistry AAAAA   Maths mentor. Maths prefect. UKMT Silver. Writing an article concerning mathematics for the Olavian Mathematics Journal. Lots of extra reading. Lectures attended ranging from "Maths as it could be" and "Puzzles and Paradoxes in Science & Mathematics". Leader of Chemistry Club. Chemistry Olympiad. Young Enterprise. Student Investor Challenge (came 1st in the school in 2013). Work experience in various investment banks.    
TirnanF Maths (numbers) Maths (stats) 8A* 3A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry AAAA 22 Maths mentor and prefect. UKMT Junior + Senior Silver. Wider reading. Using MIT online lectures for mathematics. Unsuccessful.  
Marbo Maths (numbers) - 10A* 1B Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology AAAAA 28 Running maths club. Work on Nrich. Consistent team and individual maths challenge certificates (inc. Gold). Work experience teaching maths at primary school. Extra reading, lectures and Youtube subscription (Numberphile). NCS, guitar and outdoor pursuits. No :(  
Windowswind123 Maths (numbers) Comp Sci 11 A* 1A Maths (AS And A2), Physics, Chemistry, Biology A*AAA 56 Deputy Head, Wider Reading, MIT Lectures, Higher Education + Programme (Not much to be honest; I worry about my personal statement xD) Yup!  
matthewdjones Maths (numbers) Maths (Stats) 9A* 2A Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Geography (oh and the dam Welsh Bac) AAAAA   Reading books such as Choas by Gleick and Music of the Primes by Satoy, part of the STEP correspondence pilot course, Bronze in UKMT, met office work experience, self teaching half of Further maths a level, oxford study day (maths) Accepted  
OllyTRS Maths, Codes Maths, Stats 5A* 5A 1C Maths, Further Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics A*(Maths A level) AAA 57 BPhO, Lectures, Further reading (Fermats last theorem), Mentoring, Maths Competition Organising, Piano, Guitar, MOOC Yes!!!  
AlphaBetaGamma Maths (Numbers and Codes) Physics 5A*'s 7A's Chemistry, Physics, English Language and Literature, Maths and Further Maths AAAA   I talked about some wider reading I've done, writing for school culture magazine, self teaching Further Maths, Silver DofE and being Deputy Head girl at my school Surprisingly, Yes!  
robzwolf Maths (Numbers & Codes) Can't remember :/ 11A*, 1A, 1 Distinction Physics, Maths, Further Maths, Statistics, Product Design AAAAA 21 IMT Silver (Best in School), Young Enterprise (runner up, and runner up Student of the Year), Bronze DofE (currently doing Gold), Bronze CREST (currently doing Gold), Latin GCSE (free time), German GCSE (sat a year early, free time), also talked about my interest in Numberphile (YouTube channel) and my skills with computers (e.g. building websites etc.) Yes :D  
RougeDeluge Maths (Numbers & Codes) Maths (What are the Chances) 1A** 7A* 3A 1B Maths, Further Maths, Physics, English Lit AAAA 28 UKMT competition, that weird paper thing by UKMT(?) got bronze, help G&T maths students lower down in the school, attend STEP & MAT sessions, do various sorts of volunteering, read books like the Mathematical Golden Age, read PlusMaths articles reserve place, hopefully I'll find out on the 20th if anyone dropped out  
RSweet Maths, Numbers and Codes Physics 6A* 5A 1 Distinction Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English Literature AAAA (Taking Chemistry in second year.) 26 Further reading, interest in maths, Engineering project. Yes  
JME_CHG Maths (Numbers and Codes) - 8A* 6A 1B Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Economics, Product Design, Citizenship AAAAA Probably very high... Puzzle games such as 2048 (Not much :/) Yes :D  
hatts13 Maths (Chances) Physics 11A*'s 2A's Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths AAAA 24   YES!  
EmilyNight Physics None 6A* 9A 1B Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Biology AAAA 9 Wider reading (e..g. Quantum Electrodynamics by Richard Feynman), grade 7 piano with distinction, mentoring physics & maths, managing charity shop on Sundays, physics youtube channels (e.g. MinutePhysics & Sixty Symbols) Nope  
CirclesAreRound Chemistry Material Sciences 5A* 5A 2B Maths, Chemistry, English Literature, Physics AAAB 55 K+ Science Stream Member. Work Experience at Lewisham Hospital for 2 weeks in Orthopaedics. Work Experience at Guy's and St Thomas' Pathology labs 1 month. Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Yes :-)  
onlythewall Chemistry Biological Sciences 11A* 2A Maths, Bio, Chem, Spanish AAAA 52 I mentioned chemistry interests and how I help out in school and my hobbies and how they relate to chemistry YESSSS!!!!  
kawehi Biomedical Sciences Biochem 7A* 2A 1B 1Dist Maths, Further Maths, Bio, Chem, Physics AAAAA 50 Participant in UKMOG, Chem olympiad, UKMT, TATA steel materials science prize. Work experience doing x-ray crystallography and mapping protein structures, and did Oxford pathways day in biochem. Lots of extra reading too! yes!  
rowena97x Oncology Biochemistry 6A*s 5As P Chemistry, Maths, Biology History AAAA 23 I can not remember what I put down Yeah  
belxesprit Medicine N/A 10 A*s, 1A, 1B Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Psychology AAAA 36 Didn't really talk about my extra-curriculars in the PS, just talked in depth about something I particularly liked in medicine and what I hoped to gain from attending UNIQ. If anyone wants to read my PS, feel free to message me :) Yes!  
AnnaR26 Medicine N/A National 5s (Highest Grade: A) - 7A, 1B Highers - Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Geography ------------------ Advanced Highers - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths AAAAA for Highers   I didn't talk much about my extra-curriculars, I talked more about my work experience and what i particularly liked about medicine. Also I am happy to talk to anyone about this, feel free to message me! :) Yes! :)  
Nijuuninichi Economics and Management Maths (Stats) 8A* 3A Maths, Further Maths, French, Economics AAAA 57 Wider reading, economics prefect, economics and maths mentor, normal prefect, JP Morgan work experience Yes!  
Wawasan Economics and Management PPE 13A*, 1A, A (FSMQ) Maths, Further Maths, History, Economics AAAA 33   Yes  
OSp Engineering Sciences Physics 7A*s 4As Spanish, Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry AAAAB 43 Background reading, lectures, research etc Yes :)  
taitzuchiu Computer Science Maths (Numbers) 12 A* Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Computing AAAA 43 taken GCSE computing, extra coding practice Yes!  
Olax98 Law History 6A* 6A History, Chemistry, Law, Fine Art AAAA 44 Volunteer at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, prefect, Mini-pupillage, Bristol Law Firm work experience, public lectures, wider reading (e.g The Transformation of British Life, by Andrew Rosen), self teaching violin, Oxford Study Days (Classics), YES! FOR LAW!! :')  
ard1246 Law English 9A* 1A 1Distinction* Modern History, English Lit, German, Religious Studies AAAA   Visiting crown courts, Leeds law firm work experience, wider reading (Rule of Law, by Tom Bingham), leader of newspaper editing group, NCS, fundraisers, debate club Nope D:  
longlostlemming History (Gender & Identity) French 6A* 2A 2B History, English Lang, French, Psychology AAAA 27 Peer mentoring, Young Leader for a guide group, wider reading, just extra work around subjects (especially in languages - I'm currently learning Swedish and Danish) Yes!    
aggy98 History (Gender & Identity) History (race and protest) 4A* 4A 1B Distinction* History, Chemistry, English literature and Psychology A*AAB 12 Wider reading of tudor and war of the roses period, involvement in local youth cabinet and national young greens equality and diversity committee, poetry publication, sheffield uni discover arts and humanities scheme and teach first futures programme. Yes! Does anyone know if you can check if the system has acknowledged that you have accepted the place? Had no email but definitely accepted multiple times.  
wrightt History (Gender & Identity) Ancient History 10A* 2A 1B History, Maths, Chemistry, Biology AAAB 50 Dofe bronze/silver, Newnham essay competition, wider reading, volunteering etc. Yes!  
tildsneckdeep French Spanish 9A* 3A 1 Distinction French, Spanish, History, Maths AAAA 36 Focused on interest and enjoyment for languages and high UMS at GCSE, extra curricular: French exchange, French mentoring, also mentioned that I used to be home-schooled Yes!  
____katie French Beginner Languages 9 A*, 1 A, 1 Distinction French, Biology, English Language, Psychology AAAA   Interest in languages, modern languages award from school, school French trip as a mentor, reading French fiction and news, young leader for a Guide group Yes!  
resistingdestiny Middle Eastern Studies Spanish 7A* 3A 1 B Spanish, Philosophy + Ethics, Biology, History AAAA 5 Interest in Arabic and Middle East and how what I've learnt in AS subjects applies to it. Running own business, linking that to entrepreneurship in the Middle East. Books I've read - Startup Rising, History of Arab Peoples etc + Analysis of these. Yes!