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Hi! This is the stalking page for 2016 Uniq applicants. Here is the discussion thread for the UNIQ Summer School 2016

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About the ACORN value: Apparently UNIQ is using this as a factor in their decisions! The ACORN value is determined by postcode and compiles demographic data, social factors, population and consumer behaviour to give a number between 1 and 59 (with 1 being most affluent). You can sign up to find your value here: [[1]]

2016 Applicants

TSR Username   ↓ Subject Applied for   ↓ Second Choice   ↓ GCSE Grades   ↓ AS Levels (or equivalent)   ↓ Predictions for AS   ↓ ACORN value (1-59)   ↓ Extra-Curriculars   ↓ Accepted?   ↓   ↓
BubbleChi Beginner languages Linguistics 3 A*s 5 As 4 Bs French, Spanish, English lit, Government & politics ABBB 49 Self teaching Korean, now self teaching Japanese, running a Japanese language club at school, helping out GCSE Spanish students, reading Spanish and French literature yess  
meganelizarose Linguistics French 9A* 2A 1Distinction English Lit, French, Chemistry, DT AAAA 24 I cant remember what I wrote exactly, but basically about my linguistic passions, being in The Seren Network etc.) Accepted!!!  
Ruthie2267 Linguistics History: Order and Freedom 7A* 3A English Lit, French, History, Psychology AAAA 43 Basically just how the subjects I'm doing linked in with linguistics, extra-curricular activities to do with language/linguistics (books I'd read, radio 4's Word of Mouth programme that I listen to) yes!!! :D  
typicalvirgo Biochemistry Biological sciences 5A*s 4A's Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Art AAAA 8 Run a science blog, read natgeo+new scientist etc, watch documentaries+lectures, currently working on a conservation project on woodland in Solihull, TBA  
rh043 Biological sciences Oncology 1A*, 7A's, 4B's Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Philosophy and Ethics AAAA 10   TBA  
ozmo19 Biomedical Sciences Chemistry 10A*s 1A Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Design and Technology AAAA 22 Wider reading; Lectures; Hospital workexp; shadowing biologist at Queen's Univ' Belfast. Taking FM next year (self-taught) Rejected  
emelina Biomedical Science Oncology 6A*s 7As Biology, Chemistry, Maths, French AAAA 18 Wider reading, other university summer schools lined up, HE+ for medicine, maths tutor for Y7 and GCSE, grade 8 flute, ballet, modern and tap, part time job TBA  
x1e2n3a4 Biomedical Science Biology 9A*s 2As Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Geography & Critical Thinking AAAA 22 Volunteering at a care home, further reading, black belt in jujitsu ACCEPTED! :)  
anonymousm3 Computer Science Mathematics 2A*'s, 6A's, 3B's Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry AAAB 29 Futher reading and maths mentoring Not accepted :/  
Edrulesok Computer Science   6A*s some As Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Computing AAAA 6 Sitting at home playing video games Yes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  
drriversong English History:Race and order 4 A* 6 A-extenuating circumstances English Lit, History, Politics and Psychology AAAA 32 further reading, taking EPQ next year, watches lectures, big fan of TED talks, frequent library visitor TBA  
sophieaxon History of Art English 2 A*s 4 A's 4 B's Art, English Literature and Philosophy and Ethics AAA 6 ... surprisingly high, considering my area is rough Further reading, writing blog posts and school newspaper articles, visiting galleries across the country whenever I can and watch documentaries related to the subject. Although irrelevant to my chosen subjects, through being scouted, I participate in an music artist development programme in London TBA  
tyunnos History:Order & Freedom Classical Archaeology 6A*s 6As History, Geography, English Literature, Economics + Welsh Bac AAAA 18 Further reading, attended lectures and volunteer at a museum, genealogist REJECTED  
esmebartholomew Law PPE 2A*'s, 6A's, 1B Law, Maths, Economics AAA 24 2 weeks shadowing a crown court judge sat on the bench next to him during cases, further reading, international human rights online course, visiting the supreme court, royal courts of justice and parliament, academic topical lectures attended every week, debating experience, will take part in the bar mock trial next year TBA  
Palette PPE Mathematics 13 A*s Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Physics N/A 19 Subscriber to the Economist, regular reader of the New York Times; watched/attended lectures; wider reading around books on democracy, gold certificates at SMC; tutoring a Year 7 boy for maths TBA  
niallbc Mathematics Maths and Stats 8A*s 4As Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry AAAA 37 Further reading, watch lectures, self teach modules, UKMT, NCS YESSSSS  
Themathgeek Mathematics Maths and Stats 11A*s 2As Maths, Further Maths, Additional Further Maths, Economics, German AAAAA 25 Tutor and mentor youngers, further reading and watch lectures, self teach modules, loads of UKMT, BMO, SMS, NCS, prefect, sport TBA  
codejcw Mathematics Maths and Stats 9A*s 2As Maths, Further Maths, Biology, Physics and Chemistry A*AAAA 59 Further reading, completed GCSE and AS early, research into various fields of mathematics, hobbies including HTML coding, knitting and languages TBA  
lewiswallis Mathematics Physics 2A*5A's 1B Maths & F. Maths, Physics and Chemistry AAAA 27 Teach myself AS/A2 modules, science blog, further reading into various areas of maths, MAT, UKMT, tutor of AS level chemistry and maths, GCSE maths and science ACCEPTED :)  
MacaronMeg Maths and Stats Mathematics 5A*s 7As 1B Maths, Further Maths, English Literature and Language, Ancient History AAAA 39 Further reading, playing the clarinet and piano, maths and science group at college, a few days helping out in my secondary school's maths department Yes!!  
Zedna Medicine - 12 A*s Biology, Chemistry, Maths, History AAAA 27 Volunteering (at a hospital & brownies), work experience at a hospital, reading various scientific/medical books, EPQ, helping out science GCSE students, C3L6, extension Chemistry classes Rejected  
Elljp33 Medicine - 9A*s 4As Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Geography AAAA 23 Work experience organised at a hospital in summer and at a GP surgery soon. Volunteering in a cancer research shop. Deputy head boy. Member of college's healthcare academy and local seren hub. Bronze in UKMT. Biology olympiad. NCS. Read around the subject. TBA  
Kozmo Medicine   8A*'s, 3A's Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry AAAA 43 Included in PS: attended lectures, further reading with scientific magazines and books, attend acting companies, week shadowing a GP, 4 hours a week in a local hospital and volunteering with British Red Cross. Accepted!!! >.<  
ChiefKwen Medicine   6A*'s, 3A's 1B Maths, Biology, Religious Studies, Chemistry AAAA 58 Included in PS: Spent 4 weeks shadowing a ophthalmologist in their clinic, another two in their surgery observing procedures,Tutoring year 7's and 8's and how the role developed my ability to care for others. . Deputy Head boy Year 11, Tutor Representative, Part of the student council not chosen  
0799NCB Medicine   9A*'s, 3A's Chemistry, Maths, Biology, History AAAA 37 Included in PS: Work experience at St. Mary's London / Volunteering at a disabled children's centre /online course on Cancer in the 21st Century - Work experience coming up at UCL il Accepted  
Pentaquark Physics Material Science 10 A*s Maths, Further Maths (through FMSP), Physics, Chemistry AAAA 33 Mentioned on PS - further reading with various popular science books, subscribed to science magazine, watching lectures. And learning FM through further maths support programme as my school doesn't offer it. Also here is contextual info for future applicants - Polar 3: 2,2. Non-selective average-ish comprehensive (best in school) that has only ever got 1 person to Oxford. ACCEPTED YAY  
h8skoooooool Physics Material Science 9 A*s 2As Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology AAAAA 27 Self teaching FM, further reading, AS BPhO, lectures. I don't know whether this will help me or not but I'm from a verrrry rough town, with little progression onto HE, highest rates of depression/alcoholism in Englad (I know I'm just grasping at straws here, but trying to think of anything that would give me a chance) REJECTED  
ellen.king98 German History: Race and Protest 9 A*s German, History, English Literature, Politics AAAA 32 Help out in GCSE German lessons, Read German literature, listen to German music, watch German Youtube videos/TV, Doing EPQ, Doing Gold DofE, Mentor a Year 7 Boy, Grade 7 Trumpet TBA
samiramoussoum German   6 A*s 4As French, German, Psychology, Sociology AAAA 53 / ACCEPTED  
scoutingfinches French Beginner Languages 8A*s 2As French, English Literature, Art, Chinese A in French (the others are linear A-levels/Pre-U so I won't be doing AS exams in them) 39 Keeping up with politics and current affairs in countries where my languages are spoken, EPQ, self-teaching Dutch, doing various activities with the Chinese department such as helping younger students, visiting conferences, etc. I also won the award for highest achievement in French two years in a row Accepted, but for a course I didn't apply for (Classical India)
thatmysterygal Classical Archaeology and Ancient History History: Order and Freedom 2A*s 7As 2Bs Classical Civilisations, History, Fine Art AAA 50 Been to Rome and Greece + visited historical sites, taught Latin at a Primary school, learnt Ancient Greek in own time, helped in dig in Stratford, read books, Form Guardian, House Captain, ect ACCEPTED >.<  
Jenna1116 Classical Archeology and Ancient History Linguistics 2A* 8A 1B History, Film Studies, English Literature, Psychology (and General Studies) AAAA 45 Wider reading and research since childhood, generally obsessed with history! Accepted :D  
tumiowolabi Economics and Management   1A* 9As 1B Maths, Chemistry, Economics and Biology predicted A in AS maths (the rest of my exams are linear) 25 I have a YouTube channel ( youtube.com/TumiOwolabi ) ACCEPTED!!  
Domaths Economics and Management Maths and stats 9A* 4A 1B Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Computing and Pre-U in Global Perspectives AAAA and a distinction 47 Wrote about remarkably few, if any, extra curriculars in my PS. Just talked about how much I love economics with no mention of managment! Accepted!  
Maceyf Economics and Management   4A* 7A Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Accounting EPQ and CISI Introduction to Investment AAAA   wrote about a few of the books I've read which were literally low level pop economics books lol spoke about why I love economics and working in a building society on Saturdays ACCEPTED!!!!!!  
tashaormrod History: Order and Freedom History: Race and Protest 9A* 1A Economics, History, Maths and Further Maths AAAA 41 / YES!  
Jasaron History: Order and Freedom History: Race and Protest 9A*s 2As History, Literature, Maths and Economics AAAA 25 / Rejected  
Gabby_Jonsberg PPE History: Race and Protest 4A*s 5As 1 Distinction History, Politics, Economics and English Lit AAAA 41 Further Reading/Model UN/Debate/Labour Party Accepted for History: Race and Protest!  
thatinglesa Spanish Beginner Languages 8A*S 1A Spanish, Maths (stats), Economics, and Computer Science AAAA need to check Tutoring GCSE students/Ballet (so many exams / Spanish Exchange / Cambridge SC (Spanish) /Reading ACCEPTED  
CoryHannah Spanish Beginner Languages 4A*6A Spanish, French English Pre U Can't remember need to check N/A ACCEPTED  
NellWatson12 PPE History: Order and Freedom 5A*6A History, Maths & F. Maths, Biology and Chemistry AAAAB Not a clue Debate Club, UK Youth Parliament member, interviewed business editor for the BBC, I have a job so talked about responsibility, can't remember the rest! ACCEPTED  
lilliput. Chemistry Material Science 9A*3A Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Critical Thinking AAAA 39 Went to Salter's Chemistry Camp last year, I've read a few science books (lmao) accepted ✨  
BrandonF1407 Mathematics Think it was chemistry 7A* 4A 1B Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, & Music AAAA 41 Lots of music & Drama stuff, teaching myself FP2 & C3 for next year. Love maths! Accepted! Was a reserve but now accepted!  
RPGaskin Law French 9A*s 3As French History Biology RS AAAA 39 Self-taught GCSE in Law; 2 work experience placements; books etc. Accepted - YES